Iowa 4-H Reporters 2019 – Draft Horse Show
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Iowa 4-H Reporters 2019 – Draft Horse Show

August 18, 2019

So how did your family get interested in
draft horses? Well it started with my great grandpa he just used them as like
work horses and it was really my grandpa who got started them he just
started like looking more into it and buying all stuff and just started working
with them as draft horses. So what are some things you have to do to prep a
horse like this for show? So first you have to like wake up early in the morning and
start feeding them like at 6:00 o’clock and
we need to take them out to the wash rack and get her nice and clean like
make sure her feathers are white and all that and then you need to do her mane her four top and then her tail and
then we have this stuff called like show sheen and you put it on there to
just to make her like smooth and shiny and then you really just come up to the
show and then that’s basically it. What are you showing in today? I’m showing in
showmanship, decorating, and three year old mare. How did you get interested in draft horses? I have been apart of draft horses all my life. I was raised with them. Coming into the shires I just fell in love with the shires and decided I would be a volunteer and through being a volunteer I become your National Show coordinator. What are some differences in between a Shire or a Clydesdale or a Belgian or some of the other draft horse breeds compared to the Shires? Well shires are just like buying a car you you can have a Chevy and a Ford or a Buick and that’s how it is in our draft horses they’re all heavy horses
but they are all breeds so instead of a Ford we would have a Shire. Instead of a Chevy we might have a Belgian. This week at the Iowa State Fair we have the Belgians and the Shires. The Shires are always notably kind of
intermixed with the Clydesdales they’re commonly called Clydesdales
because of the feather on their leg but the Clydesdales come from England and
their main factor Again is that they are english bred horses. They have been brought over to the United States, they’re the smallest number of registered draft horses showing at most of our shows but we had a great show today we crowned
champions. The horse in the background was a reserve champion. We had a really good
show here at the Iowa State Fair What are some things you are doing to promote the Shire breed? Well we actually have the American Shire
Horse Association which is the backbone to promoting the Shire horses We have an education foundation helps to promote our schools and put on different things. Our national show is our biggest way to set the breed standards and to show
people what the Shires are all about so here at the National Show the publicity is the best. What would you recommend to someone that’s wanting to get into draft horses? I would say find a mentor family or a
farm that’s in your area. Draft horses are dominant in all states they’re not
always the typical farm horses that you might remember from your grandparents
but there’s draft horses in every state of this great country and in Canada so
find a mentor find somebody in your area that’s showing and visit with them and
they will guide you in the right direction

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