Il vecchio e il mare
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Il vecchio e il mare

December 12, 2019

84 days without taking a fish. 84 days that I was starving. 84 days to call me “salao”. I didn’t care because I knew that day 85 could be the lucky one, the rebirth. I went off the 85th day and I stayed there for three days, only with my will and my intelligence. Something had fallen, something too big and undefined. Yet I accepted the gauntlet. And you, how many times have you felt alone? And how many times beaten and desperate? Which is the motivation that makes you go off, if you ever had one? At the beginning it was the substance but after it became pride and from that moment it was a matter of life or death. I fought and won, I killed him,
in the end, the marlin. But I always thought of her as feminine
and as some that gave or withheld great favours and if she did wild or wicked things
it was because she could not hold them 84 days to redeem, 84 days to risk everything, 84 days to be killed yet not defeated. Either live, or let you live The Old Man and the Sea

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