Introducing the New Zebra PartnerConnect Program
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Introducing the New Zebra PartnerConnect Program

January 8, 2020

Our new unified global partner program, The Zebra Partner Connect program, is now officially live. As the CEO of Zebra Technologies I want to personally thank you our valued partners for your continued commitment to Zebra and your ongoing business. You spoke and we not only listened but we took action. You are a vital part of our vision for the future and we built Partner Connect based on your direction. The entire Zebra team is looking forward to collaborating with you to ensure that the new program is everything you had hoped. And so much more. Right now you might be asking why this
launch is so important? Bringing together two channel ecosystems our integrated program delivers unmatched opportunity, profitability, and simplicity on a global scale. The debut of Partner Connect is a major milestone in our joint business journey. And offers a tremendous opportunity for us to grow our relationship, our business, and our revenue together. This is by no means a small change. This is a major improvement in how we do business together. And the beginning of a new era. Every single one of our active Zebra partners in more than 100 countries around the globe will benefit from the launch of partner connect. Our partners, products, and people are now one. We’ve streamlined and consolidated our pricing and discount structures. You have easy access to the broadest portfolio of award-winning, enterprise-class products and services in the industry. So you can find new opportunities for revenue growth. Our expanded reward systems also includes new incremental benefits while recognizing partner specializations. however we’re not done there’s much more to come. The Zebra team will continue to listen
to your requests and respond to your needs. In the months and years ahead we will create more value, improve our partner enablement tools, and and deliver additional benefits. Now is the time to start taking advantage of all that Partner Connect has to offer. I challenge you to become a success
story by cross-selling new products or building strategies for growing
verticals like healthcare and manufacturing. This is the beginning but
there’s much more opportunity had. We continue to heavily invest in the Enterprise Asset intelligence category and our position to lead the market in
innovative products and solutions that enable visibility. So you can reap the rewards of driving productivity and customer experience. Partner Connect is designed for today’s channel but is built to meet the evolving needs of the category. We look forward to working with you in new ways within the Partner Connect program to build on our joint success story. We are committed to making this
program as simple, powerful, and rewarding as possible. And look forward to
strengthening our relationship with you, our valued partners. Here’s to a new era in Zebra’s channel history. The Partner Connect Program.

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  1. While I like the idea of a CEO message…4 minutes of general statements and no specifics is a bit disappointing

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