If horses were people – Broodmare edition, Part 1
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If horses were people – Broodmare edition, Part 1

August 10, 2019

SARAH: (sigh) Relaxing. SARA: I can tell you were rolling around in
your stall. SARAH: I did a little. Yeah, yeah. DON’T TOUCH THE BUMP, THOUGH. SARA: Wow. SARAH: Yeah. Just think about that. You have a good day? SARA: I did, thank you. How was yours? SARAH: That is close enough. SARA: Alright! Well you look pretty relaxed. SARAH: I feel great. SARA: Awesome. You’re not going to have this baby tonight,
right? SARAH: (scoffs) No way. SARA: Do you think it has its own gravitational
pull? DANIELLE: I don’t know, she is pretty big. SARAH: I heard that, and it was hurtful. SARA: Alright, well everything looks good,
but I’m gonna come back around midnight just in case, just to check. SARAH: I’ll be here sleepin’. SARA: Alright, Sarah. SARAH: Gonna be just sleepin’. SARA: Love it. SARAH: Ok. Oh my god, I thought she’d never leave. Oh, this baby is coming! Woo! This baby is coming right now, I thought she’d
never leave! Woo! SARA: Hey.
SARAH: Oh hey. SARA: I do not know what is going on with
this. Every time I come in here it’s like, turned
the wrong way. SARAH: Yeah, it’s been doing that. It’s weird. (whispers) A girl needs some privacy. Just sayin’. Am I going to go the horse show tomorrow? SARA: Uh, I think it’s going to depend on
the weather. DANIELLE: Oh, when is she due?! SARA: What?! Oh! No, she’s just a hunter. DANIELLE: Oh. SARAH: Rude. SARA: Is this going to happen every day now? SARAH: Oh yeah. SARA: This is the new norm? SARAH: This stall is soooo luxurious! I am never going back to that dinky little
12×12. Just so you know. Cause this is my new standard. SARA: I knew you were going to be like this. SARAH: (laughing) You did this to me.

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  1. I feel this so much! My first foal watch experience ended up being for my current (and first) horse. Let me tell you…442 days of gestation is NOT cute. No one likes sleepless nights and over three months of extra watch was awful! I'm still a little mad at her and it's been two years.

  2. Love these! Should have figured you'd do something like this when you said you were pregnant!
    Congratulations again! Hope you aren't expecting the baby to stand up the first few hours! 😂

  3. *if people were horses. Y’all said if horses were people implying that a house was going to act like a person. Just thought you should know😊

  4. Owner: I'm gonna come back around midnight just to make sure.
    Horse: I'll be here sleeping.
    Owner: Great!
    Horse: just sleeping.
    Owner leaves.
    Horse: Oh!! I thought she'd never leave!! Oh, this baby is COMING!!! It's coming RIGHT NOW! GASP, gasp, sigh.

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