IRIS Turkey trot Faribault 2019// The coldest race of my life
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IRIS Turkey trot Faribault 2019// The coldest race of my life

February 29, 2020

hi what’s up dudes hi what’s up dudes 6:18 and we get in trouble we have waked and that means that we are gonna run so let’s go we are having breakfast some oat with raisins and milk perfect two hours and ten minutes left for the race i’m pretty nervous not only for the race also for the weather we are going hard we are gonna try do our personal record but we are gonna go and run and enjoy but if we can’t we don’t do it yesterday they proposed me don’t run the race but dude don’t fuck me we were here… we have to live new things is in what consist the life if i don’t go to the race what i’m gonna do i’m gonna stay here at home without do anything? nah bro what anexperience 28th of November i stayed at home without do anything because was so cold what a morning dude what a morning no bro we are gonna go to the race whatever comes out but we are gonna push i think we are gonna be around 1000 thousand runners between the different races let’s go i’m so motivated so all will be good let’s goo if today would be my last day running i will think no not even running is not the most important thing of the world the universe doesn’t turn around my steps but they go many years putting my shoes and fixing my schedule around running whole decades going and coming back in the particular time that my watch measure evading me from the first second to the border of my fatigue in a blast that relax me and restart me that in a way roconciles me with the world if today would be my last day running i will denies me to believe it like the worker doesn’tt assume a lot of time working for nothing that they can fire out of his business because the athlete, also the popular athlete is laborer worker that love his work a worker without salary if you are not bekele but this video is not for you this video go for all the lovely people that die stupidly felt in love with their anonymous sport mission so we are here already all is ready for the race we have the bib the race starts like in 20 minutes but we have to go now i’m with the things that i’m gonna run and we go, let’s whats going on it’s so cold we just finish guys very slow race so muck cold 3:48 average pace but oh my god it’s so cold i have two warmers per glove and my hand is freeze i have one warmer here and another here but this finger is freaking freeze this cold is insane for me it’s difficult talk for me oh my god my feets are freeze too i didn’t suffer almost my legs were so cold and i were kind of freeze and they can’t run fast it’s incredible it’s a new experience i had never run with this cold i’m only with this tights so is good fresh oh my god it’s chilly buah it’s incredible what cold is i go to the car now now will arrive my brother i don’t know if he already finish but very cold bro the first kilometer in 3:40 and the rest of them slower the average is like 3:48 but nothing i wanted to do my personal record but was so cold and my legs couldn’t run well i’m not in bad moment because the intervals in the gym i did very good but is too cold for me what cold is it! horrible my feet’s fingers are freeze im gonna change my clothes i never imagined run with this temperature but i did it if someone tell to the last year Pablo that i was gonna to to this i couldn’t believe him but i’m here doing new things living new experiences is insane like 1400 runners and i placed 6th so very good very good relatively but very good the people idk i think is the cold but i don’t think that the people can run so much faster faster than me yes but faster than the winner don’t think so he ran 3:30 per km i couldn’t warm up very good because we had to be in the start line like 20 minutes before the start for the anthem and these that things we are done I was a little bit scary for the cold but is not that bad, i mean i can’t feel the feet but and some fingers either but wasn’t very bad looks like a joke so we are gonna change because im getting freeze and also in the start the start was 4,3,2,1 but i wasn’t ready i started running but i did something wrong in my watch and instead of start run activity i started strenght training and i had to change it while i was running but with this gloves was horribe another thing that i saw is not a start so we were a lot of people but the start is not as competitive as in Spain In a popular race in Spain all the people want to start in the first line in some races in spain you have to start fast because if not you can’t running if all the people pass you the first km usually is super fast but today it wasn’t 3:40 first km 3:40,second 3:46 3:48, 3:54 and the last one i can’t see it but that very cold but good i’m happy because i achieve finish the race with this cold negative 10 celsius today is thanksgivng and we are gonna eat a lot is good start the day running a little i have fingers again but i promise you that i have something in my hand very weird first ,first of my age group and what a cake i won so goodbye, I’m very happy we have waked very early and all is perfect

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