Introducing the Icelandic Horse | The Star Stable Show #1.4
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Introducing the Icelandic Horse | The Star Stable Show #1.4

August 13, 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to the Star Stable Show! The show where we talk about the game, the latest news, answer your questions and everything you guys want us to talk about. In today’s show I have got a pretty awesome trailer for you guys that I know you have been waiting for a long time. We are also going to visit Sweden International Horse show where I get the chance to meet with the lovely Philippaerts brothers and of course, I’m going to answer some of your questions that you left in the comments last week. But now let’s dive head first into this show with some game news. First tings first. Before I show you the awesome trailer that I talked about before. I just have to tell you about the new Christmas quests that will be released later today. We will continue with the Christmas quests in Silverglade village but we will also have some brand new Christmassy quests in Jorvik City plaza. To be able to try them out you must have completed the quest where you meet everyone in the mall. You probably already know this. The Star Stable Advent Calendar countdown with early presents and goodies will be coming out for everyone in the twelve days before Christmas. Link is in the description. But that’s not all, now it’s time for the big reveal. You have been waiting a long time and now the official trailer is finally here. Here it is. The Icelandic Horse! That was everything I had for game news this week. Okay guys get exited. That Icelandic horse is going to be so cool. Trust me. Sweden’s biggest horse event, Sweden International Horse Show took place last week and we here at the Star Stable Show just couldn’t let that opportunity pass. So I actually called up my friends Olivier and Nicola Philippaerts to see if I could get the chance to talk to them before the show. Are you ready? Let’s go. So I’m here at the Friends Arena at the Stockholm International Horse show. Let’s go inside. So Guys, now were finally here, the Sweden International Horse Show and I’m actually here with two very exciting guests. So Nicola and Olivier are here to do a little interview with me. How are you guys doing today? Fine, thank you. Are you nervous? Actually, now it’s okay. I mean when I was younger I got nervous quite often but like now when you do it so many times a year. Every week we go to competitions, different competitions so you get used to it and for the moment it’s fine. Yeah no problem. So because the fact that you guys are so good at riding in real life I thought it would be really fun to see if you guys could race against each other but, not in real life, in the game. Would you be up for it? Sure, sounds cool. Rock, paper, scissors. The winner, you won! Congratulations. Thank you. You get to choose the horse, Shire or Quarter? Quarter. Let’s do this! Three, two, go! Olivier takes the lead. Mine is going the wrong way… Faster come on! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Race finished! Who won? Nicola! I won? Slowest horse. I’m not finished yet! I’m not finished yet! So, I think it’s settled. We have a winner! Yay! Nicola! Congratulations! So I’m back now with the race winner Nicola, he’s just about to go out and compete. Are you excited? Yeah, I’m very excited, the horse feels good so I’m looking forward to the seeing result. What heights and what classes are you doing today? He’s going to jump the 1.40 meter and then on Sunday he will jump the Grand Prix, 1.55 meter. Thanks again. I will let you guys go through and start the competition! Good luck and once again, I will be cheering for you! Thank you very much. They are so beautiful all of them! Okay guys, behind me here, is the stable where they keep all the champion horses and I have heard that, just a rumor, that H&M All in horse is here. Let’s touch it! Well that went great. Nooooo. Well at least I got to pet the famous horse, kind of. Let’s just forget about that and move on to the next segment which we call, ask Star Stable. This is the part of the show where we take your questions which you have left on our social media and we try to answer them as good as we can. Let’s bring in your questions and the answers from the experts. Q: How long does it take for new clothing to be designed and ready to be in the game? A: That depends from time to time, because a few items are saved for later on but usually around one to two months. Q: Do SSO workers have to buy their own horses or do they get them for free? A: They have to test the horses out so they know every single detail about them. Therefore they get their horses for free. Which must be awesome! Q: When will lead ropes come out and will they be in different colors depending on the reins or not? A: 16th of December and yes it will be different colors. Q: How many horses are there in the game? A: Not including your starter horse, 112. Q: Is SSO a Swedish game? A: Yes it is! That was unfortunately all the question we had time for this week. Do you have a question you want answered? Please leave them in the comments and maybe I will answer it in an upcoming episode. That’s everything I had for you guys today. I really hope you enjoyed this episode of the Star Stable Show. If you did please leave a comment and tell us what you think! But! Before I go, I guess you guys are pretty curious on who won the pillow from the competition last week. Winner: Star Stable is Awesome! Congratulations! The pillow will soon be in your hands. If you didn’t win, don’t be sad, dry your tears, you’ll have a new chance this week. This time, you have the chance to win this Star Stable bracelet! All you have to do is take a print screen of the picture that will be up in three, two, one. Take the print screen, upload it to Instagram #TheStarStableShow write a short text why you should win and the bracelet could be yours Don’t forget that you can visit the Star Stable gift shop that opened last week. You can buy t-shirts, polo shirts, pillows, gift cards. The link is in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, give us the thumbs up and if you don’t want to miss a single episode please subscribe. See you guys in the game! Bye! Let’s bring in the questions from you guys and the answers from the experts…

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  1. eine Frage könnt ihr mal etwas machen nur wen es geht das wen man weit weg vom Pferd ist das man es her rufen kann. Und wen es auf einer wisse mit dem Pferd steht das Mann ein button an der Seite anklicken muss das es wie auf einer Koppel ist sich austoben kann,welsen so was. Und noch eine Frage hätte ich könnt ihr Haflinger ins Spiel bringen bitte bitte wenigstens 1oder 2 von diesen Dingen erfüllen. And soory can not englisch i soory

  2. Hei starstable. Eg elsker islandshesten <3
    1 spørsmål. Vil det komme fleire islandshester som også er 5-gjengere (skritt, trav, galopp, tølt og flyvende pass)?
    Skulle også gjerne ønske at vi kunne gå frå galopp og rett over i tølt/pass utan å måtte gå ned i skritt. 🙂

  3. Ugh the cuttnis 0.o I'm level 16 but I havnt got the phone call from Herman so I can't get to epona 😭😭😭😭

  4. Lol! How in the world did you get kicked out of the stable… Weren't you in there in earlier in the episode?

  5. hi I just logged on my game and I saw this really big shire horse in fort pinta and I thought it was a april fools trick, and I thought if you could make the same shire?

  6. I will that 1 icelandic horse in Fort Pinta or in Jarla or Firgrove !? And then from lvl 12 ! Please ? #LoveIcelandic ♥️ #ImLvl12 ):

  7. why can i not play with my friend i send a friend thing but it says she is off line but i am face timing her and she on line what the heck is up

  8. is it any possibility that it will come stirrups in the game, that would be awesome❤

  9. Hey Star Stable! I'm just going to request a few things to make the game better!
    . Non star rider's should get more places to go since they can only visit 3 places while star rider's can visit the whole map!

    . Non star riders can't buy many horses because most horses are in star rider places, add some more horses into non star rider areas and make the a possible level for Non star riders like level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

    .Make some more quests for non star riders, because its hard for us to level up without membership which means we can't buy many things.

    . Star rider's get 100 star coins every week, while non star rider's get none. I think it would be more fair if non star rider's at least get 30 or 50 star coins a week, just to make it fair so we can get more stuff without having to spend money like star rider's!

    I hope you can take my advice to make star stable a more fun place for Non star riders! = D

  10. can you plz plz plz give star rider more star coins because i only stated with (i got star rider like a two days ago) 1,200 i have some horse i real want plz do some thing

  11. Aww poor Matilda! I feel so bad as that dude pushed her, I was like "NOOOOOOOOO I WANNA SEE THE FAMOOS HORSE!!!" Then BAM pushed out of the gate.

  12. Star Stable, I have a huge back pain and I might not be able to play sso for some time But I hope you keep this great work up!!! And btw sorry Matilda for the Man pushing ya out 🙁

    ~ Yours sincerly Ruby Autumnlake and her horses

  13. When I saw this I spent about 10 minutes trying to get my starter to tolt but I searched it online and I was like -.- xD

  14. does the sso workers get free star coins or do they haVE to buy them?????????????????????? ======QUESTION========

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