If horses were people – Fly season, Part 2

September 1, 2019

SARA: Can I just? SARAH: (stretching) Ahh, I’m using that one. Ahhhh.. SARA: Oh. By a horse they said… I know it’s hard when you go from winter and
you wear a blanket every day of your life and then you go to summer and you gotta put
a fly sheet on. SARAH! I almost don’t even want to bother. Looking good? I think that’s it… SARAH: Is that a joke? “Looking” good? SARA: Alright, you look – you look like everybody. Let’s go, come on. SARAH: I want to be an individual. SARA: Well, you can be an individual in the
winter. I was thinking maybe we could go on a trail
ride or I don’t…ummm…Sarah. SARAH: No, come on stand up. SARA: No, I’m not… SARAH: NO! SARA: Do you do this to other people or is
this something you save for me? SARAH: I love you. SARA: Yeah. I love you, too. SARAH: Ahhh, so much better. (flies buzzing) What was that? MOM! MOM! (flies buzzing) SARA: Oooh, I got it. SARAH: I got it!!! SARA: Oh my…Sarah! SARAH: I said I got it. SARA: I said I got it! SARAH: MOTHER! Ah, you have to help me. I’m covered in bugs. You left me out here defenseless. How could you? SARA: I, I can’t with you. SARAH: There’s also trash in my turnout. Oh, I think I hear a bug. I better get it. SARA: Oh! Every time, right in the eye. SARAH: What happened to you? SARA: I’m, uh, I know it was an accident. SARA: Oh my gosh does that – alright! SARAH: MOTHER! MOTHER! MOTHER! I want to go out! I want to go outside! Come here, don’t go in the tack room. Oh, I can’t see you anymore! You went in the tack room – oh you’re back! I want to go out – can I go out? SARA: Ok, yes, yes. SARAH: Ok. SARA: Alright, relax. Walk patiently out here with me. SARAH: Alright. SARA: Nonononononono, Sarah.

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