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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Mama Got A Donkey | truTV

November 22, 2019

Oh, my God! This is shrimp! You see this? Shrimp in the store?
Yeah, that’s crazy. They got
a whole cooler of shrimp! Murray, you’re not
buying shrimp. The crazy thing is,
I’m actually not supposed to be shopping here anymore. My ex-girlfriend dates
the security guard that’s here. Oh. All right. That’s a good
reason to stay away from him. And whenever I come
shopping here, he threatened me
a couple times. ‘Cause he’s dating my bae now,
and she’s my ex-bae and I don’t want to
get involved with it. Do me a favor. If you see the
security guy coming around… No, you got to signal me so I know not to come
out of that aisle. Yell something out that’ll — She’s coming up
with her own words. No. Yell like… “Mama got a donkey.” Mama got a donkey.
Or something like that. No, I know.
Just for a minute. I’m gonna run down
and get some detergent. I’ll be right back. Murr, stop getting shrimp
and just go. Yeah, go. Thank you so much. I’m gonna get
the detergent, guys. Okay. Yell it a few times so I
hear it in case he comes out. Okay. All right.
Here comes security. But the problem is, she’s face
first in that self-serve shrimp. Here she goes! [ Laughter ] What the [bleep] What?! Mama got a donkey! Mama got a donkey! What are people doing
with their life? I’m robbing a bank
with that lady. [ Ding! ]

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  1. You know what I noticed u don’t really see sal and joe go head to head in a challenge it’s always joe and murr and sal vs Q

  2. Lady: "Aww yeah, Mama's got a donkey."

    Sal: (falls down laughing which is the best thing I've ever seen with Sal.)

  3. I was so curious about the self serve shrimp that I had to pause at 1:03 to see the price. 99 cents/lb btw. If I see that price for shrimp I'm getting a garbage bag and filling it up.

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