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September 3, 2019

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of!
Extra-extra very very excited tonight going for overall win number 450 had a
great win number 449 today in Wisconsin against that breakfast pizza, well I am
at Mainline Bar and Grill I’m taking on their Iron Horse Burger Challenge now a
few people have been able to defeat this thing but not too many there are two
pounds of beef total between three burger patties there six slices of
delicious look and bacon then there are six slices of cheese broken up there’s
two slices of three different ones surrounding this burger. This a one and a
half pound moat of fries which they cut and make here but yeah this burger and
this whole meal looks delicious and I gotta top everything off with a
delicious looking apple pie, but we’ve got only 30 minutes to finish this thing
if I fail it’s gonna be about 30 bucks total but if I win I’ll get a spot on
their Wall of Fame and I’ll get this entire meal free, so let’s get this
challenge started! All right now that breakfast pizza was
huge today so I had to make sure I didn’t take on a massive one
this looks pretty substantial but I think I can handle it did a lot of
driving today so I’ve had a lot of time for the food to settle but they’re not
really sure what the record is but I know a lot of people get close to that
30-minute time limit and my friend “Eager Ethan” he did this in just over 28
minutes so we’ll just try to dominate that but I’m also the restaurant is
gonna throw in a hat if I get the win so that’ll be good like that to the
collection but let’s get it started! Going to eat the burgers first and then go
from there. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Four minutes and 50 seconds in down to
the last burger the three cheese’s on here we’re a swiss, pepperjack and now
I’m done with those but now we got the American here but we’ll do this then
we’ll work on the fries seven and a half minutes in done with
that burger it was awesome they really cooked the meat well loved
the bacon and the cheese on there but let’s finish these fries in the apple
pie that will get the win… oh yeah! Last few scraps then we got the pie! Some of the pie frosting is mixed in
so that’s good! Bon Appetit 14 minutes and 25 seconds is what I got!
I’m not sure if it’s the official record but beat Eager Eathan by a lot but it was
an awesome burger loved like I said love the beat the cheese the bacon that apple
pie was definitely the best I’m glad I finished off with that but thank you to
Mainline Bar and Grill here in Downer Minnesota near Barnesville which I think
we’re not too far from Fargo and Moorhead but yeah awesome challenge I
got the $30 meal for free I’m gonna get a sweet hat to add to my collection and
I’ll be one of the few people on the wall of fame most importantly I got
overall win number 450 which is win number 4 in Minnesota, but thank you to
Mainline Bar and Grill and thank you guys for watching!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! For all the USA geography specialists that think I am dumb enough to not know that Wisconsin and Minnesota are in the Midwest… Back in 2015 we did a 25 state tour of all the "eastern" states, and called it the Eastern USA Tour. There are 2 "western" tours to take care of the remaining states on the west half of the USA. This upcoming winter, we are doing a Southwest USA Tour, and last winter we did a Northwest USA tour. The "Northwest" is a "relative" descriptive term and not strictly applying to their geographic region. All states involved were northwest of Florida 🙂

  2. Weakest challenge he's done yet, it's not even a challenge. This is getting embarrassing Randy, I'm really starting to wonder if you are having other problems in life. You're not even trying any more and you don't look healthy.

  3. I wonder if "win" number 451 will be Randy getting the large fry with his Bic Mac, that's how ridiculous these "challenges" are getting.

  4. I love having pepperjack cheese on a burger:) Congratulations on the win, and, the fantastic timing. You are awesome, Randy. Have A Great Day.

  5. DUDE!! you were totally right down the road from where I live. Dude I would have come and cheered you on if I would have known you were going to be there. AWESOME bro, keep it up.

  6. another easy challenge with little food and to much time to finish it in but at least randy you get another free meal and a tee shirt you should put on your wall of shame

  7. Wow! I don't think I've ever seen Atlas put ketchup on his burgers. Thought that means they were dry but he said they were cooked well. I think Atlas was just being classy and not insulting the food. They were dry. Good job, Atlas!

  8. Will you ever do South Africa? Yes there is food in South Africa for those who are wondering. There are a couple of great places here and the exchange rate will count in your favor.

  9. Hey Randy. Love you channel and your challenges all over! Got a question for you. Sometimes I see you with diet soda on challenges and other times you have none at all and just water.
    Are some foods for you better with the soda and others not? Just curious as to what the soda actually does for you in a challenge. Thanks man and keep up the wins!!

  10. I would do a challenge with you man, if you are back near PA sometime I live close to Allentown. I am about 6'5 290 31 yrs old Navy veteran and I can eat ok lol

  11. Some of you guys are saying you can eat this burger… He had a big meal earlier and still scarfed down this burger. I doubt any of you could eat the fries alone under 30 minutes lol

  12. You always dominate hamburger challenges. out of your 400+ wins how many where hamburger challenges? i'm surprised you don't get bored because you defnitely ate over a 100 lbs of hamburgers in all the years you've been doing this

  13. Hey randy fat guy! I watch your video against beards meat. He smash your ass haha. Where's the video? Why you didnt upload? ??? Coz your a pretender bitch. Your just uploading the video you know you can win. Your a big guy but still he smash boom your ass. Hahahahah bitch!!

  14. Hey randy do u ever get scared that u could eventually get a heart attack eating this greasy shit? Fats like this clogs ur arteries man no disrespect thanks

  15. Been following you for a few years,love you vids bro,and you are a really genuine nice bloke ,and boyyy you can eat 😀,i think you should go into them competative competition s like nathans hot dogs ect,your capacity is really good 😊

  16. You are really starting to speed up your challenges the past few months , thats good bro the faster you eat the more you can fill up before you get full 👍🏻

  17. FYI: youtube is fucking you dude. They stopped pushing your vids to subs recommends. this is what happens when companies hire faggots and give them fake job titles.

  18. Atlas where's the snap chat it would be dope if we could check out a lil part of journeys in between challenges bro big fan mike from the south side

  19. I like your videos because you are the only one who actually talks while doing the challenges. It makes it more entertaining and you have a fun personality! Keep killin it!

  20. I mean, why would anyone want to eat horse burgers, especially iron ones?? They must have been very dry and over-cooked for Randy to put on ketchup

  21. Next time in in Wisconsin there is a 420 challenge at KJs bar and grill in Baldwin wis 4# burger plus toppings,2# of fries in 20 min you could kill it

  22. I am glad you made it to Minnesota. Just an FYI. I don't remember where I read it, but there was an idea floating around to define Minnesota as being in the Northland. Not sure how many other states would be in that Geographic region. So calling it the Northwest Tour is not wildly wrong. Especially with your qualifier of northwest of Florida 🙂

  23. Hey Randy, I watch you all the time. I have a question, what's up with the teddy bear? Is that from childhood? I would think so. 1, 2, 3, … BOOM!

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