If horses were people – Episode 10

August 29, 2019

SARA: I love when you are freshly cleaned
and detangled and shined. You’re pretty dry so I feel ok about you going
out alright. So be good! SARAH: Thanks mom! SARA: Please be good. SARAH: Ahhhh… (rolling noises) Love you! SARAH: What you doing? Picking up poop? Gross! SARA: It’s yours. SARAH: It’s gross. What is this? SARA: What? SARAH: What is this? SARA: What’s what? SARAH: This. SARA: That? SARAH: Yes! You have one, too! SARA: Yeah, it’s a shadow. SARAH: It’s touching me. SARA: Yeah. SARAH: Oh, it’s going away! Oh! It’s gone. It’s gone. SARA: (sigh) SARAH: It’s safe now. SARA: Yeah. SARAH: Ah! It’s so good to see you! SARA: Hi! You too. Hey. What’s going on with you? Uh. SARAH: I don’t know why we have to do this,
seems very unnecessary. SARA: Well, if you would stop getting hurt
all the time…just hang on to that for a second. Yeah. Okay. SARAH: You’re going to put that on me? It’s dirty now. SARA: Yeah, I don’t care. Do you want to head in? Sarah? SARAH: So glad you’re here! SARA: Yeah. Let’s, ummm… SARAH: We gonna go in there? SARA: Yeah. SARAH: I want to go in here. SARA: Yup. SARAH: I’d like to be in here every day! SARA: Ah, Sarah! SARAH: My eye hurts. SARA: I know. You scratched it. SARAH: This one. SARA: Yeah, you scratched it. SARAH: Don’t touch it, though. SARA: No, but it’s really going to make it
feel so much better. SARAH: Yeah, you just gotta help it,
but not touch it. SARA: Well, I’m not going to touch your eyeball,
but I… SARAH: Why won’t you help it?! SARA: Sarah! SARAH: This is going to make it worse! SARA: No, it’s not! It’s not! SARAH: Yes it is! SARA: (sigh) Uh yeah no. Can we head in? SARAH: I’m thirsty. SARA: Oh. Well. Here you go. SARAH: That’s not mine. SARA: It’s…it’s exactly like yours. SARAH: No. It’s not. SARA: I just filled it, so it’s totally fine. No one else drank out of it. SARAH: Why would that matter? SARA: Well, why would it not being your mug
matter? SARAH: It just does. You know? SARA: I don’t. SARAH: You don’t. You never know.

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