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Irvine Horror Film | HORSE DOOR

October 27, 2019

(Suspenseful Horror Music) Yeah, I um- just moved here from San Diego for school Well, you can call me an Irvine local Maybe you could… show me around sometime Something to do in Irvine? There isn’t much But, if you’re interested, maybe I could take you out tonight Yeah, I’d like that Great Pick you up at 7? Perfect You want to meet at the flagpoles? Which one? The one with or without the American flag? I’m serious, which- I moved to Irvine when I was just five (Heat Beats) There’s a darkness brewing under this city I don’t know what it is but… It’s a darkness you can feel (Heart Beats) Are you sure you know where we’re going? Everything is starting to look the same (Heart Beats) I think we might be lost Don’t worry I’ll just take a u-turn WHEREEEEEEEEE?! (Suspenseful strings) (Tire Screech) (Crash) Everything closes at 8 There’s no guest parking Don’t you get it? The Irvine Company owns everything I just got a Zot Alert There are bees on the loose (Bees Buzzing) Don’t the cops have anything better to do? AUDREYYYY!!! (Heavy Breathing) I’m scared Me too (Bees Buzzing)

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