Inside a Horse Rescue

October 10, 2019

(loud neigh)
– Horses deserve to live a good life. They’ve done so much for us. They have fought wars for us. For many years they
were the transportation. Cruelty does happen with
horses more than most realize. (loud neigh)
(soft snort) (upbeat music) You’re just a saucy little horse. My name is Brenda, and I’m the heart of Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue. We rescue and rehabilitate
abused and neglected horses. Come one, guys! We are a critical care facility. We take in horses that
would be on death’s door. We’ve had miracles happen here. We teach them to trust humans again. Who’s coming in? Horses are my world. They are the love of my life. This has been a childhood dream. When I used to go to auction, I’d go over and just say, “Shh, you’re
coming home with me.” Horses are a very special
spiritual creature. Does that feel good? You got tight muscles, don’t you? I really do whisper to them. I know, sore. Did you feed them back there? – [Dave] They’re all fed. – People will say your dream has turned into your husband’s nightmare, because it’s a lot of work. Dave and I do this as a partnership. You smell good this morning. – [Dave] You smell good every morning. – It’s like we have 64
children to take care of. This whole rescue, it’s a way of life. It is our life. Aren’t you a pretty girl? China came to us from a
situation two months ago of severe neglect. I called her China. Her face looks like a China doll. She had a open wound on
her leg that was quite big, the size of a grapefruit,
that was full of maggots. We’ve since healed that, cleaned it up. Now we’re just working on
putting some weight on her and start training her and hopefully find her a
really great home to go to. (loud snorting)
(playful music) Twinkle, Twinkle! Twinkle, this is Twinkle. Twinkle is a miniature horse. See, she’s cheeky. She was an orphaned foal. The person that had her didn’t
know what to do with her. And they said, “Should I just club it?” It’s not nice to bite. You can tell she’s saucy. Cheese! You’re saucy! She’s a little brat. You’re saucy. But she’s living a great life. You’re just cheeky,
cheeky, cheeky, cheeky. Hi, Zeus. He’s a big boy, aren’t you? Zeus came to us about 10 years ago. He is a former race horse,
(Zeus neighs) a very successful race horse,
thoroughbred race horse. The original owner found
him in very poor condition with an injured back leg. Got him back, contacted us and asked us if we would take him. And he’s become friends with
this little holy terror mule named Alfalfa. I just tried it one day,
and I thought, well, it’s quite cute to see
the two of them together, ’cause Zeus is a very tall horse. (upbeat country guitar music) They’re really good friends. It’s a very odd couple, eh, Zeus? I’m not totally against racing. I mean, these horses are athletes. But treat your athlete like an athlete and don’t throw them
away once they’re broken. Are you cozy in there? Destiny is a five-year-old
thoroughbred mare, one of the sweetest
horses you’ll ever meet. She came to us from the racetrack. Destiny was raced till she broke. Her prognosis is poor. We’ve had x-rays done, and
she’s got a severe fracture in her knee that cannot be fixed. Right there is where it’s broken. The most unselfish thing
you can do for an animal is let them go rather than
let them have a life of pain. Big Red is a stallion that came to us from cruelty investigation. He was emaciated. He was basically locked
in a barn for years. He could not stand, his
hooves were so long, curled up like elves’ shoes, one of the worst cases I’ve seen, one of the worst cases
my vets have ever seen. They had to take a Sawzall
and cut the hooves off. (loud grinding) He’s been here two months
now, and he can walk. And he walks quite well. If he went somewhere else, he
would have been euthanized. (uplifting music) Bum scratches. Mira was born missing an
eye, was hours from death. She had an infected joint. She likes her bum rubbed. Big Red has become Mira’s mama. And you normally wouldn’t put a stallion with a young filly, but they’ve
become really close friends. (low nicker) You can’t change the world,
but you can change the world for that horse one at a time. And that’s what we do here. We just take it one horse at a time and do the best that we
can with what we have. (lively inspiring music) (horse blows)
(horse neighs) (horse nickers) (horse neighs) (lively inspiring music) (horse neighs)

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