Inline skating for KIDS – learn to skate in 10 steps to more FUN
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Inline skating for KIDS – learn to skate in 10 steps to more FUN

October 27, 2019

Hi, I’m Scott from Powerslide and we’re gonna show you
the 10 most basic steps to start skating! I’ve got some very special helpers today.
Milena & Yannis. And we’re gonna show you
all the steps you need. One of the most important things you
need to do, even straight out of the box, is check that all the axles are secure
and the bolts holding the frame to the boots are secure. Also, it’s a good idea
to check it regularly because it can become loose
with regular skating. Now your skates are
ready to go, it´s time to find somewhere to skate. Preferebly find somewhere quiet
without too many cars or things like that. Also flat ground is a lot easier
when you’re starting. The most important piece of
protective gear is the helmet! make sure it fits snug on the head,
not to far forward, not to far back. Then you also need your body protection:
wrist guards, ellbow pads and knee pads, all fitting
snugly, not too tight not to lose. now we’re ready to move
on to the first exercise. really simple:
just put 2 feet together like this. Just always straight up and down. Another tip you can do with this exercise
is to start on the grass. Just balance on the grass to
find your position under your feet. After you feel comfortable in this position, now we need to practice it rolling. It´s important that you bend a bit of your knees
so your balance is lower and your lot more stable on your feet. So the next exercise, we`re going to look at
is balancing on one foot. It’s very important that you learn
how to balance on one foot because it will give you the confidence
you got to push harder and roll for longer. The first part of this exercise is you simply find something stable
to hold on to and then lift up one foot,
like so. Once you’re confident with that,
go up on 1 foot and take the hands away and just feel the balance like that. It’s very important that you practice this
on the right and the left foot equally. And then once you build up
the confidence of using something solid
to hold on to, it’s time to practice it rolling! Now that we have the balance
and things organized, it´s time to start looking at the push. It’s very important that you learn
to push to the side, not too far back and not too far forward.
OK, to practice this exercise, put all your pressure on 1 foot,
then push off with the other foot just like you do on a scooter. Like with the balance,
it´s very important
that you practice on both feet equally, so that you develop them
to be symmetrical. Now again, put all the pressure on this foot
and than scooter-push like so. Now that we’ve learned how to skate and how to push,
it’s very important that we learn how to brake. All of our Powerslide skates
feature a heel brake made from high quality rubber that is long lasting and safe. To practice the braking exercise,
put your hands on your knees and extend your braking leg
with all the pressure through it. Exactly like so. Now we need to practice this rolling.
A fun game you can play: make a line on the ground
and always try to stop before the line. (braking sound) (braking sound) So now we’ve looked at
skating in the straight line, it´s time to start thinking
about the corners. When looking at corners,
the easiest way to turn the corner is to use your body. Think your body like a steering wheel in
a car. When you want to go left,
you turn left with your body like this. When you want to go right,
you turn right with your body like this. When practicing this exercise,
start on a bigger radius corner and as you get more confident
and more advanced, slowly make the corner
tighter and tighter. It´s also important that you
practice turning left and right. The way we do this, is lay some cones or
other objects on the ground and then slalom your body through them
using your body weight to turn, both left and right. The world is not flat. So therefore it´s also important to practice
jumping obstacles and things. At first, start just practicing
without an obstacle. Then step by step, practice jumping.
It´s important you always keep your feet under your body, so therefore you have
complete balance. exactly like that. Now that we´ve been through many of the basic exercises, it´s important that we maybe start
looking at something more advanced. the most simple advanced exercise
is skating backwards. To skate backwards first we need to turn.
A simple 180 like so… Turning the body first, and then the hips and
the rest of the body will follow. Thank you for watching this Powerslide tutorial!
We hope you learned something and you can take it and
make skating more fun! POWERSLIDE

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  1. Thanks very much for the awesome tutorial!!…. I am not even beginner….. been planning to get into this…. don't know if i should go for Quad skates or Inline…. I don't want to hurt myself too much.

  2. When I started skating I was 8 and!! I didn't wore any helmets or safety stuff and I learned it on my own without the help of any grownups to be honest one time I falled on my butt and I nearly broke my butt and my parents were just looking at me from the window ? but now I skate very good cause I learned it on my own ;-; but before my parents bought me skates I was learning with my friend's skate the right for her and the left for me , so I think if you're a complete beginner you should practice with one of the skates and after when you learn one then it will be easier to learn to skate with both ☺

  3. Great I get so inspired watching your videos… I have purchased a pair of inline skates… I am just 5year old will post my first video today on inline skate's… Seeking your support and if you find it interesting Share it…

  4. Oh my God some of those I'm steps actually helped me I am actually getting so good roller blading now thank you a lot

  5. I'm 14 this year and this is my first time rollerblading… But I don't have the safety equipments so…

  6. Superb …………… Hats off very useful video by this I learnt many techniques you showed us how to rotate a body throughout 180 degree and how to apply break and the safety , really hats off it was very good…?????????

  7. This is very helpful. I went from not knowing anything to being able to skate without a fence to support me!

  8. My child just got her first skates yesterday.please make another video for a beginner and how she can be safe.she's fearless..great video.TX.

  9. i dont even skate i mean i skate but i dont or something like htat skateboarding is what i shoulda just said but ok whatever

  10. এই ভিডিওটা যদি বাংলা হত তাহলে আরো ভালোভাবে বুঝতে পারতাম

  11. Personally I think the heel brakes are much too weak I’d just use a power stop a t stop or a solama (I think that’s what it’s called?) stop

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