Inside Horse Mesa Dam
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Inside Horse Mesa Dam

October 18, 2019

– This is the largest hydro-electric facility that SRP owns. (electric guitar) we put out more power than all of the other dams put together. (rock music) a lot of people think it’s just one guy up here with a fishing pole, it’s not. It’s a little more than that. I got a unique crew here. Five guys, and all walks of life, all kinds of training,
all kinds of backgrounds, they’re a great bunch of guys. (upbeat music) – So we’re at Horse Mesa Dam, this is the original powerhouse, put in in 1927. It has three ten megawatt GE units. We’re standing next to the governor which controls the wicket gates. (upbeat music) so this is the turbine
deck in powerhouse one. This is the turbine pit, and this is the shaft
that the governor operates to control the wicket gates which there’s 18 of them going around the head cover down here and that’s what allows the
water to enter the turbines. This is a 750,000 pound unit, hanging off of one bearing. We’re doing some maintenance on the turbine bearing right now, we had some rust around
the lip seals of it. If you come with me we’ll look at some other pieces of
equipment around the corner. (upbeat music) so this is the cooling
water header for unit four. This is what supplies
all the cooling water for the standard cooling coils, all the bearings on the unit itself. And over here we have 2,000
cubic feet of compressed air for blowing a bubble into the turbine for when we run the unit in condense, or during a pump start. – We’re making power, we’re moving water, some days you stand out here, look at the mountain sides and you can see the sheep on the hill. The scenery is just outstanding up here, it is never a dull day. Every day we’re learning something, fixing something. – [Man] A day at the dam varies. You could have a day where
you’re sitting at the computer doing a write up, to a day where the
entire plant trips black and you gotta put it all back together. It varies. – We get to work on a lot
of different equipment. A lot of big equipment,
some small equipment the opportunity to learn, I mean I love the hydro end, I love the water, I love
working on the water. – Fantastic place to learn and to better build your resume, because you kind of become
a jack of all trades, and coming out here and
having that experience is huge when you’re taking it with you for the rest of your career. – I really love what I do. Great scenery, it’s never boring, and a bunch of great guys to work with.

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