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  1. You have a lot of horses! I think your Spanish stallion is my the first to know more about, but all of them look to have such comfort with you.

  2. That was the first of your videos I watched and you are hilarious and have beautiful horses, what else do you want…
    Subscribed! 😀

  3. 2018-10-08, Eva, PLEASE DO, make another video of more about Shilas and you (you said you could tell us 'the world' about him)…IT WOULD NOT BE BORING AT ALL! I love hearing people's stories about special horses in their lives…VERY INTERESTING! I've had my own special horse experiences, so I know.

    HORSES–HEMPFLING (Horse Whisperer Extraordinaire!!! Beautiful!!! Healing the Souls of Horses…)
    AMAZING HORSES (Eva and Shilas are in this one)

    Best wishes…j

  4. My 2 year old daughtet was watching the video with me and at the end she fell over laughing so hard she couldn't breath

  5. Samson is my fovourite.. He looks like the horse from my oncle which I was riding all my childhood.. Really miss him.. So would love to see videos with samson even when he is old.. 😊

  6. All of them, they are all wonderful! When can I come and visit?
    From Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

  7. Wow girl!! This one was a really good video. love all of your horses. Please make some tutorials where you teach us "how to train our horses" like you. ♥ ♥

  8. Que is gorgeous 😍😍😍 My dream horse is a Lucy gelding, they have such beautiful faces and loving eyes. 💜💜💜

  9. Eva you are beautiful and funny and all your horses are awesome! My favorite is that you are all back together again. 💕👍

  10. With haflingers you for sure have to convince them that what you want them to do is THEIR idea. Can’t tell them to do anything! Stubborn Haffies! I have a Haflinger mare named Heidi ❤️

  11. Great video! I`m glad you did this, answered some questions I have had for a long time. My fav are and always will be Flip and Shilas, next the new 2 yr old looks like he will be interesting to watch grow. The best yrs are the first and after about 15. I`m sure in your capable hands he will turn into a raving beauty! Can`t wait to see him in a few yrs, I`m thinking by 8yrs old he will be awesome!

  12. Maar je zeg dat Q bij jou is om van zn oude dag te genieten maar alsnog rij je erop etc dus is ie bij jou om van zn oude dag te genieten of nii?💕

  13. Sheila’s is so cute! I have a Haflinger and I love the breed, although Willie can be a bit psycho at times… eh, but he’s cute so I don’t care.

  14. That was such a good introduction to your horses. I love them all but the little power horse is my favourite. Thank you for sharing your love of horses with us.

  15. Love them all. So endearing ! 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 You are funny the way you communicate with them. I love it ! 💕💙💕

  16. I have a haflinger mare here in New Zealand . She chose me. Amazing wee horse. Love your horses, They are beautiful and all with their unique and different personalities.

  17. the 16 hand horses look so tiny next to her… my horse is 14.2 and she looks the same height compared to me as the 16hh looks compared to her

  18. That look of shock and horror…. Rede is now for sale XD hahaha Thats a Chestnut mare for you! But she is gorgeous and so are you Eva! Your fire and passion and determination for horsemanship and showing the world how true horsemanship works is SO inspiring! Love your gorgeous horses! Especially Shilas and Pacha! (Rede is now my new fave tho! XD)

  19. I,,llove,,all,,your,,beautiful,,sweet,,horses,,they,,are,,so,,pretty,,i,,have,,always,,lovef,,them,,all,,they,,love,,you,,o,,loved,,this,,video,,and,,the,,bloopers,,too,,,send,,more,,you,are,,,so,,kind 😎😁😉🙄😄😍

  20. Flip is mijn favoriete!!! 😍😍😍Zijn staart is zooo mooi en hij is zo schattig! Uh ik bedoel stoer

  21. All of your horses are lovable, but my favourite horses in the world or pintos, so I really like your paint horse.  I really enjoy your videos with Jesse Drent as well.  Thank you from Shea.

  22. I have a soft spot for Shilas. I was so worried when a few years ago you said that Shilas didnt want to be with you any more. I was SO worried and couldnt imagine where he was. I am so beyond thrilled to see him. I love him so so much. Your horses are so beautiful.

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