If horses were people – Veterinarian edition

October 17, 2019

Just you and me. Jogging along. I love jogging with you. Okay. Go! Come on, Sarah. Really? Come on, c’mon, c’mon,
c’mon. C’mon! Come on! Okay. Go! WOOO!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! Oh, good lord. Calm down! WOOO!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So, let’s take a look at her teeth, Sara. I’ll just get a good angle. Yep. Hey, Dr. Fleming. So, what are we doing today? So, we’re just doing spring shots today. Oh, perfect. (Giggling) We’re getting ready for a show next weekend,
and Sarah’s just been dead lame all week. Hi, Dr. Fleming! Looks better. (struggling) (Giggling) Stop, stop it. (Giggling) Alright, Sara, so we’ll just check her respiration
rate. Ok. (Big inhale) (struggling) So, why don’t we try taking her temperature? (fart noise) (Loud exhale, immediate inhale) One. I promise that you can walk in those, come
on. Alright, so I’m just going to listen to her
heart. (Loud patting on the shoulder) You’re such
a good girl, Sarah. There ya go. Yep, you got it. There ya go.
Keep on walking. Well, I Googled it so I feel pretty good about
this, but I just wanted to double-check with you, but she definitely has Lyme. It’s definitely
Lyme. Although, I did see something else about maybe
swine flu in horses. Ok. What have you been noticing with her? She’s just kinda…you know. What? You are. You are.

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