If horses were people – Episode 5
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If horses were people – Episode 5

October 19, 2019

SARAH: That jackets smells nice. SARA: Good. I sprayed it. Get in there. Yeah. SARAH: I like it. SARA: Thank you. I feel like I Febrezed it,
but… You’re riding away from the barn, we’re going
to go across here. Over this way. Actually, I think we should make this…an
in and out. Probably right here. SARAH: Yeah, that sounds good. Oh, what’s this thing? SARA: Really? SARAH: Food. Yes. Yes. Food. So hungry. Ooooohhhh,
so hungry. This thing’s stupid. Thank you. SARA: Nope. Just walk Sarah. We’re just walking. SARAH: Yes. This is what walking is. SARA: This is what walking is. Walk. SARAH: I’m doing it. SARA: Walk. You know what? Why don’t we stand
for a minute. Okay? You good? Gather yourself. No! Nope. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Walk. This
way. Walk. Sarah, walk!

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  1. I love this!!! haha something the pony I rode when I was 7 did is he would try to hit me off on trees that were near the trail

  2. I love this series! Please keep it up! Maybe do one of a horse in the pasture who does not want to be caught. Especially appropriate in my neck of the woods with the wonderful spring weather!

  3. You guys should soooo do one of braiding hair and the horse keeps on twisting and throwing their head around! I love this series! Please do more! 😀

  4. You guys should soooo do one of braiding hair and the horse keeps on twisting and throwing their head around! I love this series! Please do more! 😀

  5. when

    stable is tired of his

    major concentration

    he chews slowly

    Eguine Zoomorph Theory

    (if you did not break character while become the horse$

    if so

    then know this

    i woke up as a hirse


    horse trainer nibbles

    super hungry but sloppy eater

    ps i become animals weirdly two

    Its Musical fiction for Zoomorphism

    GOTEAM 84


    copyright 1961 VMA

  6. I bring them water when they're outside so they wouldn't die of thirst, and the first thing they do is bowl over the bucket. ~.~

  7. This so reminds me of my horse Blondie.  I no longer own her but I understand she is doing the same stuff to her new owner.  Now I can laugh about it. 

  8. :34  we have a paint mare like that…she always drops her food on the ground…and then? we end up scraping stuck on chunks later…she's hopeless. 

  9. these are hilarious!!!! the walking/trotting thing my horse always does! and she ruins all my favorite polos T_T but these are so funny! keep making them!

  10. This episode was written about my pony lol every one of these was him all over especially the feed one hahaha!!

  11. 0:50 gave me goose pimples I hate the texture of fabric against someone's teeth….. Even my own teeth ….asdfgh?

  12. at 0:44 i could relate!! My mom's horse does the same thing with her mash!! It gets everywhere and it makes her lips green lol

  13. ask for walk: slowest pace ever
    ask for trot: slow motion
    ask for canter: OMG I'M A RACEHORSEEEEEE

    then you can't slow him down for the entire lesson

  14. It's just like 'What r u doing? We're meant to be walking….. This isn't walking. THIS ISNT WALKING. STOP CANTERING….. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME??? WHY' ?

  15. Oh man the last one. My trainer has a 26 mare that I help around with and we often go on trails with her on a lead rope and every time something exciting happens she'll want to trot. Doesn't matter that I make her trot slower than walking speed, she's just… gotta trot! Something's going on! And I gotta run!! Just have to ok??!!

  16. I like When my horse rubs on me my dog does it When He is happy so I learned to love It I dont own a horse but I Mainly ride three an Andolusier a French warmblood and a big big big brown one no clue of breeed

  17. When Sarah poured the cereal onto the table and said that the plate was stupid I was like THATS SO SPROUT because sprout always kicks the bucket over and eats her food off the floor

  18. My old horse filbert who is very chill gets so violent when it is dinner and breakfast time where he try’s to run people over while they dump the food into his feed bucket ? this only happens when it’s feeding time

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