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October 27, 2019

Margaret Fischer: I moved here from Philadelphia in 1998, and I’ve loved horses my whole life, but when you live on the east coast
it’s not very accessible.
David Collazo: And about 15 years ago, or so, I noticed that UT Informal Classes had horseback riding. Doug Amundson: I’d gone to a couple of different Informal Classes but I always kept looking at the horseback riding and.. MF: and not long after I moved here maybe within four weeks or so, I got an Informal Classes brochure in the mail and I immediately signed up for classes at Bear Creek. DA: So I just signed up last spring, I believe, was my first class. DC: I got on that first horse that first day and I just knew I was hooked. Again. Like when I was a kid, I just did not want to let that go. Linda Dovers: I enjoy seeing the students when they very first start to ride, they’re usually a little nervous. They don’t have any confidence about being around the horses ’cause they’re large animals. And I like to see them within the four weeks time go to the point where they can feel confident around the horse. They can control the horse at a walk and a trot and some of them continue on with Intermediate and Advanced Riding later on. MF: What I like about classes at Bear Creek is that that you get to do everything you learn how to groom the horse. You learn how to tack it up. You learn what do you.. how to untack them and how to take care of them after you take the saddle off.
DA: I’ve learned a little bit.. be more comfortable around a horse You know, or get up close to ’em and stuff like that. How to saddle them, how to do things – the do’s and the don’ts. DC: And we started out very beginners, you know, we didn’t know how to bridle. Within a very short time, we were doing a walk and a trot. And not too long after that -a few months after that- we were actually learning to lope. And that the best thing of all. You know, to have a horse loping with you around the corral. DA: When I get out here, it’s just all.. everything in the world out there is kinda gone for about 3 hours for me, so it’s kinda nice to relax and just focus on being around the animals. I think everybody can kind of I’ve never seen anybody, like, finish a trail ride or finish a lesson and not be smiling. MF: Riding has really enriched my life a lot. I look forward to it every week. It’s one of the highlights of my week.. and I just love it.

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