Iceland Vlog day 5 – Scuba diving, horse riding and fermented shark
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Iceland Vlog day 5 – Scuba diving, horse riding and fermented shark

October 23, 2019

If you want to dive, dive. Don’t wait for permission or anything just do whatever you want to do. Hey guys. Morning, it is day five here in Iceland and this morning everybody is doing kind of their own thing. We’ve decided we’re going to take a walk on the seafront. This is apparently like a rec- What was it? National Recreation Area but as you can see it’s really derelict. Doesn’t look like it’s been used for years. There’s more, look. There’s Russian dolls. Yeah. They’re like totems aren’t they? The little- I don’t know what those slots are for. [Laughing] CD rack. Yeah. Okay, so we’re currently sat down on a swing. We feel like there’s definitely a crazy old madman who lives there, and he’s just biding his time before he makes his attack on us. He’s gonna kill us. We’re gonna die. It’s really spooky here. We read the sign that said this place is like a national recreation area. Apparently there’s quite a lot of bird wildlife here. We’ve seen a few. We’ve seen quite a few birds so far. Yeah. We found a bird in a cage. ‘And i’ve been doing just fine’ [Laughing] Oh dear. [Bird squawks] [Screams] We’re currently inside what appears to be some sort of storage unit, kind of. Really weird there’s like a a hat that looks like it’s been there maybe a couple of days. There’s some sunglasses, which I didn’t realise. Are they Ray-Bans as well? They look like fake ray-bans to be fair. And then you’ve got like this weird painting. You’ve got me in the reflection. Oh god, that’s not very welcoming. And some, some fairly new boots. Okay so we’ve found this new place in Reykjavik that sells soup in loaves of bread as you can see right here. I’ve got a vegetable mushroom soup. It’s got truffle oil in it. You can see that it’s gonna be good. Two local IPAs as well. and then I got a meat soup as well. That’s good. Yeah? Smile If you want to dive, dive. Don’t don’t wait for permission or anything just do whatever you wanna do. Was alright, feel good. Absolutely incredible. Hello people back at uni. We’re going on our very educational trip to the penis museum. We’re going to learn all about the different peni and how it varies in size and textures from apparently people to animals. To my left you see the sperm whale, it was caught by the whaling station 1975, with the skin flattened and tanned. It’s got some girth on it. That’ll be good when your knees get a bit stiff. I was gonna say. So um, it’s apparently a thing to take a photo of you with your peni out in front of the museum. I thought peni was plural. Well, you heard it here first, I’m game. Highlight of your trip? And this is the fermented shark. The fermented shark is here! Are we ready? 3, 2, 1 – Chin chin. Let’s see those faces. Don’t chew, just swallow. I can’t. Any good? Ooh, the aftertaste. [Background] Your face on the camera

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