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I’m a Horse Song

October 22, 2019

I’m a ****ing horse
Get out of my way I’m a brutal force
I can run all day I’m quite happy here
Now I wanna be there You think i’m majestic
I don’t ****ing care Grass, flowers, crabs, feet,
I’ll crush them all Mums, dads, tiny children
I’ll crush them all Ladies ladies ladies ladies
Check out my huge ****** Rabies rabies rabies rabies
My **** really looooooooong I’m a ****ing horse
Get out of my way I’m a brutal force
I can run all day I like to eat oats
And i like to kick goats Goats **** me off
I ****ing hate goats

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  1. Of-fuckin'-course this song's really great
    But now it's been in my head all day
    Try as I might, it won't go away
    Like someone put it on infinite replay

  2. My god… That hand on the guitar. Its been a long time sinds i have gotten nightmares from your videos. Well done sir

  3. This is the grade A+ shit post that I subscribed for. Thank you this is truly a testament to the power of shit posters every where. I thank you for your service.

  4. You've managed to put and in a song congrats lol I didnt think anyone could describe the rhythm of my adhd but you got it down

  5. Woohoo! Love your videos and songs! I sing "My Mother in Law is a Scorpion" to our 4 month old baby girl and she loves it.

  6. this video was a delight
    I will have dreams of huge muscular arms with hooved fingers dragging me into a closet while this song plays

  7. People like to mention the size of horses dong but can you imagine the pressure they have to go through. And their naked so it's not as if they can hide their inadequacy.

    Picture having a normal size shlong as a horse. Pure complex

  8. Honestly, Fernando: It's been a soggy bouquet of months since last I washed up on your greasy shores. Calamities that are too lengthy to name have left me withered beyond my strength. Please, I beg of you! Guide me back to the pleasures that are this island's namesake. Thrust my body into the walrus pit so that I may experience the moan that never ebbs.

  9. I guess we have found the definition of a crash course!
    Though I was wondering where the sudden love for horses came from but then the goats appeared.
    Looks like a brutal rivalry! I'm quite satisfied with the brutal velocity that horse is now running through the astral plane of my mind!

  10. Loved your work ever since i was a little lad. You guided me more into adulthood than my parents ever did. Thank you sexual lobster

  11. Hey Chris, since your Homepage greasymoose.com is down, i can't find the video "Lovefist: The fistening"… i miss those old times of fiendish debauchery… can you upload it? And also the House of squid is nowhere… a collection of masterpieces 😀

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