Indian Relay Horse Racing; Piikani Nation | First Nations Canada Pow Wow Dancing
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Indian Relay Horse Racing; Piikani Nation | First Nations Canada Pow Wow Dancing

September 2, 2019

Welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth On this episode, LilLizzy and I visit Brocket, Alberta during the 61st Piikani Nation Annual Celebration
for the powwow, the rodeo and Indian Relay Racing, an event
said to be “North America’s oldest extreme sport.” The thrills and spills of Indian Relay Races
must be seen to be believed. We watched with bated breath as expert
bareback riders leapt off horses, and bounded onto others. It’s a sport experiencing a rise in popularity across North America. Riding without helmets, and buoyed by the
crowd’s excitement, Indian Relay racers have a deep connection
with their horses and build upon centuries of celebrated
riding tradition. We came for a fantastic window into First Nations history, and left with further appreciation
of Blackfoot culture. Canada’s First Nations are proud people and One thing is clear—it’s stirring hearing
world class drumming and singing. It’s our wish that all Canadians, and visitors,
experience the sight of hundreds of People, young and old, dressed in their full,
traditional regalia. Experience fancy, jingle dress, old style
chicken, traditional and grass dances All set in the stunning Crowlodge Arbour,
a cultural focal point. The Piikani pow wow has been an eagerly
awaited event since 1957. To this day, it remains a source of
pride for the nation and a coming together of all people across
southern Alberta. Rodeo embodies the time honoured spirit of
the West and these events carry the indomitable strength
of all Albertans We caught the saddle bronc competition, and it’s true that all rodeo events go hand-in-hand
with the ranching and agricultural culture of Western Canada. The Piikani Nation has some of the best champions these unique, and pulse-pounding, sports have to offer. These riders are proud to compete in front
of family and friends and to represent their home in
rodeos throughout North America Thanks for watching Traveling with Krushworth. To follow us to Writing on Stone Provincial
Park, click the link on the left. Or, if you’d like to visit Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo
Jump World Heritage Site click the video on the right. Do you have memories of the Piikani Nation
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