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October 29, 2019

Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the French inline
skater and welcome to the new episode of Inline skating Paris! As you can see, today I’m not skating alone,
there’s a Buch of inline skaters around me, it’s because we are in a little even
that happens every week, the Sunday afternoon skate! It’s like the Friday night skate that is
very popular here in paris, but this one has the particularity to be in the afternoon! Wich means it’s a lot easier for me to film
compared to the Friday night skate because you know, gopros are terrible at low light
xD The Sunday afternoon skate is also different
from the Friday night skate because this one is more open to beginners, because it’s
not as intense, we go slower. And I find it nice, because the day before
this one, I was training hard, and I was very tired; like, my entire body was SORE but I
still wanted to skate because…it’s been raining for 2 months!there’s no way I was
going to stay home with such a nice weather outside! So this is a chill session for me today, I’m
not gonna go hard and stuff xD Instead, I’m gonna let you watch the footage,
while I speak to you so sit down, and relax I should change the name of this series, like, Inline skating therapy, instead of Inline
Skating Paris xD anyway, the 1st thing I want to tell you is
Thank you! We hit 10 000 subscribers last month, and
didn’t have the opportunity to make a special video about it! So THANK YOU! As I said in a previous video, I didn’t
expect to reach such a high number! like… I’m trying to imagine every single of you
and it’s just crazy! What made you CLICK into this subscribe button? The fact that I’m trying to make inline
skating more popular? My ugly face? Or the fact that I’m always goofing around? like, this is a legit question I often ask
myself! But I have to say that you are all awesome! You give me an amazing support everyday, through
your comments on YouTube, Instagram, my Facebook page and emails! It’s really motivating to keep making videos
for you guys! But it’s getting more and more difficult
for me to respond to everybody, and I really apologize for this! Anyway, I’m trying to work on what is going
to happen next in this channel. I have a LOT of plans. But I’m mostly planning on improving my
videos, specially for the quality of the episodes. Because you know, my goal is to make inline
skating more popular right? And I think we need good videos in order to
motivate people! That’s why I don’t make that much vlogs. I don’t have nothing against this type of
video, it’s just that I prefer doing another type of content. I love to be behind the camera, but with my
videos, I have to be in front of it! And I almost exclusively work as a one man
crew, and it’s a lot of work. But the thing is that I can’t do camera
movements while I’m skating around! And I find it difficult to find people to
help me film my episodes. Wether this person doesn’t always answer
to the phone.. or yada yada, I often end up working alone most of the time. And I have to admit that I tend to rush my
videos, because I tend to go out with a LOT of gear
in order to film, and capture sound, which means I have to go out with 1 or 2 BIG bags
full of gear, with a BIG tripod, and my skates, and I’m VERY scared to get my stuff stolen
while I’m working alone! like, I have a friend that got stolen 5000
dollars worth of camera equipment while he was working for a client! And this makes me quite nervous because, you
know, I’m a short dude, with all of this stuff outside, alone… That’s why I really tend to RUSH everything! And I find it sad, because there’s a LOT
more we can do! I always feel I only make like 30 % of what
I really have in mind! I would love to film my episodes the same
way I do photography. And this is a goal I’m giving myself 🙂 So, in the future, if this channel grows more,
I think I’ll hire a filming crew, so we can make things MUCH more exciting! I really think Inline skating needs higher
quality content on YouTube! Anyway, back to this video! As you can see, I’ve put some triskate frames
into my Igor ! I find them cool to skate around, even if
I think they are a bit too long, and too high for me. But I have rockered them, I’ve put a smaller
wheel on the back, in order to have a better manoeuverability! This setup like that is used for speed slalom
with triskate frames! So the setup I’m using is a 100-110-110
mm. It’s still a little weird for me to skate
with such big wheels for me, but I can defenitely say they have a huge advantage when it comes
to skating on cobble stones as you can see right now! I feel less the shocks, and I keep the momentum,
that’s great! Now there is something quite dangerous I see
in this type of events: couples holding hands while they are skating. What I mean by that is people holding hads
while being side to side. Don’t ever do that! Not only you will be les stable, but if one
of you falls, the other one will fall too. imagine, the first person falls, so the 2nd
one will be on the front. But you are holding hands, so it will make
you fall backards, and probably make you spin at the same time! Imagine the result of that, plus all the skaters
that are right behind you … I know, it’s romantic to hold hands and stuff, but I don’t
find injuries that romantic to be honest! And speaking of injuries, during this even,
a woman fell, and broke her wrist, and hurt he hips. I caught it on camera but I’m not gonna
show that. After I saw that, I tried to help the staff
to secure her while the ambulance was coming. What’s cool with this event, is that we
have the police and an ambulance rolling with us. So everytime someone gets hurt, they immediately
get some help! I hope she’s alright! You can really see I’m very tired from my
training, it like I have no energy left! But from time to time, I have a little something
xD You know what, I’m gonna pass the camera
to a friend of mine who is full of energy! I’m calling Ruddy! Man, that was awesome 🙂
And we are back to the turtle I am today xD Alrigh, so this is the end of the session,
we’ve been skating for 3 hours! I was really happy to participate, and I’ve
met a few subscribers too! It was very fun!

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  1. I'd love to be able to do this in my city… Not sure how I'd do with cobblestones.
    I really dislike them but I understand the need to preserve the history of the cities

  2. A lot of other people is an understatement!! There had to be like 100 people?!!

    As for the type of video, I'm more interested in your skating than I am video production. Your video quality is already excellent! A camera crew would be amazing though.

  3. It look so fun, i'm really exciting to be able to do something like that one day, for now i keep practice everyday to get my skills better and better, i've been skateing for 2 months and i've to say, your inline skate tutorials and the way i see you enjoy skateing it become a big inspiration for me, keep working like that, dude, a hug from Uruguay!

  4. Awesome videos Tiago! Your videos inspired me to get back into inline. I bought the Rollerblade Twister 80 and I'm loving them. Their maneuverability is great!
    If you're ever in the Veneto region of Italy let me know. I love to film and do edits with the Gopro.
    Keep up the great work on your videos! You have unique content. Ciao!

  5. UUUGGGGHHH YES! I HATE WHEN PEOPLE HOLD HANDS! The worse is when they start to make chains because then they start blocking more people from passing.

  6. Hi Tiago , please do more street skating videos like this and film more other skaters ? Fascinating to compare how others skate and their style, kit etc. Amazed you and others have no safety kit on at all ! IAlways wear some safety gear when skating outdoors in a large group .

  7. What a great session! I would love to attend an event like that. Imagine how I like the city of Paris and skating… awesome combination! 😀
    Congratulations for your channel Tiago! Did you notice that you almost have the same number of subscribers as Ricardo Lino on his The Lino Life channel? 😉 Keep it up and thank you so much! Regards from Madrid

  8. I like that you try to make inline skating (which I personally love) more popular! You do a really great work! Can you make more videos about freestyle slalom? For example how to do a basic combo or tricks tutorials..

  9. am tiago why not 110 110 100 ?
    also awesome skate, yesterday i skate in my city in the night i was pretty intense in the night uwu

  10. I really respect the aim of making inline skating more popular but I think that the largest hurdle with this is the fact that loads of people think that inline skating is for little kids and you've gotta try and get around that somehow

  11. Here we only have this sort of thing once a month, in season, when it doesn't rain and with a police escort who closes off streets.

  12. The reason I subscribed to you is that I think you do really great skating videos! The quality of the videos is very high and I find you very friendly and down to earth when you talk. You are open minded and try new weird things in your videos as well (like the snow skate xD), which makes it interesting to follow you. So happy you hit 10 000 subs Tiago, congrats!

  13. Besides the thrill of participation, the next best thing about big group inline skates is seeing a lot of nice well-trained ass.

  14. Once again, great filming. We noticed your skill level compared to the others. Your like light speed.
    Inspiring. Thanks brother.

  15. Wow what a group outing Tiago! It’s nice to see so many faces. You definitely can tell the beginners from the more advanced just by their strides. As for “better video content” I think you do have a point. To be more marketable, we need to make things look more appealing. I agree to that and I sure can not argue against the sales figures when we take that into the equation. But, as Mr. Ricardo Lino says, we must not forget why we do it. There is something “special” about videos with a “rough” edge to them. As much as you may feel they are rushed or we may take low quality video, we still post it because we genuinely love what we do and feel we need to share. Sometimes “higher quality” does not get that point across. It may feel manufactured or fake. My dear Tiago, let your artistic heart guide you. Let your love for inline point you in the direction it will. I know I will be right behind you!

  16. lmao do you know the big black guy on the orange mega cruisers following you? also to answer ur question your freestyle foot work in insane and your accent in dope AF. Its clear you enjoy what you do and it makes for great and informative videos. Told all my inliner friends about you. Much love from S California

  17. I love this so much! I’ve always wanted to be able to skate in a pack, but I don’t think we have anything like that here…
    and your solo content looks great to me! 😀

    also I finally got myself some Sebas and they are awesome, took a bit to get used to them since I rockered, but I don’t think I can go back now lol.

  18. Its your sense of humour and lighthearted attitude that keeps me coming back to watch. You seem like a positive and fun person, good tips without being too technical or boring. Also as a Canadian of mostly French decent its cool to see Paris on top of a massive swarm of skaters.

  19. I love your voice! It's enthusiastic and encourages us to get into our wheels! So, to answer your question why I subscribed that's my answer 🙂 … Question, I'm decided on quads or inlines. I like both but I feel more balanced on inlines but the boots on quads are comfy. From what I see I should be on inlines if I'm gonna street skate, I think?!

  20. I clicked subscribe for all the reasons you list.

    But mostly, I'm trying to learn how to skate and you come across as very approachable. Stay humble.

    AND as much as I love hearing you talk and I know you have lots of good advice to give, sometimes less is more. <3

  21. I love all Inline skaters they inspire me so much! thank you for all your videos especially the how to backward skate one it really helped, plz make more videos!! XD

  22. Now I really want to come to Paris, I really love inline skating and I've been doing it since I was 8 , so around 5 years now and I just love skating it just gives me such freedom from everything else around me, Idk sometimes I feel like my skates are the only thing I have close to happiness

  23. Dude I clicked because you're sincere, humble, humorous, and most importantly highly informative. Keep up the good work!

  24. Man, I'm so jealous! Where I live, NO ONE skates. Literally. The only person in my town that skates only does it because I got him into it. I wish we had something like this here.

  25. Let me just say that I love your videos. I just started inline skating and your videos have helped me a lot!

  26. Wow how awesome, so many people. I would love to live there just for the blading. I go out as often as I can and sometimes all day but always alone. Blessings to you and all the bladers around the world!

  27. I've only just found out that Friday Night Skate is also a thing here in London, and there's also a more relaxed Sunday Stroll! I've gotta try it out sometime.

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