If horses were people – Show Day, Part 1
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If horses were people – Show Day, Part 1

October 26, 2019

SARA: Sarah, can you – can you just – thank you. Noooo, no no no. No, no – uh uh. Stay here. Sarah. Seriously. SARAH: You’re pulling my hair. SARA: I’m pulling your hair because you’re
pulling away from me. SARAH: You’re pulling my hair it’s mean. (chatter) I should probably just stand here – it’s stupid. HORSE 1: Hi! SARAH: Don’t talk – DON’T LOOK AT ME! SARA: Sarah? SARAH: Why are we so close to all these other horses? SARA: I told you we could go around the other
side. You were the one who wanted to stand in the
middle. Oh my gosh, Sarah – nonononononono. Alright, alright. Mmmm…we spent so much time on your braids,
what did you do? SARAH: I was itching… SARA: You promised that you wouldn’t. SARAH: Can we just be done? SARA: We can’t be done. The judge is coming down the line. You’re embarrassing me – let’s go stand
here – nononononononononononononono. SARAH: Let’s go get looked at. Come on down, judge. SARA: Stand! You said I could leave you without your neck
cover on. SARAH: Yeah, well that thing is awful. SARA: It keeps your braids in. SARAH: It’s like a bra for my face. SARA: And it holds everything in place just
like a bra. See how nicely everyone else – thank you – how
nicely everyone else is standing. DANIELLE: LOOSE HORSE! (running and humming) SARA: We’ll pretend we like each other… SARAH: I could lay down. Should I lay down? SARA: DO NOT! SARAH: Oh wow, you look so pretty! SARA: Thank you! SARAH: (big sneeze) (running) Wow. I didn’t know you were that messy. Messy eater. Oh boy, it’s all in your hair. SARA: It’s in my mouth. SARAH: Oh boy. HEY MOM! Hey, yeah! SARA: No, nono. WHOEVER CATCHES HER CAN KEEP HER! SARAH: Where’s Buttercup? SARA: She’s back at the trailer where we left
her. No, Sarah, she’s over there at the trailer
where we left her. SARAH: Oh, I see. (loud neighing) SARA: Stop. SARAH: I want to make sure she hears me. SARA: She’s literally right there! SARAH: Yeah, but look at her, she misses me. (loud neighing) SARA: Who could miss you? Who could miss you? (more neighing) SARAH: You would miss me if I wasn’t here. SARA: We should try it.

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  1. I was waiting for the part where they put bits in their mouths and pull so their necks bow. Guess that's not something that often happens at shows?

  2. After her bath, my palomino would roll in the dirt and grass like a dog. She looked like a baseball player that had slid into home plate. Grass stains and dirt all over.

  3. I freaking LOVE these videos! I'm 50 years old and my show days are way behind me, but I remember them like they were yesterday and these videos are spot-on. I laugh so hard at these two ladies!!! SO FUNNY!!! I hope they make lots more. Keep it up!!!

  4. „You're pulling my hair."
    „I'm pulling your hair cause you're pulling away from me!"
    „You're pulling my hair, it's mean."

    Ahahaha I totally lost it.

  5. 0:31 and everything of that bit is my mule. To top that off everyone has to be at least a foot away from her..
    And the sneeze on me…
    Yaknow what everything is my mule, she is such a brat ?

  6. If your horses act like this….maybe they don't like you?

    Horses are strong, powerful animals who constantly test you for weakness and weak human women don't exactly exude strength.
    Its not rocket surgery.
    I have seen so many young girls abused by horses. Stomped on feet. Butt pushed out of the way. Abusive to the rider on purpose. Horses aren't dumb beasts. They can kill you with a kick and don't.
    Women are so oblivious to reality. Its sad.

  7. Volunteered at 2 mustang non-profits this year. I started giving apple/oat cookies out at 3:30 when I did my afternoon rounds. A few days in I would see a mare walking towards the gate I'd go thru just before 3:30.


  9. Love it though gonna say most of these will actually make sense to you if you learn horse behaviour, my mare used to be extremely fidgety but after a lot of patience and hard work she now falls asleep when tied, distraction is very useful for fidgeters

  10. 1:46 – This is literally both of my horses! No matter what I do, they always end up wiping their noses on me like I'm their personal hanky or something.

  11. My mares trick was "watch me go under the chain at the back of the float!! Wweeeeeee!" Followed by a stupid arab snort ??

  12. Horses are just giant three year olds. “Don’t look at me!!” My teacher’s little girl, when I said hi and her dad said “say hi!” She looked at me and goes “I DONT. LIKE. PEOPLE!” and starts to fake cry.

  13. I don’t own horses, actually they scare me. But I showed rabbits for years. I can somewhat relate. These videos crack me up. Brings me back to showmanship in 4-H. Thank you for all the laughs!

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