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August 14, 2019

hello everyone and welcome back to some more hypixel skywars livestream edition we have a loot chest by the way I’m gonna pour myself some G feel real quick you know I kind of woke up at like 3 o’clock then had to go grocery shopping and I’ve been watching YouTube videos for the past like hour so welcome to the stream first time you know hoppin on the OL minecraft today I have like 3 videos recorded that I just um you know I haven’t edited yet well I’ll get to them I’ll get to them real fast I can refresh my chat is actually disconnected right now see if I can get this thing to work but welcome everybody if you are here I actually can’t tell I’m making some G fuel so just bear with me a second probably should have made this before I started the stream also I have to pee forgot to do that before I started the stream it’s fine though honestly like this these are just parts of life that happened anyways what’s up I can see my chat now welcome everybody to the stream how you guys doing what up what up friends how we doin what server hypixel play micro battles that’s on mineplex could play micro battles but it’s usually hack infested so gotta be careful playing that sorry if you guys can hear me shaking this Cup you gotta shake it a little bit you know you got a mixed up the the water and the powder you get the ultimate flavor I’m watching the Grammy Awards is that today did not know that Cass TV hello Norton what up guys what up what up yo Mia coming in with $5 already that was fast Kenny watching you it saved me from doing bio homework well I feel like now I’m interrupting with your grades I don’t know if I should be happy or not be happy yeah thank you though for the 5 dollars the pipe is leaking and that it is my friends that it is alright guys what are we gonna play today I was thinking of doing sky wars obviously um but I kind of want to play something I haven’t played in a long time you guys what do you guys think it’s pretty good what’s in the prototype Lobby what are we still got going on over here I got hide-and-seek and battle royale let’s try a battle royale game I’m gonna play one of these in like forever um what are their squads so Loes can I do a private game of battle royale let’s try that here everybody slash dream I’m gonna open up a party real fast how many people can be in a battle royale game I think it’s what was it a tea or something hey let me just have fun want to figure out what it is 92 all right let’s go slash up here let’s do stream let’s create a party here custom 92 there we go okay you guys want to join type and slash party space join space TV and art Kenworth should be able to join my party if you guys want to check it out we’ll see if we can do a private game of battle royale we might even just try to do a regular game who knows who knows I’m trying to send a super chat nice good luck start stream please I mean the stream has started it started it’s here I can’t play because I don’t have an account that’s alright man don’t worry buddy you can always just watch change the title oh yeah my bad I forgot to change that guys um hi pixel games I don’t know what to put the title – playing on hypixel no that’s not a good title it’s a good title number one high pixel player dot dot and then small letters will put grind there we go now it can’t be clicked bit because we put grind at the end easy peasy lemon squeezy lucky Bligh’s oh maybe we got P at list 13 people in the party if you guys want to play everybody is welcome to join my party slash party space join space Steven are kenworth can’t wait for my G filter arrived a me it was another $2 dang it I just keep doing my homework so I can’t okay thank you for the two dollars in Pichette can you place see if thieves please I don’t have that I don’t have the game I don’t even trip title it don’t slip don’t trip I don’t play minecraft mega-haul yo Amanda don’t be messing with the mega law alright let’s see whether it what’s the party at right now we got twenty people are still join it yo Kane can my friend can you can you friend my friend milk-and-cookies I cannot friend your friend agent creeper what’s up dude party donkey do please friend make any love your vids my only friends sponsors guys /p chat i only friend youtube sponsors there we go the pipe is leaking here my hero oh my dude ah nice haircut thank you it’s actually like this is like not really put up right but thank you I appreciate it feels good I love getting haircuts and then rubbing the sides over here super nice I do you play for can I I do it on my other channel play hide and seek on murder murder mystery sorry can’t speak words I I think we got enough people in here now if you guys are still joining then you know you guys are welcome I am a sponsor are you Dino are you really sponsored type in chat on youtube if you’re sponsored I’ll get you added I got a haircut like you a cool dude did you a lot of people are still drawn to the party I might give another 5 minutes for people to join first super chat hey Kenny what’s up Rene thank you hopefully I said that right me I think it for the 2 dollars as well do I have to be online to be a friend yes you have to be online in minecraft so I can friend you what have it Cory says hello guys I love you guys she’s learning the truth the truth form a sellout she’s learning he’s plugging just plug in her string chat says hello Cory don’t come I have my face game on so you ought to put some clothes on before you kill over tea oh my god how do I turn off private messages / stream is there a settings here / party house / party help how do I do it oh my god how do I turn off private messages oh my god dude I’m a answer type in chat if you guys are sponsoring what added /p mute oh my god thank you so much all right we got enough people in here let’s play wait how do you / P private there we go in it and they enable private game you cannot be in a party while joining battle royale solo oh I’m an idiot what about doubles okay what about you have more than four players you can’t make it you can’t bring everybody into a solo game serious really oh okay whatever alright we’re going to we’re gonna play skywars in guys I didn’t know you can do that this is not the right area alright let’s play yeah you know how many people do we have in here 33 ah man rip I guess we’re doing magazine burn a burn Oh private game Oh with you private Megas okay cool yeah so if you guys won’t enjoy the parties open you might not be able to get into this game but I can uh you know you guys will be around for the next game stuff like that play prop hunt on Call of Duty please I’m literally streaming minecraft right now why would you even ask that dad you guys remember this texture pack the 3d one by a fence graphics the infinite 3d texture pack it makes like the logs and stuff 3d so cool forgot about this texture pack to the other day got it back on though alright let’s go we got two people in our party it’s me and you i Braden you better be ready to carry me okay you got a cool skin I like it I like it bud this is me Kenny I don’t think I see cuz yeah my name but this is me can you before you kill me can I have a screen II no not during the games we can do one after the stream that I’ll say the lobby for you guys to get a screenshot what do I need here I thought we have to get the mid fast buddy we made it let’s go baby I think I just got a telegram message cuz my computer was lagging oh my god let’s go where’s my teammate at all chessmen refill wait really I should sit on my island white lies I was bamboozled no no TV come with me here’s a helmet here’s a helmet here here take a helmet it’s me it’s me it’s me it’s me are you kidding me are you are you attack attack no mercy hey there you go buddy you take all that diamond wait grab the legs Oh Joe a job behind you I shot myself i bamboozled myself ninja turtle take it down there get down from there buddy what you think you’re oh oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy let’s go I’m ready I’m ready in this I’m out here the guys InterPro miss not really sure what just happened there oh my god what do I need I need a fishing rod no it’s got a fishing rod it’s ridiculous I hear you buddy Oh everybody’s right here I got golden apples take the boots take the helmet make the chest plate honey so I need some pants man that’s when we need some pants I’ll punch to bow Oh God good job good job yes sir oh he’s flied we got it we got a baby we got him we got him I’m going over we got a baby good job man watch out watch out behind us behind us choo choo choo here damage resistance let’s go how do I still not have a frickin fishing rod agent creator wait this name looks familiar what who said me oh boy oh boy this guy’s fast he’s fast I got help my teammate out though oh no gap up if you need to know what are you doing pal this dude I need a fishing rod I can’t this guy he’s like some kind of Magic Man yes skeleton yet I did never hide so bad I need a fishing rod so bad we’re wedding forget scales and stop stop leave me alone you know what get out of here go over there yes teammate get him oh he’s right there no I got this no get him come on this skeleton is still shooting me no I can get it I can do this oh my god good job buddy okay give me this fishing rod please oh thank you thank the Lord can you do a bean boozled challenge I actually uh last time I ate one of those it was like the skunk flavor and I almost threw up can we kill us honestly my goal I was gonna say my goal life is to kill his skeleton I only got one InterPro left I gotta be careful what happen if I get freakin skeleton was still alive good job buddy how did I get the best teammate ever wait you need dinosaur here well as a sharpness to actually oh this is sharpness ooh here take this take this start to bud take that take that take that you know this poison helmet yeah we got so much stuff actually all right if we win this game three people left I see when he’s over here fool and bingham on day let’s go baby we got this I got one InterPro in a dream can he play my map Laz what what’s your map what Joe map is oh we got a dude the tube you wanted weight-wise he’s not losing health okay there goes that was like really weird I got a good sword dude I don’t know what he had but it was good okay or he didn’t have a good sword wait maybe this is it heck that guy was shredding me Yugi it’s a 3d texture pack yeah yo cuz someone make this texture pack have smaller swords these swords are huge like I’m carrying like poop bro bro nope oh my god I thought he’s going in there good job man disconnected and removed from your party hey I like that does it have the auto removal thing now or whatever it just doubles up in here all right we got Dino Dan oh and it’s Noah plays where you guys at where you guys it looks like there’s a chest unopened over here dude oh wait through the chest refill ooh I see the vomit bean boozled is actually so bad yeah dude like I said I had like the skunk one one time and it literally was so bad projectile protection pants when did they add pants have you always been able to get pants from Megan’s just looking for some more inner pearls here maybe a player tracker compass hey there we go all right here we go Oh where’d it go I’m Becky all right follow me man I know where they’re at over this way Oh is he underneath oh no not like this who is this guy did he jump down Oh a jump to the other tree where’d he go I see me swimming I didn’t kill him where’d you go dad oh come here boots on I probably should be shooting with a punt bow or literally trying to catch him right now what server hypixel always going did he get him nice good job all right one guy left where’s yet he’s over this way good job man I have zero kills really what the heck and then I killed anybody this game yeah I think my teammates been getting every kill what a god an actual legend one guy left he’s over here somewhere he’s got to be on this islet oh my god I see yeah drive-by Oh oh I’m going for it huh no way dude oh wait no I had seven kills I had seven kills why it’s not that’s weird it’s not like keeping track of it uh uh ha man same wants to play fortnight um oh my god at the moment sridhar minecraft at the moment dude no fortnight for me right now let me get my day there were you guys have you guys want to join the party real fast to play the next game /join space party space deep in our to mars i think sound like that rare i didn’t give anything dude 4000 tnt coins good skills can esto think you do preciate is because it’s private oh that’s right I remember Justin saying something about that alright / P list how many people we have now oh that jumped up okay we’re at 50 now you guys want to join open party you guys are welcome I carried you man eh it was it good carry do we well we won with only two of us why I’m waiting for the party to join I am gonna open up these chests here how do I do this again open loot chests alright here we go I’m gonna get trouble for staying up late watching for it I had a kiss for tonight later though maybe I don’t know I’ll see how I’m feeling 5,000 cosmetic tokens okay I’m not too much good stuff there but that’s fine um can i buy anything victory dances show the world who’s a boss by driving that with a rider can shoot with their skulls dab them on them haters so anything for like 50,000 spawned Dolly the sheep when you hit Dolly she clones herself write your name in the sky special fireworks cal nato yo it’s a cow and they don’t want any good I kind of want to try it get a good look over your rampage by jumping around them to have ride a horse like is 1876 I kind of want to get the cow NATO on well projectile trout me isn’t the potion 101 mod to use um I don’t know what mods I have right now let me check one on I’ll check for you guys I’m just waiting for people to have a chance to join the party night shift it’s like night shift I’d hurt my eyeballs alright roaming minecraft mods’ so I use right now I have on auto tip toggle chat block overlay crosshair mod glint colorizer pwned sheet breaker hood sidebar mod Auto GG Auto tip oh I already said that one mouse delay fix old animations mod off defined in vanilla enhancements a lot of mazi I felt like you could honestly probably just use like a 1.7 animations and opt you find to be fine but a lot of stuff I don’t think half my mods are working like the block highlight one it doesn’t seem to even work I don’t know maybe let’s see did you dab on the painters I want to see what that cow is that is this for fractions my floor yeah I deleted some of the Mazda just download his mod folder delete some of the mods and then release my own mod folder but it’s really just his – a couple I can make a youtube video like that yeah Cory streaming on twitch right now Cory Joe if you guys want to go check out dead by daylight I didn’t seek please later maybe maybe I highly doubt so how do you set up encoder for YouTube the same as I use for twitch I just put the bit rate up a little bit actually speaking of that I don’t have my bitrate turned up for my minecraft scene right now usually I use 9k bitrate formica alright let’s go ahead and play one more guys looks like we got a lot of people in here I’m guessing plist oh wow oh okay we got eighty who we literally almost have a full server which is pretty insane but I’m no private game can I make custom like rules this go mode will be activated what other kind of modes are there are there any other cool things I can use besides the disco mode since I’ve you to bring what does bitrate do it’s just um it’s just a better quality like the higher bitrate the better quality it’s like watching 360p versus watching like 720p 720p equals more bitrate so if you have like bad internet like usually oh I got someone with some dragon wings this man knows his stuff dude this is a winner right here this is a winner are ZTE I don’t know if that’s us to say anything what’s up dude about to get this win Kenny you’re going down alright alright alright alright listen okay relax hey disco mode like I said don’t really know too much about it but it’s a thing I’m guessing are you letting all the chests there we go there we go are you guys following Corey right out here saying thank you for the follow did I just get abandoned it’s kind of hard to see the enchantment glint on here I thought I could colorize it or something we’re waiting for the refill dude well this guy has nothing what the heck just chess play center and everything alright I guess I’ll take some of that take some of this then rush mid this time might be a mistake we’ll find out I suppose I don’t really need any of this Oh a speed pot there we go dun dun alright it’s got a helmet okay um teammate everybody oh you have full diamond what the heck I looted the wrong chest alright speed you ready here we go i rebuilding a mid let’s go buddy oh oh got whoa what the heck what is that no my teammate please you guys bullied my teammate the heck did he do to you guys I should have kept some of that food when I get bullied I bully back baby i bully back what up sucker bro you have no chest plate I’m no arrows anymore arrows I’m going across I’m out of here boys let me get over there to you ah oh God why I told him II didn’t have a chest plate Oh boys this happened at all boys this happening oh boy is this happening no I lost my speed got iam let’s go baby I’m feeling it dad I know what do you do it oh oh my just had a minor heart attack guys no big deal I got iron pants I’m so sorry don’t do this to me come on we could be friends we can talk about this I feel like I’m doing I’m not doing anything with shitty wallet dude no can we don’t kill him please let’s be friends let’s be friends soon oh oh did he make it out alive oh my god oh let’s go oh oh my god oh my god I’m insane I’m insane come on I’ve got no gear from this so which is bad dude yo shakey thank you for the freaking sponsor dude let’s go man thank you thank you welcome dude oh my god I’m an animal guys a freaking animal and before I die now an animal that was once a man [Music] no where’d you go oh you got go Napoli that’s a rip where is it I’ll be hit I need this kill please I like this guy’s balance we can talk about this we can talk about this please oh I’m insane no don’t leave me go home – I’m so dead oh so dead oh so dead Yolo gotta go get a go no please please not like this guys like this please please always so fast bro he’s so fast oh no he’s kinda broke no the skeleton sniper I was going on with the GG oh man uh-huh we almost had another one dude we almost had another one GG dude I could not get away from those guys bro there’s so many of them why couldn’t I couldn’t I find this guy he has no pants let’s get him in the kill I needed is that way is it just go mode again or did I just do that I think I just did that this is so that same game boys Cory what happened what’d you do yo are you guys following car ride on Twitter or on Twitter slit over there dude she’s having the time of her life yeah if you guys haven’t you go follow Cory on twitch right now Cory Joe she’s streaming right now everybody go follow her dude it every time you follow her it like pops up a chat like that or an alert that’s super loud inner stream what hear me Wyatt I’m talking to my stream Cory please stop it stop abusing me dude come on who’s gonna win this game alright I got my money on hold on hon who’s this guy this guy doesn’t have a diamond helmet yet I don’t know if I can put my money on him Oh none of these guys really have too much gear what let me out there let me out are these guys both named prior fried bacon I got my money my money’s on fried bacon oh never mind I just saw miss a two-foot MLG type /p disband a special youtuber command hole yeah good one dude I’m just kidding I ain’t doing that sure he’d take it for there actually sorry Hades taking for the dollars Shaheed thank you am I saying that right is it shade I’m not sure maybe it’s shade thank you for the two guys friend me IG and I sponsored thanks eh I got you dude f ed what is it 3 DX requests all right you got five minutes to accept it buddy there you go a doodie man thanks for the sponsor I appreciate a min thank you so much come on guys there’s only two guys left fried baked us alive oh GG well played well played I’m gonna go slash hub here slash plist kick off line every go oh we got 80 people if you guys want to join real fast you guys have a couple seconds to join up I have Cory’s twitch on her head huh she was having the time of her life over there oh my chat bro coat on guys I gotta refresh my chat keeps going offline for some reason I don’t really know why dad worse join T where’s party in a stream for the first time for myself and he one test me send me flying across the map and big sorry dude sorry bro it’s usually me going flying alright my chats bad guys guys I only friend sponsors please don’t put in chat asking me to friend you guys because it’s not gonna happen I’ll sub to you on twitch someday soon alright do not appreciate ya I mean you don’t have to but much appreciated /p list alright how many people we got now we lost people okay I think we’re good then alright let’s go – is there anything else we can play is there any other game mode with this many people I don’t think we can when people join to the party alright guys I’m gonna give you guys one more minute to join it then we’re going in my chat keys reach or disconnecting by itself it reconnected though how do i sponsor um there should just be a sponsor button or one of the mods can like probably walk you guys through it Cassie can you walk the person threw out a sponsor battle royale you can’t play what battle royale what the heck let’s do slash P warp dude bring anybody here party’s too large aw what if I go to like an empty server too large all right / plist we got new people in here Oh 80 – okay we’re jumped up alright there we go it’s been about a minute let’s play some Megas Maps like this is a bouquet weight real fast / P mute / P chat is there any special youtuber command I can put like you said anything like disco mode I can put in like double health or something like that I don’t like any of anything cool I can do everybody saying no all right / P mute let’s not make that mistake you HC if people want to play you achieve me and Justin we’re gonna do that for a video I think so I’m not gonna do that right now ooh frog stir you got in just in time buddy 89 people yo let’s go we almost got a full game this is insane yours are crazy play build battle do you like twitch subs or u2 sponsors more or does it matter um I think you or I think it depends it really depict yes I need the police here now there’s a psycho lady streaming in the other room yeah I can wait just sent someone over okay thank you don’t worry cos I’m taking care of I think my chat died by the way again um but yeah alright anyways I’m just kidding just playing dead by daylight pretty scary game and when you guys follow her like it pops up like this really loud alert sound and scares the crap out of here pretty funny alright there we go put that there for my team I go somebody oh my god bro you need some gear man you need some gear pal hey take this take this I’m here there you go all yours ah I hear you over there this is Bo do any damage there we go oh shoot I thought my building blocks right there I can’t build no savage boat in gates jungwirth out here looking like a savage yo bro here take these pants take those pants the tangos booty pop up in a boom boom I’m dead remember me teammate oh man I almost made it guys I was made it oh my god the game is making me lag so bad I’m sorry to hear that all right guys everybody place your bets in the chat right now who do you thinks gonna win I got my money on ha we actually there’s a guy you Q underscore maybe I should put my money on this guy he’s literally just like 40 hearted that guy all right we spectating this guy this guy got my money on right here don’t let me down bud all right I got my money on you always gotta wait oh this is a guy these are the guys I was respecting I think I got money on this Gary here I got my money on Cory died bro she’s have like some kind of attack over there or something where is the sponsor button located it should just be right there and like the open you might have to go to youtube gaming I don’t know are you guys on mobile or or what I’m not sure anyway what I was saying about the sponsors is um if you’re from like different countries the money varies on YouTube and you need to close your door I got this you guys ready yeah I know a lot of you guys are following you right now cuz I just hear going thank you for the follow thank you for putting the other room my name was frog stir you said my name eh yeah you got in just in time dude oh wait where my buddy go did he die we know he’s still alive why don’t I see him in the spectator thing all right we gotta go fly around and find him is that him no that’s Fox dude where’s my buddy yet oh they sure got a three-man team this is him hey there we go alright this is this is my guy this is my champion like you know how you can select a champion to win back in the day this is my champion win the game boy-eeee you got this or girl not really sure I’m guessing boy from the skin can you watch your resource pack this is the infinite 3d edit 41.8 by fence graphics or fin graphics I think it’s fins graphics like fin apostrophe s graphic is it how much is its a sponsor it’s $4.99 to sponsor what I was saying is like if you’re from like say you’re from America right I get like three dollars of that $4.99 I think right but if you’re from like New Zealand or something I’ll probably get like a dollar of that $4.99 like it the different currencies differ for how much you get so when I when someone’s asking is a better to twitch sub or sponsor um it really depends if you’re from America or whatever you know or US dollar whatever I think it’s more on YouTube like I get more from YouTube versus twitch but if you’re from like New Zealand or something then I get more on twitch than I do YouTube if that makes any sense yeah I think it should I think I just get more on twitch versus YouTube but I do like having a lot of sponsors on YouTube that way I can go into like sponsor chat and stuff like that like every now and then like if we had a bunch of sponsors I would probably only do sponsor chat but we don’t really have enough to I guess have a lot of chatters I feel you know what I mean like to keep the chat going I feel like it’s better just to have it like this oh yo you got to be careful come on you’re my champion oh no oh no oh my god get out of there oh oh you guys so like you do GG starting button on the computer is near the top right okay there you go you’re on the computer top right there should be like a big green button that says sponsor on it brother thank you oh my god my champions losing thoroughbred think you’ve heard the twitch sub appreciate it welcome welcome to you we’re almost set 250 subs over there I can hear you playing with sponsors no not right now right now we’re open party this game is taking forever though listen if you guys are in these parties or whatever please try to go to mid and fight instead of like sitting on your island that way we can we can play more games you know what I mean like just try to go to MIT and fight if you die it’s fine because we’re gonna play again soon but yeah I just try not to camp your Island because it just makes the games really long and boring for like everybody who’s just waiting you know what I mean so at least go to MIT and fight if you die you die you know it’s whatever it’s just a game use the pole come out I don’t fall command for what for what what am I going I mean I can slash party pole party pull are you smarter than me no yes alright I since what flashing here question there you go are you smarter than me no oh I click yes I started dude Kenny I subbed with the Bell hey I appreciate it you know if you guys do have our notifications that helps out a lot so make sure you guys hit that Bell okay helps out a whole lot boys helps out a whole lot oh my god we got another twist out let’s go here here comes the train dude sings star thank you for these twists up I appreciate it if you guys have twitch prime by the way or Amazon Prime you can hook it to your twitch account and you guys can get a free sub so you don’t have to pay you get a free sub with your prime account so if you guys have Amazon Prime hook it up get twitch Prime and then you can sub to me with twitch prime for free doesn’t even cost you anything amazon pays for it pretty much it’s part of having their prime dude i subscribed and turn out a I appreciate it guys thank you so much all right you guys got how do I have slash out two minutes and I go to new game that didn’t work okay what was a poll by the way what are the results oh come on really everybody thinks you’re smarter than me how much do you get from a twitch prime the same amount as a regular sub so 250 if I hit 500 subs on Twitch I can sign a new contract with which twitch cuz right now most people get 50-50 split with twitch for subs so like a sub is $5 hey hold on we got another one ten dollar bill thank you for the thank you for the twitch sub ah thank you guys but yeah right now most people that are you know not like big huge twitch streamers get 50-50 split so I get 250 out of the five dollars but if you get over 500 subs for I think three months or whatever it is the oh I see gee I don’t know who when I wasn’t watching the last fight I’m sorry guys who won oh just got one I actually had a feeling he was gonna win anyway you destroying people did you do all right new game 92 people but yeah if you get more than 500 subs you get a 70/30 split so I’d get like I don’t know what 70% of $5 is like what 350 or maybe or something like that so yeah it’s a huge boost what is your name on twitch name it’s in the description below it’s just keeping our kenworth data dududududududu oh my gosh can you kick offline / me kick offline predator is thinking for the twitch stuff as well thank you guys the one thing with twitch prime though guys if you are something at which prime if you want to stay sub to me after 30 days you have to go back and manually resub okay it doesn’t MIT it doesn’t reset for you have to go manually use it if you use twitch prime thank you guys so for something over there twitch sub song it’s a man’s not hot remix I’m not sure exactly what the remixes affable tuna is that what it is thank you alright what’s up what’s up oh my god it’s this guy gonna make it do these games she’s getting shot it I believe in us oh my god yes you loot that chest that’s all yours good building over dude teamate don’t die like this in the arms of the angels Oh [Music] Jessamyn refill hello you’re not what I wanted I need some armor need some armor need some armor need some armor not what I want not what I want need some armor no that chest didn’t get refilled alized I just literally splash damage resistance on them I don’t have any arrows oh my god what’s happening right now oh please don’t fight me like this I’m a young boy I’m so dead I’m so dead I’m so dead I’m so dead unless nope I’m dead yes yes everything’s no no stop this stop stop stop the harassment please no let me go please it’s so hard everybody knows who I am I got like six people fighting me dude how did those chests I have one piece of gear so mad do all I needed is one piece of gear man crystal thank you for the spot sir welcome welcome Samuel thank you for the five dollars Caleb thank you for the five dollars you’re one of my favorite youtubers and Samuel said love the streams bro I watch all of your content both channels this is also a thoroughbred oh well thank you so much man I appreciate the twitch sub and this reach it thank you bro appreciate it there’s better at PvP you are Preston guy does it matter I don’t know dude I don’t know the answer does it matter with the fourth egg did I did I miss it I feel like I missed something I sobbed welcome welcome thank you for subbing can you see my p.m. yeah I saw it I saw it yeah I saw it what’s your nickname it is what is my nickname is it Kenny no that’s my party guy ha hi what is my I don’t know what my nickname is actually someone’s name is cake earthen here what a beautiful name hey my teammates going ham where was this guy when I needed him dude he’s full diamond gosh darn it man I forgot how to sub on twitch um it’s just like right above the stream thing I killed you kitty thanks dude I mean I was only getting attacked by seven people thanks for having my back bro just kidding GG man GG your nickname is the good gold oh yeah my nickname is the good gold thank you thank you [Music] what is better mega or range what do you think neither I think it’s not neither wrong oh wait party chest disabled how do I get out of party chat /p chet flash chat all oh hi um okay teri that to impress in a Wall Street again I wasn’t even streaming back then I just joined their channel you know I noticed their stream wasn’t doing too well you know like the entertainment value was going down so I figured I’d join and help bring some of that entertainment factor back up you know I’m all about helping my my fellow friends and their YouTube channels you know sometimes she’s gonna help people with some entertainment I see you shivering in the corner what the heck what do you even mean by that YouTube gaming have to sponsor it’s a green button the dollar sign in a circle oh okay I’m actually gonna open up my stream on mobile cuz I’ve actually ever done this do you guys guys put in the chat put a 1 if you guys used a regular YouTube app and put a 2 if you guys use the YouTube gaming app let me see let me see how do I go to my channel my channel okay here we go does it show my life she went here oh this is the wrong channel hold on let me go to my subscriptions then okay yeah it says I’m live since I got 485 viewers open this up I don’t can you do it on YouTube mobile I think you have to be on the YouTube gaming app everybody’s on just the regular app number one let me open up live chat maybe it’s here send a super chat I don’t think you can sponsor on the regular app maybe that’s why some so many people are confused I see the super chat button you open up the live chat in the super chat buttons right at the bottom right I don’t see the sponsor button no you can’t let me open up the YouTube gaming app now and see that’s weird they should have a sponsor button to the regular YouTube app I think that making a YouTube gaming separate app was such a bad idea they would have have so many more viewers in the youtube gaming website if they just come just made it all one thing you know what I mean like why would wonder stand why they did this I think they were trying to make like their own twitch but it would have just been better if they didn’t do it this way okay so if we go to minecraft live right here we go to live okay I’m actually number two right now Oh what up Tyler’s I see you down there number three how you doing Tyler’s how’s the weather down there I’m just kidding I love Tyler’s I see you down there just kidding okay oh yeah okay YouTube gaming f is super easy so you just open it up and then it’s like yeah it’s just like a white well for me it’s a white dollar sign right next to my channel name you just click it pops up do you want to sponsor $4.99 a month click sponsor and then brings up another menu I’m guessing not sure yeah you can’t do you can’t sponsor on the regular YouTube app you have to use YouTube gaming or browser that’s weird when I click the sponsor button it doesn’t load anything for me mmm that’s way any is my only source of entertainment besides hockey hey it’s not available in my country on the gaming app oh yeah um I don’t know hopefully they make it more available to people III can’t even sponsor maybe it’s cuz I’m it’s my own channel or something but sorry like when I clicked a sponsor but oh wait okay you can also go to my actual channel page and sponsor there I think – you don’t have to do it on the video oh wait can you do that on that regular youtube app okay dude you guys got me on a witch hunt how is this game still going on can you guys kill people dark color go go kill everyone alright go back to the YouTube app alright so you too bad what if I go to my actual channel instead is there a sponsor button there hmm no I don’t see a sponsor button there either weird super weird alright cool oh now we know you can only sponsor on the YouTube gaming app and it doesn’t work for me because my phone’s broke there’s a YouTube gaming if I didn’t know yeah apparently the only way you can sponsor all you have to do on your desktop or hold on a minute Cassie I need you Cassie I need you do it is there an exclamation point subscribe command in here we don’t have a exclamation point subscribe command with nightbot oh my god I was gonna say there might be a link that you can click and maybe sub no matter what platform you’re on I don’t know dude it’s weird can you can you sponsor me you can sponsor on the youtube app how did you give those kids some few bucks no I haven’t talked to him since last night they got off from my understanding I had the button on the top left on the regular FA GG guys who won let’s get a team of three actually one dark color one look at that alright / I guess we don’t really need to kick anyone right now 84 people in the party join the party during the party let me go / up real fast / party kick offline no play offline players okay if you guys won’t join the party real fast before the next game hop in real fast wait so some people can see it I can’t sponsor on the YouTube app that’s so weird man honestly I just recommend you guys doing it from your computer I feel like just the best way all right he said top left let me see up here how do you have it on the top left not regular YouTube app I don’t see in the top left oh you can pull the chat up oh that’s pretty cool that’s equality information oh that’s the card for the t-shirt store I’m add to a new list yeah I don’t see you man I don’t know how your you must be on the YouTube gaming app like I don’t maybe it’s just maybe maybe it’s iPhone or something yeah I have Android personally so I don’t know okay plist are we good then we have a lot of people in here 92 alright let’s go to make as we go look at all these people sitting in Vegas dude like 78 people sitting and they’re just waiting to play and we’re just hopping and playing games left and right alright guys I’m going Gold team my nickname is gold something Kenny I killed you can I get a friend on hypixel please that’s not how it works bro I only add sponsors that’s the only way to make it fair change the texture pack please alright we can change it this is one I was using infinite 16 times um which one should we use though keeping our kenworth before I think this one’s actually broken with 1.8 I don’t know maybe I was broken over 1.11 I did it Kenny I did it what you do did I miss it exclamation point monster oh nice although I don’t think that links gonna work I think it has to be a shorter link I’m not sure that had a dead end and put that sharpness back in their phone to you guys oh god you guys remember this texture pack good times boys good time hahaha oh my God we’re all leathers oh boy ah stop bowing me why is my fov so high right now Oh me shot from everyone people on that island shooting us – OH almost died boys almost died oh so scary I’m sorry team we’re getting targeted right now guys there’s not much I can do about it getting ping-pong down here oh hey fellow probably fight over there were dead for sure this is so annoying ah so mad isn’t part of the part of this solution I suppose maybe I’m part of the problem the bow spam just look at this guy monster Archer your boy out here go submit adjusted sir okay dude you know what I’ve had enough of this boys you guys ready for this what’s up baby I don’t want to be down here I don’t wanna be down here I don’t wanna be down here excuse me guys scuse me I’m sorry guys you know what I’m sorry I can’t no we’re going to a new game I’m not waiting okay I knew it man I can’t do it dark color thank you for the yes switch so man what that there is a glitch bro freakin glades there’s nothing I can do I can’t go to MIT I was thinking Bo’s fand off I can’t go to the island oh hey ed dude can you stop glitch dude was it me the pipe was leaking egg wash probe dude you’re always in here I love you dude I love you I think honestly I just have to try to build straight to mid that’s the only way or else I’m just gonna get island camp music scout KITT has speed for it well I don’t know if I died again early I’m just gonna leave the party and play solos I don’t want to make you guys watch another hour long make a skywars game I have no teammates oh my god comes a point in every man’s life or he’s got to ask himself this question what am I doing here oh god guys I have no teammates please stop the bullying I haven’t okay jeez you guys I’m outta here but I literally have no teammate that I have a full team rush me okay well place Ellis let’s screw that oh my god are you kidding me guys how do I get no teammates what’s the mods folder just refractions mod folder somebody by the way said I watch that guy but I actually I never really did not that you know not that I don’t want to I just haven’t watched them I just want to point it out oh my god I’m going how high can I go oh I’m swimming all the way up no one can stop me I’m all the way up I’m gonna die I’m all the way up please don’t shoot me guys please don’t snipe me holy moly I’m alive not for a longer there’s a guy here you’re welcome oh my god we had a toy shop crystal thank you for the sub there you go hello my cheating reported I’ll cover for you buddy boy all right I have no no issue with this block the water I actually killed him oh this guy’s drowning is he drowning or what’s going on here Oh guys good luck brother he drowned he actually drowned himself that’s the first time I’ve seen someone drowned themselves and scowers no joke thank is he doing how’s it good bill not even I’m not even gonna lie I was a good bill you know what here I’m gonna let you come over here alright even though I hate fighting in this middle area cuz it’s literally the worst I’m not gonna I’m not gonna I’m gonna kind of snowball this guy off here’s on my pal like I some stuff down here ooh yeah prop for helmet in there if I do say so myself and I fell in this whole area real fast before this guy gets over here as much as I enjoy Peter pickle is he alive oh he’s alive this last guy no let’s talk about this Peter pickle rose right me think you suck bro Yugi toxicity dude toxicity unbelievable I sucked and hit the Bell eh II think you meant make shit what do you guys sing in this texture pack this is one of my old ones men it’s an old texture pack are you kidding me no I’m not playing this map again they really need to recall skywars maps bring some real really old ones back or like get rid of these bad ones man something we need something new just gotta ignite the light and let it shine baby can if you love me I do Caitlin thank you for the twitch dub you should get lucky block skywars ago if you dare I’ll do it yeah I’ll do that for this game you think I’m scared of like a bar towers dude I played at my own cascais wars I went my first game ever playing it well that day I lost my first like 500 games playing it when it first came out I was a great video honestly 10 out of 10 would play again I really liked the armor in this texture pack I just want to get up today oh my god slabs everywhere not in my house buddy boy I’ll watch this boys watch this easy I’m so good at this game it actually hurts sometimes it’s a guy mid find out I’m like an eagle no good how is he hitting me what he’s going backwards that’s like impossible whatever dude oh wait yeah lucky blocks towers I got this I should maybe I shouldn’t have flown down our flume flown will flipped maybe I shouldn’t went down and in like that maybe you guys don’t I mean what the sweet Jesus that noise met Kenny were you serious about the SP for sponsors I can be if you if that’s something you guys like to see rally together and let me know I mean I don’t want to I don’t want to put all the time and effort into making the server whatever Oh what’s that man I should on Nick when I play these actually I don’t want to put forth the effort if we’re only gonna have like two people on the server you know what I mean like it’s just not worth my time let’s go baby boys this stuff okay spawned and allied oh nice let’s go huh Jimmy got a speed I love how it gives you a huh oh my god oh how it gives you I hate this whatever this thing is I hate it I thought gives you a bow with no arrows I got another bow oh I got arrows this time though there dance it over there or something do you know the way I was saying my teammate oh my god Mike he may go yeah I’ll be there everyday time I mean like yeah we can make it happen guy says let me know hit me up on Twitter I need at least 10 people 10 sponsors that want it before I’m gonna do it I’m insane I’m never gonna die in this game I’d actually don’t have any gear just realize that I’ll take the iron helmet knock-back stick oh nice teleport Thanks oh my god you spawn so much stuff in there dude what are all these particles like health or something bro I can’t see anything I see pants oh no gotta go gotta go where am I hello I got one okay that was awkward I know what to do get the Force use the Force I’m down I’m down alright alright see people I see people yeah let me off on Twitter guys if you want to like if you’re a sponsor and you want to SMP server because I have a server like I have one that you know I’ve had for like two years that was sponsored server and I still have it I think I still have a coupon for those that server company – um yeah if you let me know guys what are the blue ones again oh yeah weapon okay good stuff kissa engine mode nice take those thank you oh I got the jackhammer you’ll watch this dude I’m gonna get banned just kidding [Applause] I’m going to bed bud so what’s up with the pigs I always get the pigs punch – power – all right this is what I need get back on your Island buddy are you doing over there so close to dying oh my oh my word oh my word I really wish you got a little bit more gear in this server well they’re just snipe I just killed someone I was even looking at ok I’m insane turns out guys I’m actually the best player in the game oh no hit him hit him hit him he’s gone baby he had a knock back 10 slime this guy’s got frickin full gear you kidding me how’s this happened okay get out of here buddy oh he’s gonna bow to what I’m mad about arrows okay we have to go home I have to go I have to go and right now we’re good I’m dead what is this I’m nausea oh my god let me up am i dead [Music] are you kidding me are you kidding me let me out here oh my god there’s a horse I see some arrows oh you got to be kidding me no horse no eyelid is gone gosh dang it dude no new sponsor me thank you for the two dollars of my new sponsors you super Chet have you gonna sleep now good night Kenny industry hey good night yo thank you guys so much for tuning in we’ve held like almost 500 years this whole stream insane I appreciate you guys with the wrong pipe dude ah wrong pipe guys we tried to take it take it drink it like talk and breathe this ain’t it’s no wow I had water go down my freakin air pipe brother down yeah I wish my videos that as good as my streams my video views vs. like my stream views the ratio just doesn’t add up man my streams are always so much more lit than my videos I’m just gonna become a streamer dude how might be the next Jerome ASF I’m gonna stream every single video even if it’s like the worst video I’m just gonna stream it oh sorry didn’t mean to that my apologies Mysore disappeared now st. Jerome’s videos are bad okay don’t get that idea I’m just saying in general like okay no I feel like a jerk that’s not what I meant I loved Rome okay drones like one of the nicest people I’ve actually ever met in the Minecraft unity okay hopefully I got that across drums cool drums good guy okay I didn’t mean by that I feel like everything I just said came around the wrong way okay you know what dude I’m over it right now picking this pic of this project no bro I was just saying these streams everything comes here comes here my smart bro hello this fight boy it’s like I get a bow you’re dead what I’m dead baby give me that stuff let’s go give me that loop oh man you die from that oh my gosh dude Nicole Lynn wait a minute there’s – Nicole wins that I know now thank you for the sponsor Molly thank you for the sponsor welcome guys thank you thank you put live sub-account description usually what I put okay listen all right this is like this is the saddest thing and I really don’t wanna admit it but every time I put the sub count on the screen it goes down okay so I people just unsub that’s how I see it all right I can’t have this happening bro I can’t have this happening heck yeah a teammate good stuff bro what’s up boys dead I let it made them invisible okay I don’t know how to shoot that guy I’m going to mid you know what no I’m not going mid I’m gonna get some teleport pearl things and I’m gonna go read I got speed while holding this let’s go who’s ready to die I’ve gear yeah well we’re good we’re good what’s up boys oh my god those doesn’t a visible guy here see you later Bob sucker whoa oh no double snipe I didn’t get one kill all right let me get something out of here come on man I don’t know where my teammate went by the way he’s just gone I’m going over to him oh my god why you so been a mighty so bad I might eat you so bad oh I’m lagging so bad are you kidding no they see me what’s happening Oh God every time I hit him TNT spawning mom they’re falling 10 I’m somehow alive I find it’s a question do you think anyway yes so that’s why we can’t put on the sub count thing because everybody unsub’s when I put that on do not leave this with an unsupervised magician heels for two on hit yeah I’ll take that too alright put down some armor here I got another extra stick don’t eat that okay apocalypse alright we’re good alright everything’s good we got an apocalypse on us how do I get to mid without dying what if a ball just want to smash me in a mid-air and I just die how to been the worst ok this bridge is gone ok ok you think you’re cool think I killed someone I’m not really sure what happened I’m still on fire drops TNT with it oh that’s what that guy had okay alright gotcha no don’t do OOP ants and a melon launcher alright prosody why is everything a leather can I eat something alright here we go you laugh a little bit hey yo sponsors tweaked in you when you sit yeah yeah if you guys want it let me know holler at me there’s a guy down below me somewhere I just melon watch oh I didn’t realize that was gonna help kick [Music] there guy in here now how many times are gonna get apocalypse this game that’s right heard a guy eating an apple down here I’m on fire cool why didn’t I think there’s no chess here oh thank you there’s no chest anymore man oh here we go punch bowl could save us here this guy go oh there’s a guy here you’re gone see you buddy that’s last guy yo my teammates still alive somewhere is my teammate at GG guys let’s go I told you guys we can win easy peasy can I join please I’m just playing a private game I’m not private games but solo games well not really so I’m I’m playing by myself can you really get a PvP thank you do honestly I practice every single day sometimes hey lucky barks well it’s pretty cool but I need to get something cool man I just keep getting like a stick and leather armor that’s like the definition of what I’m getting bad Wars yo all right listen guys I gotta ask you I gotta ask you a question right now okay get ready okay okay so I’ve been doing a lot of these streams right and I need to know do I upload them or private them afterwards I need to know obviously there’s some streams you know that are just like not very like sometimes the games go pretty bad and whatever obviously I’m not gonna upload those but like if it’s like a cool stream but everybody’s having a good time you know what I mean and everything’s good do you guys think I should upload that or no like I would say this has been a pretty cool stream so far so like should I upload it or should I just make it unlisted these are the questions strength one while wearing prot three I’ll put on that one all right buddy tell me you can jump far why am i in fire why am I in fuck I was literally walking on fire the whole time not on fire I get in my horse and suddenly I’m on fire okay nuclear launch detected in the lobby let’s go upload please upload highlights like what Justin does I could do the highlight thing but I don’t really write down any highlight moments you know what I mean like if I were if I started doing that I have to start writing stuff down and stuff like funny stuff in the stream I guess I mean I could do that I don’t know upload and the fails are funny so upload those just upload the whole thing you’ll continue to get views I know I just want to make sure I’m posting like good stuff you know what I mean like I don’t know I just oh is this the same teammate is this guy my party or something I swear this is my teammate last game I’m just gonna open up everything down here every single every single thing I get okay to me are you trying to kill us buddy let me get all my gear on first so I don’t die instantly hopefully okay a boom we’ve got a sword there we go what sword saturation max region ooh nice golden carats pretty cool put that on take off those open up the armor real fast slip them into a couple of games I can’t really do that these are poison trail behind you that’s pretty cool speed for all game what that is sick actually let’s go boys we’re going to mid oh my god my team I already went okay let’s go oh my bed I can’t see anything cuz a lucky rule stole my screen I’m here oh my god the map is gone why did you do a meteorite oh my good lord well it’s so I’m so fast oh shoot there he goes oh he’s got the shovel oh you’re dead GG well played my friend oh baby oh oh shoot oh I think that direct impacted him everybody so fast ah I don’t have anything saturation oh that was an instant one this is a slime splitter here am I gonna mess with that water balloon so we’re fish spawn egg roll middle is dead middle is dead I repeat middle is dead and my teammate just felt about nope he’s down there it’s so I’m so fast knock back 10 slime know where my shell will go no zombie no bad zombie yes give me that slime ball where am I mom al al al al al al al I’m stuck I’m stuck I’m dead where am i yet I’m gonna I’m stuck at everything speed for was a terrible idea I regret everything oh my god I’m down here now okay we’re good oh my god this guy’s coming yeah come come come buddy I have a little surprise for you surprise my teammate killed me guys that was my teammates a nuclear reaction like when you nuke your teammate haha this guy just new to me bro my teammate is new to me this guy Wars videos are the best you know that would be a funny moment thing right there it’s your armor that puts you on fire sometimes no that’s a helmet dude um y’all Samuel I I work oh I work so it would be cool to see the streams like this okay I got you I got you thinking for the two dollars can you my man AE I need a UH Nick or might be to unknit Knicks game bad I don’t remember no no I got helmet all right protection three the music one touch don’t touch that sword don’t touch that sword oh come on get through there oh so close come on snowballs no he lives the boy who live come to die alright teammate good luck dude one of you some of these this guy is getting hit by a rod oh my god I actually made it to MIT on a horse I’m stuck dog I can’t get through oh man can I climb up the ladder with this horse help me teammate move block so I can get through man please play someone here what’s happening my horse oh no no no not like this bill kitty bill I’m out of here I’m out of here see you later haha mistakes were made sucker no killing me today boys knock back it’s a beautiful thing a person took no knock back yes one down boys let’s go oh man I feel like I missed something oh hello this guy just died Oh whose teammate pulled him out of the game wait does that mean head gear yes I’m stacked just what I needed are you get my blocks back a fish with knocked back three I’m down all right come on can I get to mid somehow without dying here what oh my god I’m insane if I win this game dude it’s for my teammate honestly I would we got here right but like pack three I’m insane that’s for you come PES player in the game Oh a tree Oh Oh fix like OTT okay there’s a hole down there look at this bridge somebody got super lucky with a lucky block well then what that oh you want some of this you want some of this but are you doing what do you want anyone what do you want what do you want it’s scaring me I don’t think I once I got idea that oh you didn’t see me come on creeper spawn oh he’s floating magical floating is illegal in this country sir I got a lucky die or well kind of lucky maybe I got two of them alright hopefully I get full diamond out of this nice what I get okay boy go thank you for the $2 for me I and friend me and party me I Gian flagel Fuego I only add sponsors buddy thank you for the super chat I appreciate it but I only add the sponsors I wanted to scream I’m sorry dude I’m sorry you were stuck I thought you’re cheating I was like oh wait let me go I’m Nick flash Nick reset there we go now now we’re now we’re looking good guys all right boom team mode lucky blocks the die said die yeah full diamond in death I mean I got a little bit of a little bit of each floating that’s against my religion yo what’s up uh ash price of that run Henry say my name there you go my name is Kenny I don’t know is your name Henry are you calling me Henry because my name is Kenny I don’t know dude dinging baby thank you for the sponsor what’s that name ding ding maybe like what does that mean you took my sword I’ll be darned if you take all my other stuff hello oh no that’s fine buddy you can have it I’m not really mad oh I got the hot head no take that take that get that out of my face can I have that sword I have this I think this sponsored fish eggs ooh here we go here we go who are they Oh all my summer fish just spawned here take that helmet dude what is this varmint bagel doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be too useful find enough an abandoned van impe Bam Bam Tampa now hey Waco there’s a spot sorry buddy I got UF Edie juego five there you go bud add it up thank you so much for the thing the sponsor much appreciated speed one while wearing I’ll take that thank you here take this teammate if you need any of that why are you killing the innocent things oh well that guy is dead I really want to spectate my teammate because I feel like he can win this I’m gonna I’m gonna speck to this guy for a little bit thank you guys both for the new sponsors I appreciate it welcome welcome welcome dinging did you want to add it as well hmm vomit bagel that sounds delicious oh god no are you gonna go from master prestige on Chrome cam oh no I have no intentions on doing that can you someday can I play better words with you and Preston I mean you never know what can happen dude I haven’t played bed Wars with Preston and over like a year but I I don’t see my side oh no maybe I’ll do like a challenge stream with him he always does those bass defense challenges go get him taco turret Rome I got I got money on this guy I got money on this guy one in the game come on man you got this make that jump leap of faith oh this horse you can’t jump very high oh my god wait for it toku turn yo cuckoo this guy’s a beast bro oh he got so lucky get him taco go Tucker go I’ll remember you taco Terry oh my god Kenny still needs to carry me in skywars listen you never joined my team or my parties we never get on the team if you win I’ll sponsor all right this game all right I didn’t see that message till now if I sponsor can I join the party we just did open lobbies earlier we played mega for like a lot of the stream I might do maybe a couple sponsor games at the end if you guys want listen maybe though I’m not promising anything because sometimes I I don’t like doing the whole invite of everything I can’t type that fast and I do everything so slow I know that’s not really a good you know a good excuse for it every but sure are you kidding me man takes her pants I got a turn on my team again Kenny I’m watching the stream slash out yo what up what up I got taco turn on my team again what are the odds that’s crazy dude Oh Dino is in here too is everybody from the stream by sorta party whoa I clicked on the horse through a block I don’t even know what just happened alright well jeez you guys I just heard Cory say what that F and he has that’s so funny to do because that’s exactly what I was thinking but you know you got to keep it a little bit you got to keep a little PG over here dude that one doesn’t count listen that sponsored like you know I’ve win a game you sponsor that isn’t count I literally clicked on the horse through the block like I couldn’t even see the horse I don’t one doesn’t count dude okay that one doesn’t count this one counts this is oh if I get the one here then you have to then you have to sponsor okay this one counts so funny Chloe just goes what the f as soon as I die from the horse is so funny perfect timing dude oh hi head get that frickin helmet out of my face sharp for fire spec this is El Dorado on his insane bro El Dorado El Dorado whatever you call it just guys guys that’s okay you guys are friends Oh get out of here big slide get him boys all right we’re gonna over here boys what’s up boys give me your gear sharp for coming through the clutch see you later thank you very much for all that free gear thank you thank you think it anything Wow insane okay we got a disco helmet so cute protection – okay speeds their speed one all the way I’ll take that thank you a sword self attacking not sure the point of that all right weather blasts these are actually pretty cool do one of those numbers like that and then boom dead we’re not dead oh my god you’re dead yeah baby let’s go all right give me that prot three iron helmet let’s go Hey Oh have you know I’m my own person what’s up boys whoa oh no he’s got the TNT please don’t kill me Fiji oh I love this story but it’s gonna break soon I got another sword what’s this one I’ll take this one actually gives you speed while using it [Music] zurk your sharpness three all right anything else I think I’m good I think I’m good bro I’m telling you right now you don’t want to try a buddy you don’t you want to try it walk we you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead I know you want to screenshot I have to win this for sponsors Oh be serious I looked at my chat for one second the dragon hits me off oh all right you guys win you don’t the sponsor thank you for the sponsor quick attack that just about to have a record kill game I’m literally about to have 20 kills that game and a freaking dragon hits me twice that’s it I’m not – I’m chugging this.g fuel hmm hello I’m new um hi welcome to the non rage stream mouse cringe what’s up man welcome how do i sponsor you have to go on the YouTube gaming app or you have to do it from the desktop or click a link in the chat from one of the mods and click a text message just got deleted by night but I wish I know I’m gonna try to look I’m gonna try to mess with my stream today for YouTube’s and make it a little bit better I’m gonna try to make it so that sponsors don’t get timed out with their messages for anything cuz I don’t think it’s really fair that you guys spend $5.00 and your messages still get timed out alright pig launcher I don’t know where I’m at I’m on the edges somewhere where am i oh good oh good oh dude what is this this is a block I’m on that okay I’m so light no way no that could have been awesome oh do my teammate KYR speedy oh it’s hamster again dude how are we getting the same people every game this is insane dang I wanted that kaboom actually speed for all game oh my god here we go again guys here we freakin go again yo shade dodson thank you for the $2 thank you no I think I got a kill oh no maybe my team I did I don’t really know what happened my team is going in right now all right give me that chest plate prot to helmet no I’m telling that out don’t eat that alright give me a sword and then I’m ready I’m ready to go to mid oh baby there it is leave that sharpness the random all right nice oh okay prot to everything you need some pants that’s fine though let’s go why is my speed running out like that stop stop game and of course my my sword breaks on the first hit okay you’re dead GG I’m low teammate I need some help buddy are you I’m out of here I’m done I’m so done I’m so done right now everything I opened tries to send me flying off the map I’m not opening anything else that’s bed I’m only opening mother Theresa can I not move or anything like yeah I guess I’m okay boys okay there’s one here oh nice I got new sword nice nice all right we’re good now never good let’s go we’re going back in all right are they out where that fire everywhere don’t want that in my face what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up come back here please you’re so fast you’re just running in circles stop this why are you doing this why are you doing this what does it tak you me what does it tacking me I’m getting blown up for something I’m going over here dude who put down this water oh my god I’m so angry I’m at a blocks I light him not oh it’s to them holding the sword I’m getting like speed to and stuff it’s all random huh oh baby what’s up get this freaking water out of here I’m going up I’m out of here come over it I’m won in this game guys no mercy if you went all sponsor all right I got you easy winning coming guys all right literally I actually like having some pretty good gear so I’m not I’m not scared about losing I was saddle too don’t know where I got that from okay um lit boots leaves a trail of fire behind you now I’ll take the feather falling one spot three now I’m good all right all right oh please don’t kill me come on just give me like something good like food or something okay okay okay okay goodbye I’m outta here there’s that water bucket found that I’m at a blocked sunny wood there we go got it let’s go this guy bill damn it at all that island doesn’t seem safe I think let’s go baby that’s a win GG didn’t even have to like kill anyone that whole game besides like one dude I’m insane Kenny can you shadow plays be your teammate because you had a bad teammate what my teammate was great hamster only killed me last game that’s all Kenny the AH balls let’s go where’s that sponsor at baby I like lucky block mode sometimes Kenny if do you still like what we’re to I know it’s kind of dead now with fortnight and all but I’ll still always support both channels I don’t not like the game I just don’t have a desire to play it like it’s not that I don’t like playing the game I just don’t have like I don’t have that that urge inside of me to load the game up and start playing you know what I mean like if I’m playing it like already like if it’s already loaded up and I’m playing it it’s fine but to get to the part where I load the game I just don’t have that desire can you just do slime skywars oh god me and slime scowers are not friends I don’t think I think I’ve won like one game on there and I think it’s cuz someone felt them up I’m so bad at it I just need to get quick gear okay welcome this is great thank you I want to fight these guys but I can’t really fight him okay I know I was actually trying to really do something cool there and I missed them in midair I was trying to eat him all midair had him in sick Kenny I’m lost you know the way to you gone Dan no I don’t dude I’m sorry you pronounced desired the Thyer yeah you know what I mean the Cory if I let you shave I didn’t shave all the way I just trimmed I shaved my mustache well I trimmed it like I have like a trimmer thing that can cut pretty low that I use and I have obviously you know a razor I didn’t raise her but I like trimmed it and then I trimmed this a little bit not as low though no she didn’t say I could I just did it cuz I was tired I don’t like having a like a hairy face like right here it’s not bad but when it’s like on your neck and on your mustache Oh a source I’m sure you guys know speed to while wearing there we go open those did that chest lasted for like one second I need air oh you got a narrow teammate it’s like five people over there I don’t have anything I don’t have anything I need some items oh there’s a chest on here dang I kill somebody oh I got someone what the heck nice easy easy oh my god there you go take those I got some of these anyway curry button my pants for you make those Oh watch out it’s good it’s rainin watch out oh no oh dead pig he’s still alive freakin a lucky dude what is going on right now we’re doing my sword ago it’s fine we got this explosive but I still have no arrows how how does this game give you bows but no arrows hold my hand up mad now now I’m angry Oh comedy bang I have like seven sticks weird all my work my weapons go they all just disappeared the heck anyway we can go to mid but there’s like literally a path made for us over there all right hold on I need to get a weapon one real fast I need a helmet oh oh use that thank you all right come on speedster let’s get out of here buddy I don’t know what that’s your actual name I don’t even think that’s your new heads-up yes yes attack him no that was actually pretty epic my bud see you later I don’t have anything oh yes my savior man oh my god he’s just going in this guy’s insane I don’t have a weapon let’s be friends I’m burning oh that doesn’t make water okay oh here teammate take something take some cold Napa Lizzy dude I just need a weapon all right got him boys help we’re insane papi all thinking for the $2 like I did to Justin PS love you a thank you do appreciate the super tip my nose is just a texture pack this this is T man I can wear the V for I’m actually gonna change it up though because this one’s the darkest tone starting to trigger me T Bernard Kenworth a V for this is a great texture pack it’s probably my favorite texture pack honestly the pax pax 10 impacts loved ones are so good can you do twitch dubs get friended or only you to sponsors I’m trying to keep it to the only youtube sponsors because we actually on twitch we have a lot of subs we have a lot of subs over there and the reason I try not to add twitch does is because a lot of its twitch prime which most people only use twitch prime for like a month so I don’t know I feel like sponsors if I add them they’re usually like stay sponsored I like that put on the weirdest texture pack you can get I’ve done that before not a big fan all right let’s play a different laboratory mode this one let’s let’s play all right we’ll play slime somebody asked me to play slime will play a slime one do you have Justin’s texture pack is pretty nice no I don’t have it for an ice cream later please I want to watch I’m not sure it’s getting a little late I’m not sure if I’m gonna stream over there I might I don’t know I think I’m gonna I think I might stream for tonight tomorrow like I’ve been sure minecraft for a while even live like two hours I think tomorrow with a stream for at night instead of minecraft if you guys want to watch the fort night streams or if you guys just like fortnight videos in general you can always go to my other channel I’ve been posting for new videos like every day the last of today’s video that I post it was from the live stream yesterday is pretty funny dude um coming home where are these guys oh I didn’t have a teammate hello no weird stuff to meet teammates but trade dude betrayed court ride you off the bike oh my god that cold breeze why is my door open okay whatever you know what I didn’t have a teammate that game well it’s 11:00 p.m. I have school well I’m sorry that you have school well why does that stop me from streaming our schedules if you read I’ll post a video of me licking my shoe I don’t even want to win dude you should not like your shoes even no idea where that thing’s been you should not be licking shoes that’s weird that is really weird actually well gggggg why are you missile late I started shaving two hours ago so I mean it’s kind of run late but I didn’t start streaming late I start shooting I think was like 7:30 or something hey Corey watch my door open yeah well you keep you keep screaming so I have to shut my door good talk I hear that you didn’t upload a day keep the stream up uploaded yeah yes that’s the point you know I’m just gonna do little bit of that a little bit of that a little bit of this and a little bit of that oh my god look my teammate go girl buddy let’s go going I’m here with you we’re gonna win oh my god you’re insane let’s go buddy I’m dead mother dude I just can’t catch a break I honestly just can’t catch a break it’s my cousin one there’s someone behind me baaji fit with your coat Thanks hey no problem hopefully you enjoy yo deal a lot of you wear a lot of you guys here whenever I was advertising the G field code a lot like heavily put it one of the chat if you were here and your mother is so hairy that you came out with carpet burns okay dude I shouldn’t have read that please I can eat what do you sorry for reading that check um one yes you guys are here I feel like I’m out of my mind thank you Cassie for putting that okay anyways um so if you guys don’t know too much of the backstory I didn’t know if I was supposed to announce this or not because I didn’t know if it was like an internal thing with the Klan I’m in the doom clan oh but but um yeah it was like it was like a competition right for like the inner like the the clan people the the members of Doom and we actually end up winning that competition by a pretty good lead so everybody who use my code thank you guys I appreciate it I literally had my door shut you come in here and open it then you tell me to shut up I don’t know what you want from me anymore what’s up baby wanna go gonna go gonna go and I go okay we’re good I’m back stop hitting me oh my cute right is it cuz I’m not nicked is that why everybody’s swinging at me you got a record with basketball and drummer again I have no idea dude I have no idea thanks for streaming at this time I get to watch this 2 p.m. in Australia I know from I’m beginning to feel like a rap God rap getting hit in the back a lot have you watched stranger things yet yes I have i watch both seasons I love this show big fan big fan would you be interested in using resourcepack I don’t know what that resource pack is there’s the same team in again just going in why cuz I don’t know cares given I feel like I’m Adam I’m stuck Cory what are you doing Jesus I just got some issues dude I’m glad you guys communicate so it did I’m just I can’t I got this games for nubs I hate slime mode I die over and over I cannot win this game mode alright cuz I got was full armor and I literally had like a pair of boots or something but so how do you buy a sponsor Cassie B’s got you she’s been posting it in chat literally all night mr. bean the only youtuber that streams during the day for me listen alright I’m just yeah I don’t have a set schedule alright so I’m just randomly streaming I’m just doing the day for you now hey that’s dope but I’m just saying don’t don’t don’t count on me to be on this time every time you know I mean alright let’s go it’s ridiculous come down here with that fishing rod buddy Sudha does for you I had no gear the whole time this Mo’s like so weird I hate this mode it’s honestly like my most hated well I’m not I’m not stopping until you two win though actually a fortnight tonight I am NOT tunnel think ill this is a toxic free zone Anna I’m gonna do – uh I’m gonna need you to not put nails in the shed double doubles – Oh peas this game could be a lot better if it just had like I don’t even know how like this game would be better I need to take it off the mode though I don’t know a lot of people don’t play this people are only playing right now cuz I’m streaming I think oh yeah everybody usually when I try to play this like no one’s playing it there’s already someone here you gotta be kidding me no you’re not no you’re not watch this baby get out of my face come on teammate I need your help buddy see you later ah damn it Caleb teammate through the dozer literally just running by my teammates trying to kill me I’m over this stop targeting me well who do I hit there’s like ten of them there’s so many people there’s too many people attacking me ha ha targeting me get away I just wanna live my life I just want to be a man today help you said hell bro I don’t know what you want well guys our guy here of course it was my buddy what’s up dude huh my son don’t kill my son guys no screenshots now no screenshots now go away I’m sorry no screenshots screenshots please stop this no screenshots all right Yugi yeah give us limes what up boys how’d you like sciences this year get over there dude I’m outta here I gotta win this dude I gotta win this game Kenny screen eNOS greedy’s right now no screed ease yes No what is this what is this you finally had someone of they just live up so over this Beach I’m so over this I got a region come on tell me is dead see you later targeter yeah I need some food oh wait I thought getting kills gave me some food what the heck it’ll be at 1 hp this whole time knows no screenshots I said this earlier ok ok wait give me the food I’ll screenshot with you ah I have to win this game dude that’s the last guy God max if you let me win this game I will I’ll do something I don’t know give you high five dude I need food screening /out okay he’s gonna he’s gonna kill me I can feel it not pay to win not pay to win GG for you I love you God at max I love you dude and that’s a win guys easy as that that’s a way that’s how’s that thank you God max I appreciate it dude easy game honestly like none of those guys even said she oh my gosh do you like basketball Kenny I do is my favorite sport were you in ranked in the server right now nope I can you do a vid with Lachlan he doesn’t play minecraft anymore can you have you ever tried bending bending on minecraft I don’t know what that means how did you just wind the guys off the map he slipped I can’t tell me a sprint toggle mod I just just download someone’s mod pack everybody uses it you’re a good person thank you you harass go worry too much I don’t bro literally she slammed the door so hard I thought I was gonna fall off the hinges like there was no need for that she got a little excited and just slammed the door on her put you why she duels I don’t wanna do duels right now gotta go Kenny it’s late for me have a good rest regime all right and I goodbye use hacks nope not doing that you know you have more subs in the actual doom Channel yeah triggers to me that you don’t watch hockey shaking my head are you talking to me yeah I don’t I don’t watch hockey at all I’ve never well I’ve never grown up around hockey like none of the schools I went to ever had like a hockey team none of my like friends watched hockey and my parents and why I was never around it what’s your keyboard is the bloody eight to zero eight two six zero something like that I’m in your game ayyy let’s go we ever play how to minecraft admins no we upload livestream yeah I’m gonna upload this live stream live livestream squad hype ayyy let’s go I can’t you know Pete got a new house yeah I know you’re scrub Kenny thank you very much I appreciate the kind words Emma thanks for being a sponsor what he used to record OBS how’s life pretty good can you party me I can’t what have Minecraft seasons your favorite I’m not really sure to be honest you ever even better if you like bball yeah I love basketball I play baseball like my whole life basketball baseball football wait like my whole life um you love your vids keep it up thank you very much what is in your computer graphics card and other stuff how much fps don’t Jeff yes am I getting I don’t know my FPS mod isn’t working sorry Shh Kenny we have enough sponsors for ESPE all right I’ll get the server under I’m gonna have waffles help me out cuz he knows how to set up server is pretty good I miss Florian playing with him brother the stream is clickbait what do you mean what’s so clickbait about it it says grind at the end nothing is the clickbait apes’ grind in it I’m just grinding you know just go yell at the dogs I don’t press control yesterday if I hit f3 it lags on my minecraft completely for some reason I don’t know what’s going on with it it’s like broken or something that guy fell commit that guy fell down as well that guy’s going up top we can’t let this happen I mean I’m somehow I’m still alive hey but I mean the guy came from aa quit barking I donated you $5.00 did you I didn’t see you pop up once your birthday is September 30th I think it’s a razer mouse no I use a Logitech G 403 Mouse play solo slime or players it’s finally some team mode Cory said it was snowing is it snowing yes it is lightly just a little bit of snow me would you be interested in using a black panther resource bag listen I just answered this get rekt I don’t know what that is and if you want to send to me on Twitter I can check it out please send me like a screenshot or something video something with it okay would you like skywars orb Edwards egg where’s scours definitely way better than the other two hundred percent no doubt about it buddy is the guy coming watch this it’s Karma I deserved it I deserved it dude I deserve that she’s there Blues explode yeah I know I did a video on it hey my buddies in here give me grace hold on guys one sec hi guys hi hi hello hello so many people in here what’s your favorite series you’ve done um probably out of Minecraft um season four I think I think I was like my record viewers I hit and stuff like that I think I’d like the most audience for that one I’m not sure oh my god the guy that he just left this human Oh screenshots I’m sorry I already said this like five times no way no way I need your helmet are you gear oh crap I should I got his pants that’s all I needed you got primed hey you’re the guy who always rushed me you’re the guy you always rushed me how you not died from that okay I gotta go here we go there we go good stuff good stuff all right no screenshots guys I’m getting on the log I know you know this you literally have my skinny after you watch the stream I [Music] let you put that there I said I’d do screenshots after the after the after the live stream I’ll go afk to log sauce Oh baby oh I’m so dead I’m so dead up so did oh dang I thought I was gonna kill that guy oh my god yeah she was knocked out to that where’d you go whoops what oh honey food buy cheap I need food how was your food of these minigames I literally can’t even regen every maybe that was uh not what I was expecting I’m gonna be honest with you guys all right there we go nobody really had anything okay I’m gonna win this game mode guys oh is this guy good luck kenny star yeah good luck dude I can’t region where you at see if above oh there he is I do this Oh God every Oh creeper this guy like just spawning creepers on me what are you doing oh now where’d he go oh it’s over dude it’s over it’s over jiu-ge yeah quarry shit right on Twitch mccrory Joe is there twitch name you know can you believe what’s up Brad Oh Brad I would talk to you like eight years bro are you still alive where have you been all right um you got one unclaimed leveling reward would I get ten mystery does can’t wait to do nothing with it excited how you doing getting pretty good speedy what’s up what does the pack bro packs 11 bending his minecraft is based on avatar the last everything to the legend it literally you know you should try it sometime okay thank you maybe I’ll try it do you know a place called Taiwan it’s a country next to China yes I have a t-shirt that was made in Taiwan I believe maybe I know something else I 100% dead I just screamed and dropped like 50k frames rip oh man rip sounds enjoyable any chance for modded SP in the future like crazy craft I have no idea man I have no idea the whole thing was like ESPYs is you actually need people to play and I don’t really know too many people are can you turtle yeah I’m a turtle dude are you feeling the way I I think so texture pack and mods installed texture packs packs 11 and mod folder is refractions mod folder on youtube how do you get the red pardon partials particles um I don’t know why they’ll be a tortoise okay whatever you say all right let’s do some duels wait this isn’t what I was thinking it was what’s the best kit to use scout I think I really use the Scout everyone liked the video to use g-sync ponder is it worth it I don’t think it’s worth it and I have one but I don’t use it as my gaming monitor do do do do do do do do do do this map is huge for duels the Hank I’m on my way are you gonna be Shane before I think’s gonna be my last game right here and then I’m gonna AF kendall obviously I think of some screenshots for a lot of you guys who wanted to get that bump on I’m vana what’s the guy’s name hi in the face one okay he’s just not coming amid what a lad what a lad here we go here we go let’s call this one the OL switcheroo ski once that beat alright hopefully in the stream it’s been a great one / huh alright ah what the heck is going on in duels man what’s going on um yeah I think that’s gonna be the last one the last game of today so I know everybody in the chat has been asking for screenshots we’re going to sky wars I’m gonna find an empty Lobby here alright lobby number 53 if you want to get a screenshot make sure you have your players this green died toggled off so you don’t see anybody that way you guys can just see me oh I have this skin on you know what let me change my skin for you guys real fast hold on my skin real fast bump bump on them apply Boop doom please limit make me login oh man oh it’s saved it okay change alright I was a lobby 53 if you guys want to get a screenshot there we go oh okay yeah I was like it doesn’t show that all right I’ll be 53 I’m gonna be over here where are you guys that is everybody how many be over here um in this corner right here once you guys get a screenshot please move away so everybody else can just reach over yeah just turn off players if you guys want to see me yo shout-out to everybody using my skin right now I love you guys thank you these are awesome but yeah thank you guys for watching the stream it’s been a good one I’m gonna try to work on that subscriber SMP server for all the sponsors if you guys want to join it I’ll probably let the twitch subs join as well I’ll talk to waffles cuz he’s really good with setting up servers and see if he can get like one going for everybody is probably is gonna be vanilla I don’t think it’ll be modded so yeah I don’t know we’ll see what’s up we’ll see what’s up anyways hopefully you guys enjoyed thank you for watching the stream we had like over 400 years the whole stream which is awesome thank you guys so much for tuning in if you guys did enjoy make sure you drop a like dog please stop do just for like two seconds I’m just trying to an outdoor here go do my outro just stare at me okay anyways guys thank you for watching have a great one I’ll see you guys later thanks for all the sponsors we had like a bunch of sponsors today and the new subs on Twitch I think we got like five you guys are awesome I’ll see you guys later subscribe if you guys haven’t and until the next one thank you guys for tuning in goodbye

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  1. Kenny, in response to your question about uploading streams. It might be too much trouble, but I think it'd be great if you uploaded for a few days or a week and then took it down if you decide to upload an edit video. I have found that I really enjoy the edit work you and others do, but the uncut stream has a different type of value that I love, especially when I miss the actual stream.

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