Im actually having… FUN? In MINECRAFT (hacked) – Part 2
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Im actually having… FUN? In MINECRAFT (hacked) – Part 2

August 30, 2019

you guys have been making fun of me in the comments don’t think I don’t read those saying I don’t know how to play game I don’t know how to make minecraft yeah I’m a veteran okay I was born playing Minecraft I played Minecraft before you were born okay let’s grab these alright I know there’s a new bunch of new features why is everyone spinning this is not Brett stop god you’re pissing me off I can use this claw thing to cut animals which is what I want to do come here kitty let me cut you kitty I swear to god kitty let me cut you kitty done I didn’t hurt the cat I’m just trying to cut him ha Jesus okay maybe I shouldn’t run around with a dynamite so where’s my house again I forgot that’s a turtle oh my god hey can I write please let me write that don’t go I love you nobody minecraft Turtles him alright alright I need to get back to my base maybe I should steal some decoration where’s my house I forgot where my house so the goal of this episode is to start a farm and enter Minecraft and maybe redecorate the house just a little bit a lot of you were saying like my house I don’t know what 33 getting higher and dude I’m rich as balls did my bet is epic as well like this house is nice I don’t I don’t get like why you guys Haiti [Music] [Laughter] all right so I know a couple things right I know a couple things I can use this bucket and I can use this sugar cane and wheat it’s it the sugar I use I don’t really know maybe we can plant the eggs no wait what all right my dudes so we want to make one of these a hoe all right let’s make a hoe people have space for older she’s right so we’re gonna make a nice little form I think so to make a farm you need the hoe and you hit the top that does not work what the hell listen I spent six hours watching minecraft tutorials why is it not working maybe anytime I need to plant the whole what do I do with the whole now I can plant the seed No huh okay oh I right-click yeah you guys thought I wasn’t good at Minecraft okay all right we gotta hurry up we gotta hurry up but this but the seeds but the seeds beer oh god did you hear that plant plant god damn it is that all the seeds I have how do I get seeds okay it’s night time let’s have a sleepy time I sleep with my wheat all right a new day a new life to live now let’s look at my plate look how much they grow dude holy cow yeah yeah yeah yeah all right this is going really really good why is he not growing oh I know I live hack life hack okay so you can take bet you kids didn’t know this you can take bone and make it into bone meat and then you grab the bone meat and then you put the bone meat over the over there this is like a pro tip a lot of people don’t know how to do this you do that it grows quicker it’s whatever so now we have more seed which we can plant hoes okay this is pretty epic dude we’re make whoa how does bones work dude dad dad okay all right we have a pretty epic thing so now what you can do I figured this out all by myself why do I hear zombies in my house okay oh my god I figured out all by myself how to make a fence gate god damn I’m smart dude I don’t make the planks okay so now we built we build a gate right outside our house see I know how to play Minecraft your kids you absolute children okay okay oh okay it’s not perfect but it works god damn it now what we can do is we can start taking people hostages ah what is that sound hello why minecraft spook me all right horse hey horse you want some of this you want some of this wheat come here come here what the hell listen I got weed man take it what that freak what a horse it’s like in Minecraft useless you’re useless you can he stop spinning come here okay now will you come I fed him wheat might come here I swear to God I will murder you come here alright alright it’s gotta be like that sometimes it got to be like that too bad i alright chicken then this chicken like this hey chicken yeah yeah yeah you like this oh yeah you like this oh yeah come here chicken come on chicken eat it eat it he doesn’t eat it alright you live today there’s no animals I murdered them all yes yeah yeah you like this yeah come on follow me my fellow nine-year-olds that’s right follow me you’re gonna live safe with Papa boots in Papa’s house come on keep following oh yeah hey great son of a snake come here okay we’re almost there we’re almost there buddies my friends you’re better friends than anyone I met in this game alright just uh god dammit god dammit you came this way alright coming alright and then you go come on come in Nick one at a time you dummies come in please come in come on it’s getting dark okay okay that’s true that’s true come on come on squeeze in squeeze in next one for the love of God get in please it’s getting dark oh now you don’t want to go come here go in I’m gonna murder one of you come in thank you yes yes yes yes close the gate oh oh oh thought I murdered him what happened to you why are you naked oh my god I can cut you how how you make baby this is crazy this is crazy oh god the baby escape baby can you now stop leaving baby come back baby baby there’s zombies baby I’m serious baby sheep [Music] alright well bye then see if I care I don’t want to kill a child alright fine baby you can sleep with me tonight I’m literally see vegans see what I did Peter I saved the life today I saved the goddamn life what do you do Kyle they’re annoying alright new day let’s sleep all right we got our lamp we got our epic farm everything looks great thank you very much let’s go out on more adventures okay it’s adventure time come on grab your friends don’t have any to play Minecraft with this is so sad see there’s sounds over there and I want to explore where that’s coming from because I don’t want no zombie farm in my house whoa it’s a wide chest it’s even bigger all right gamers yeah it’s time it’s definitely something here something real spook is happening here and I’m not afraid to explore it oh my god oh my god oh my god there’s so many [Music] double kill triple kill epic gamer whoa look at this cave it’s so massive I got a diamond pickaxe so I can just mine for it ever bro what it keeps going down what okay guys this is epic minecraft adventure oh you scared me Betty sorry you have to die as a prize Oh too tiny to tiny tiny that’s right you then we’re going for more diamonds I want to fold diamond armor very mean my diamond minecraft up pickaxe dammit now I keep finding material but I don’t need but I feel like I have to farm it this is all right let’s explore there’s too much oh Jesus Jesus Christ let’s scare my balls ooh all right we’re laughs god damn it who said mine cried isn’t terrifying Here I am minding my own business dude look how my diamond pick is barely move dude diamond pickaxe for life brah for life we got to get more we got to get more be careful don’t think I need this much higher but I just accidentally dig up in my own house god dammit alright I got a I got a shiryu we need more of my diamonds god dammit that’s all I want Oh what is down there hello what is this nun Nico day whoa whoa whoa not like this not like this don’t shoot don’t shoot don’t shoot don’t shoot oh he fell for the old don’t shoot string oh god they’re everywhere what is this place my god it’s so mysterious I found the new hidden cave thing that’s awesome okay I remember now you can make a shield in Minecraft how to make shield in Minecraft I’ll have iron on me god damn it I don’t have iron on me I can make some my god I’m scared this music doesn’t fit at all does that mean there’s been people here before me there’s I’m not the first one okay we have iron I can make a shield now I know how to make shield I know in my head you just make a Y and then you put the PP in the middle shield mother free-cos all right and then you put the shield all right we’re ready for some epic minecraft adventures now all right let’s find some goddamn gold because what huh well this sounds coming from whoa this is epic ah let’s shoot don’t shoot I am oh they’re shooting each other [Music] [Music] [Music] dude we haven’t found diamond yet come on this place is insane dude oh it’s the baby zombie freak off I don’t want to kill a child I will kill a child I will kill a child I don’t have time for children don’t waste my time this place is insane dude there’s another chest there who built this place and why ah that’s what I thought Wow haha so much lava there’s so much epicness love it stop alright let’s build a bridge right my diamonds and I don’t know what any of this is but I got some goddamn melon seeds Oh you shift click and it just oh my god that is so much easier Oh God thank you everywhere ha ha what do you know my song oh god no oh this bed oh this bed oh this is bad I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying to eat oh my god did you see that whoa what is this ha oh this is bad oh this is it froze oh god I’m making a hole no one hurts the whole man okay I’m in my hole I don’t want to lose my diamond stuff dude look how much stuff I have I can’t die they’re Poisson huh no that’s too many full strength full strenght whole stretch full strap pull straight pull straight oh Jesus okay ah liberals I’m not leaving until we get the diamonds that’s why I came here whoa look at the heavens epic Jesus oh god yeah found you [Music] they dropped from the ceiling babe okay that was an epic adventure but I dare no more we have too much precious item we have to return see remember okay we weren’t too bad I just got to figure out where the hell I am oh my god here we are dude look at my crops dude how are my sheeps doing okay very nice all right now we can make melon right can we did we’re gonna make melon all right beetroot can I plant oh my god dude this all right some would say that my house is not the best looking house I get it maybe I should redecorate it a little bit just a little bit I don’t care if it’s dark I’m gonna farm minecraft all day all day son all you want some Oh God alright so here we’ll do the beetroot there we’ll do the pumpkin melon oh my god is my stuff still there okay they are oh god damn it it came out of nowhere dude oh thank god what are you doing to the Sheep you all right it’s time to sleep don’t be greedy Felix oh what a day dude I’m making such sick progress except that one time I died all right dude look how much they’ve grown dude all right time to spice up the house just a little bit just a little bit make it a little nicer fine all right you guys want a cozy ass house I’ll deliver I’ll deliver the coach Diaz house you’ve ever coast inside to rebuild we must first destroy it pains me to do this does it put so much effort into it all right don’t escape now god damn it all right I’ll deal with them later this is not your house mr. sheep okay first we must lay foundation of the house make sure it’s good what the hell is happening over there what the hell is that excuse me I’m building a new house over here what are they doing all right we’re building a goddamn house one two three okay that’s nice dude this house is gonna be so goddamn tight all you Minecraft haters are gonna be so sorry this is the video series that will convert more people to Minecraft than ever in history notch will come back from his grave just to thank me thank you exam for saving minecraft not just for saving minecraft but for saving humanity you don’t even know what plans I have for this helps i’m cry abla i need to make stairs lots and lots of stairs it’s taking a lot more time than I thought to decorate the house and I think I’m going crazy just a little bit just a little bit okay it’s getting there it’s gonna be a bit guys what the hell is this voice our cactus growing melon this you’re in through my house yeah oh my god you got it stop we got a house spider everyone thank you well there’s my sheep that is stable good work oh yeah that’s cute ah not in my house god damnit it was waiting for me oh my god dude I’ve been building this fucking house [Laughter] I can’t stall right I’m going to sleep goodnight I haven’t had time to put the ceiling but we’ll do that in the next episode smash like subscribe gaming week what you never played super simulator you know it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price [Music]

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  1. Автор субтитров, my dudes значит "чуваки", а не " мои чуваки"

  2. Who else is watching the series from the beginning after he got married, beat the ender dragon, and got 100 million?

  3. Adventure time come on grab your friends go in Adventure, adventure land Jake the dog and Finn the human come on adventure it’s adventure time!

  4. 19:45
    Felix: "This is the video series that will convert more people to Minecraft than in history"
    Felix is time traveler confirmed

  5. Felix: what is this??? who build this thing made out of wood

    Poisonous Cave Spiders:This is a mineshaft Felix u came here for diamonds u get poison instead


  6. Felix: I'm a veteran. Don't tell me how to play!
    Also Felix: "Calls sugarcane wheat, tries to shear cat, AND tries giving a horse wheat"

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