Internet Names for Aqua Aninmals
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Internet Names for Aqua Aninmals

August 31, 2019

There are many aqua animals, and some of them
are blub blub doggos, like the gupper pupper, nemo’s dad, and the angery boi. This angery boi is wearing a fancy ballgown. There’s also the underwater cheeto, blub blub
blob, and the not totally related but still worth mentioning small clip clop neigh aqua
doggo.These good bois become pregnant bois. There are tons of blub blub nopes, like the
floaty nopey, sometimes called the trouble bubble. Then there’s the aquatic sock puppet, aqua
roomba, and scissory water spider. And of course we can’t forget the butter sauce
cockroach, sticky pricky, and its even more terrifying relative, the water mine porcupine. Some aqua animals are named after foods, like
the floaty potato, slippery water pancake, forbidden powdered donut, and the water pistachio. By the way, don’t step on an ocean turd. Next come the big ol blub blubs, like the
tuxedo dolphin, tunacorn, toothpick-nosed pickle dolphin, bleached whale, and the toothiest
blub blub of all, the spicy fish. Visualize aqua animals and anything else with

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  1. So this was an ad…..ok advertisers have been getting better at coming up with dumb shit to make people care about the ad.
    This takes it to a whole new level and I love it lol

  2. Brilliant way to advertise. I've been on a lucid chart binge and am now considering using lucid chart to help map my stories for story writing.

  3. I thought the aqua Roomba was not dangerous

    I must have been…

    B A M B O O Z E L E D !

    Wait that only works for doggos ;-;

  4. 0:21 thats not even a fish thats a arthropod, the horseshoe crab is actually a arthorpod that cna live underwater, plus the point on the tail isn't venomous and its actually for scaring of potentual predators, now you know

  5. Speaking of the goldfish being called the “underwater Cheeto,” I named two of my goldfish “Dorito” when I was little.

    Edit: Why is the clownfish called “Nemo’s dad” and not “the Nemo”? And you forgot Blue tangs with their signature names, “Dorys”.

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