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Inside Specialized Racing – Annika Langvad

October 19, 2019

is a very bike friendly city. You can’t really
go anywhere here without meeting enough people
using the bike as a transport. I love jumping on my city bike
and just riding around town and going for a coffee,
going to buy some nice bread. You can find a lot of good
stuff around the city, and I like living here. In the winter time, I
ride a lot on my road bike just to collect a
lot of base miles. The Danish winters are
really wet, cold, and dark, and it can be awful
to train outside. So I need to do something a
little bit more alternative, like for example, go running
stairs at the hospital. Normally, I would
run to the 16th floor and take the elevator down
and repeat that 10 times. Within one session, you can get
in 700 or 800 altitude meters from just running stairs. So even though we
have no mountains, we can still cram in
some altitude meters. That the weather is so bad
in the winter time in Denmark has a lot of
advantages in the way that a stage at the
Cape Epic, where I have to spend five
hours in sunshine seems easier,
because in Denmark, I spend five hours on a
bike in cold and rain. On those really, really tough
and wet and hard sessions in December where
weather, I guess, just really bad to
train in, I would just think, OK, soon I’ll
be riding in sunshine. And I start to count down
the bad training sessions till I can fly to South
Africa to Stellenbosch, which is the last part
of my preparation for the entire season actually. Four years ago, I never
thought that I would be racing my bike in Africa. The conditions here
are incredibly tough. The ground is super dry. You breathe this hot
air the entire time. It’s just so draining
on your body. You get dehydrated. It’s like 40 degrees out there. It couldn’t actually be
more different than Denmark. [MUSIC PLAYING] Cape Epic is getting
really close now. Training here in Stellenbosch. Today, I had some uphill
intervals on the schedule. Pretty hard. I already had some solid
training days behind me, so slowly I start
feeling it in my legs. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s a lot of pain involved
in winning a race like the Cape Epic. You sit on your bike for
five or six hours a day, and you just get
extraordinarily tired. You never know what could happen
in a race like the Cape Epic. First of all, you have to do
you five or six hours a day for a week, which
is really hard. You have to be very
efficient at working together with your partner. You have to be
very good at fixing whatever can happen out there. You have to prepare yourself
for anything, actually. We worked so hard
to get that victory, so even though we actually
looked quite dominant, we still raced our hearts
out every single day. I have a huge passion
for racing now, because the highs and the lows
you experience racing at world level, I don’t think you can
find the same range of emotions anywhere else in life. Right now, we’re in
Jonkershoek in Stellenbosch. We’re having a little bit of an
uphill and downhill competition today. Well, I can’t really
compete against the guys, but still it’s great fun
just to ride with them. It’s very inspiring,
actually, to see how they tackle the trail. I just automatically start
copying what they do, and it’s actually
great training. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m really looking forward
to the Cape Epic this year. I’ve done the race twice before
and also won it twice before. So once again, the
pressure is on. It would be amazing
to win again, but you never know what happens. It’s a different
level every year, so you can’t ever
relax wherever you are. You have to go let
out every single day. We just give everything we have.

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  1. I think Annika works in another profession, otherwise why wouldn't she train in South Africa or Arizona for the Cape Epic?

  2. Thank you Spezialized..I ride Cannondale,  because of the Lefty!!! But im a dane, and this is the best video i have ever seen…Thank you! Spezialized!!!!

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