Internet Names for Hybrid Animals (Pt. 2)
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Internet Names for Hybrid Animals (Pt. 2)

October 26, 2019

There are more hybrid aninmals, like the catto
hybrids. There’s the penguitten, the caxxo, the cataphant,
the hairless pit, and can’t forget meowls. Hybridization can also happen with foods. In the froot group we have the pineappowl,
the banulture, and bluebirbies. There’s also the cheesebrog, corn on the cobra,
and al pacino. “Say hello to my lil fren!!” As a general rule, stay away from punks. Many hybrids come in the power of three. There’s the pugorilla, the chinchorilla, and
donkey kong. Then there’s crocofroggo, frogopotamus, and
the frark. Next is the cariroo, the llamaroo, and the
kangarooster. Finally there’s the squox, the squabbit, and
the dubbit. Please science. We need these. Some hybrids are quite literal. Like the pitbull, the bullfrog, and the caterpillar…which
turns into a beautiful butterfly. And there are even moar hybrid birbs. There’s the gazulture, the snork, the birbatee,
the bunrich, and the killer penguin. And you can’t forget the birbs with arms. Like Black Swan, Napoleon Birbapart, and Hen
Solo. Visualize your hybrid aninmals, and anything
else, with Lucidchart.

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  1. I'm not hating on the video, I love these, but does he realize foxes are actually closer related to cats then they are dogs? So pretty much he just kinda threw in a single animal as a mix. I don't know if he just finds these pictures or if he actually puts them together himself, but he shoulda had something more strange. Something like a Leather skinned kitteh (Rhino/ cat)

  2. Litteraly no one:

    My capuchino coffee:


    Proceeds to spew coffee all over my pants causing excruciatingly painful burns

  3. There’s no pun name in the upper right corner, but the Hen Solo pic briefly said “Solo shot first.” Or something similar.

  4. God makes hybrid animals
    God:make a ducks body
    Angel:okay I’m not sure why we’re doing this
    God:and put a bunny head on top of it
    Angel:hmmm well it does sound cool

  5. After the hen solo clip try to pause when it just finishes it says HEN SHOT FIRST……….. really man

  6. Our IT teacher asked us the other day, “who’s heard of Lucidchart here?” And I was immediately like, “hey isn’t that the one with all the memes”

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