“international tiger day” (late) schleich film
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“international tiger day” (late) schleich film

August 14, 2019

I make you wish that you never came back
to these lands you will never have these lands because I’m gonna come over there
and kill you first gotcha
you’re tuned and now you will leave these lands or nd
right here never new Cubs be careful over there when you
come back from playing I’d better see that you both have two ears two eyes and
all 16 of your toes erets blah Ares oh Claw did you find anything during your hunt?
no nothing
this time it’s just been so hot out lately nothing wants to come out. well that sucks maybe tomorrow Ill come with you yeah if you probably usedto help
so how are the cubs doing? oh theyre fine they’re just playing pretending to kill
each other again, you know cubs yes I definitely do
let’s go back to the den I have something interesting to tell you (I apologize for the loud music) come on cubs, we’re going inside huh? get off me Nuka, dad’s back. wait up.
ok so now that we’re inside what did you want to talk about? oh yeah I wanted to tell you about this news that I heard apparently tomorrow it’s international Tiger day, wait what? do the
humans will make a holiday and celebrate everything? they might as well holiday for every
single living species that ever existed so were a giant species of exotic cat, whats there to celebrate? it’s not like that it’s more they’re
trying to contribute to saving us our species oh I see…. they want to celebrate how they almost wiped out our entire
species and how there “fixing there mistakes” what? no Ares it’s not like that
besides what are you talking about a humans here were wiped out years ago. yes but I know for a
fact that this is being celebrated on earth where all the humans get to glorify
how they nearly destroyed us and now there fixing their mistakes
slowly I’m not exactly sure what’s up with the humans either
but I do know that they’re fixing their mistakes we’re trying to make it so that
we’re not on the endangered species list anymore personally I love the fact that
that they’re even willing to make a day that acknowledges us it just goes to
show that even though there are horrible humans out there that destroy everything
not all of them are bloodthirsty merciless monsters well they’re gonna
have to try a little bit harder turn my trust they may have forgotten but I’ll
never forget what they did to me and my family I know it’s hard to let go over
the past and yes what they did to you and this planet was horrible but all of
the humans have been wiped out from this place they’re gone and we don’t have to
worry about them anymore International Tiger day doesn’t have to
be a holiday about celebrating our species and what the humans did instead
it could be about solar burning else it could be about celebrating our family so does that mean that we can all go
hunting tomorrow like a family I suppose it does
yeah it does yeah am I really the first one awake this
morning finally lapsed Eva Eva wake up don’t make me come over there and chew
on your ear because I will all right that’s it I’m tired of waiting all right
get up I said group oh Jesus I’m up I look now
what is it do you remember what mom and dad said
last night yeah why well aren’t you excited at least a
little bit no not in the slightest bit of course I’m excited I could barely
sleep last night I guess that explains why I woke up
first speaking of shouldn’t we go and wake up
our parents of course we can’t go anywhere without them well I mean we
could if we wanted to you ready yeah you take dad
I’ll take mom good Eva okay mom my things dead wait up Nuka you know it’s easy to get
lost around here wait for me look over there whoa that is the biggest deer I’ve ever
seen well that’s because it’s not a deer what it’s not a deer it’s an oak we need
to keep an eye on it I’m killing you after it dad yeah dad it feels like
we’ve been out here forever we need to wait for the right moment otherwise
it’ll get away it may look huge and bulky but these
things are fast it’s turning around I know steak home now Oh whoa that was amazing yeah we try to
make you Cubs happy and digging before the Flies get it oh yeah we

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