Interview: Pony Reveals Her Favorite Makeup Product, Zombie Apocalypse Buddy, and More!
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Interview: Pony Reveals Her Favorite Makeup Product, Zombie Apocalypse Buddy, and More!

December 3, 2019

Jorangmalyi [“pony” in Korean] was my nickname when I was in elementary school. My personality was restless and lively like a pony, so everyone kept calling me that. When I went to high school, I was thinking about what would be a good nickname. “Jorangmalyi” in English was “Pony.” Pony sounded good and cute, so I went with it. Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed drawing. After entering university and graduating, I went straight to work as a graphic designer. But rather than doing work that they merely like, I think that people tend to be attracted to the things that they are passionate about. After working for a while, a publishing company asked me to write a book. So I started with a makeup book and now I have four makeup books and I’m working as a makeup artist. Among my collection, I treasure and use the Shine Easy Glam 1 eyeshadow palette the most. Since it was my first product, I think I selected my favorite colors that I use the most often and put the most effort into it. To be honest… I don’t listen to a lot of K-Pop. I listen to more foreign music. But I do like listening to 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation. I’ve taught makeup classes before and met many people… I have met a lot of people who were really depressed because of their looks. I suggested practicing with a variety of different colors. They were able to gain confidence after trying out different looks at home. I received many letters about this. I would say to everyone to not hide your face. Instead, practice lots of different looks at home. Then you’ll be able to find out how to use makeup to show off your charms and gain confidence. Of course, my boyfriend, right? Other people might pick celebrities… But I’ve dated my boyfriend for a very long time. Wouldn’t he be able to protect me the best? I think Halloween is a difficult subject for makeup artists every year. This year, Harley Quinn makeup was pretty popular… But if I were to do Harley Quinn makeup, I think it would damage my hair too much to change it. I actually want to try out zombie makeup this year… really creepy. When I’m deciding on makeup tutorials, I consider who enjoys watching my tutorials. I have a lot of international fans in addition to domestic fans. Among my international fans, many of them reside in countries where wearing hijabs is common. So I wanted to create a makeup tutorial for them and be able to identify with. I actually drastically changed my hair color very suddenly. I was on the plane, returning from a business trip in the U.S. in the early morning. I was really bored, so in the spur of the moment, I decided to dye my hair. But since the response seemed positive, I am maintaining the color and my roots. My boyfriend actually dyes my hair. He’s able to do it the way I like it, getting the color even and without damaging the hair. Thank you. Soompi Chaego! Let me try that again. Soompi Chaego!

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  1. I'm her fan since more than a year ago and I'm so thankful with Soompi to let us know more about her! Thank you so muuuuuch! Pony ilysmβ™₯

  2. i love Pony, she made make up tutorials so easy & simple that anyone can do their own. Her tips are so helpful while creating a magazine cover make up look… I love iiiiit…. Thank you PonyπŸ’πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„πŸ’‹β€

  3. No, Pony… please don't celebrate Halloween also you… don't create Halloween make up…stay away from Halloween..please.. oh.. how I wish one day they will realize that Halloween have to not be celebrated. Halloween is directly chained to Satan and Satanist were able to make of Halloween the most important celebration of the year. there's no person that don't celebrate Halloween. is like everyone need at any cost to do something for Halloween. from make up , up to home decorations. they don't know that behind Halloween, there's directly Satan's will. Satanists (which don't even believe Satan exist, as they just serve him without knowing his own personal invisible spiritual existence… there's no need you directly believe him; is sufficient to do "his things" to enter already in contact with his world of lies) so that day of 31 October, Satanist make a proper curse / maleficion, that is it reaching Every single person and child that will simply partecipate to Halloween. No matter if is an innocent cake decorations, or a costume or a make up. When you join unawareness to Halloween (in the truth is the day of 31 October that is the most dark day of all the year, and is not a coincidence that Halloween is celebrated rightly on 31 Oct.) so even join in any way to Halloween, is already enter in contact with that worldly cursed performed by satanists. The result of this is not immediately visible to all people that Joined Halloween: the first result is that humanity will became more and more attracted by dark things: infact , you see how humans are today very attracted by dark things, monsters , skulls and also women like the horror things and horror monsters printed even in their t-shirts. Another signal is that the people will start to develop an aversion against God , against the holy things (not the holy symbols used as "fashion") for holy things is meaning really holy abitutes and holy life. Other effects is that the world make 'god' any other things they like. Halloween also will attach people to follow more lies, to enter in the occult and esoteric things (from reading story and movies from esoteric inspiration, superstitions , to speak to spirits , read cards of future, read hands , use talismans as "lucky objects", yoga (energies that are not really blessed , even if one may feel good , it makes damages to the soul) and so on. They will became deaf to the calls of the Divine Will, and start to follow their own Will.. there's many many effects.. many will develop a rage, or lack of forgiveness , patience.. more vices and less virtue. .. Halloween is step by step involved all people, even ignare people who go to church… everyone is under this lie of Halloween and nobody can believe what's behind the most dark day of the year… satanists during Halloween night perform the most macabre rituals… and what people do? All to celebrate this terrible day, all to decorate, all to make cake and parties in "honour" of this day…. the best way to not join Halloween, is to totally ignore this day. Totally. As if is a normal day. And if someone ask you to join Halloween, one should reply immediately, No, Thanks. When. the world will realize the truth? When the world will return to Celebrate only the Holy things? when the Divine Will return to being celebrated in hearts of men? But one day it will return.. one day… after some events that must be happen, for the sake of all the world… that day it will be terrible, but necessary, for make the humanity to return to the real path of salvation……

  4. agree but some people like me are so ugly,no amount of makeup and plastic surgery can make us look beautiful and handsome…instead,we look more ugly and more scary if we wear them makeups …also no matter how many gold and diamonds we wear,we still ugly as shit….

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