Improve the lame Dressage horse – Reverse bar horseshoe for accessory ligament injury
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Improve the lame Dressage horse – Reverse bar horseshoe for accessory ligament injury

August 17, 2019

So what we’re gonna do this time we’ll start off with a normal shoe we’re gonna take the toe cap the toe clip off the shoe again there then puts an additional two clips on the shoes so that we can set the Shoe under the foot a little bit, and what we’re going to do different with this type of shoeing is that we’re actually going to Weld a bar into the back of the shoe So it’s pretty much put in a side clip or quarter clipped a bar shoe on but we’re going to do that just by modifying a Modifying of werkman shoe that we actually have. I like to use werkman shoes, They’re very easy to work with nice shape, nice nail holes, and they work very well So it’s very easy to change and adapt into other different types of shoes What’s a little bit different about this shoe is that? Here we actually have like a reverse type of bar, the reason being that the horse we are shoeing now It does a lot of fast work, and there is an opportunity, a chance that the back foot may come over And pull the front shoe off. Sometimes it does pull shoes off, but since we’ve been shoeing with this style And actually reversed the bar We’ve not had any shoes off. It helps the horse alot, It reduces any type of shoe being lost, so here we go. We’re gonna put the two clips on like we said We’re going to reverse this bar

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  1. Nice video and shoeing job mate. To make your life easier I use bar inserts either from strolmsholm or workman saving having to cut up a shoe and they work really well.

  2. If the horse need sideclips all the time it's correction which Leads to NO improvements. My horses have toeclips on all four hooves. The long-term answer is Not special devises. This shoe is NOT under its HEELS.

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