Is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 30 or 60 fps? (3DS vs Wii Head-to-Head Comparison)
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Is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 30 or 60 fps? (3DS vs Wii Head-to-Head Comparison)

February 28, 2020

Okay, so we already know Donkey Kong Country
Returns 3D is a great looking game–I mean, it looks nearly identical to the original
Wii version, as we’ve shown off in our previous head-to-head video But one question keeps popping up: Does it
still run at 60-frames per second like buttery smooth Wii version? Now I could just tell you the answer, but
what’s the fun in that? So instead, we decided to put the two head-to-head
again to find out Now besides the fact that it can be tough
to tell the difference at regular speed, YouTube can’t actually display videos at 60-frames
per second anyway. For these reasons, we’ll slow each video down
so that they run at 1/4 of each game’s regular speed So let’s take a look at the the 3DS version
first. As you can tell, this is the opening of the very first level in the game–and remember,
it’s running at 1/4 the usual speed. Looks pretty choppy, right? But that’s not
unusual, as that’s exactly what we’d expect most games to look when slowed down this much. But let’s take a look at the Wii version now. Huh, looks a lot smoother, doesn’t it? Even
at one-fourth the speed, it still looks surprisingly smooth If we put the two side-by-side, with the 3DS
on the left and the Wii on the right, you can really see the difference. And that’s because, as you might have guessed,
the 3DS version only runs at 30 frames per second, which is half of the Wii version’s In practice, it’s something you might not
even notice when playing the game, but it could be something that huge fans of the original,
or just those with a keen eye will pick up on And in case you’re wondering, the frame-rate
is not affected by turning off the 3D functionality. So there you have it: the 3DS version does
in fact run at a half the frame-rate of the Wii version. It probably won’t be a big deal
to most of you, but it is something you should be aware of if you have an eye for this sort
of thing. Thanks for watching and make sure to stay-tuned
to for more on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and other things gaming

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  1. I would take 20fps so long as I don't have to use those sorry ass Wii controls. A solid 30fps is just fine with me, day 1 purchase.

  2. Since it runs at 30 instead of 60, is it still enjoyable as the original? I hope so, because I am hopefully getting the 3ds version, and do you recommend getting the 3ds version?

  3. I have a Wii U but I already had the wii version, but I wanted to know if this version is worth getting as well

  4. If you have played the originals on the snes you should know this i think they use the same button layout Y to Run and B to Jump. But I found its comfortable on both controls but i find that playing xenoblade with the wii control and nunchuck comfortable.

  5. 30 isn't bad, most games aim for 30fps, and many dip even below that and players are perfectly happy with that. And for a 3D hand held this is pretty good result considering how good it looks even in 2D, but has to draw everything twice for 3D.

    I have the Wii version and I'm probably using my money on something that I haven't played yet, but there are places in this game, that I'm sure will look awesome in 3D.

  6. the 3ds version has slightly better controls, an easier mode, 8 brand new levels, and its portable. the wii version runs smoother, looks better, and you'll have a better chance of getting a 2nd person for co-op (if u have a second wii remote). ur choice

  7. I have over 150 hours on my copy, and it's been present ever since the first boot. It's not an issue with my copy–the game just is poorly optimized for its 3D, when in battle. It doesn't happen every battle, but it does quite often, with the lag correlating to the amount of action/size of models on the screen.Two flying units can cripple the frames.

    Some people's eyes adapt to lower frames and so it doesn't seem as jarring. But if you slide the 3D on or off in battle, you'll see the lag spike.

  8. It looks like I'll be passing it up on the 3DS then. I never mind 30fps in games EXCEPT when it comes to platformers. It's just so noticeable to me like Rayman Origins on the 3DS as well.

  9. I said the 3ds is more powerful than the wii in SOME ways. the 3ds is not more powerful than the wii in general.

  10. Wow the 3DS version looks like garbage. That's no way to replay a franchise when there are dramatic downgrades. The game runs slower and looks more ugly on the 3DS, it lacks that colourful vibe and clarity the original has.

  11. Best battle soundtrack EVER!

    Lucky you, I can't wait to get it on my 3DSXL to play it with true Buttons!

  12. i dont how compareable the 2 games are, i mean they are very different styles of enviroments although hair is defenitly better in re4 but in general i'd say revelations looks better also the 3ds has games like nano assault which looks extremely good however the mario galaxy games look better than 3d land so now it really starts to confuse me lol

  13. For the people who don't have the game is an invalid argument. The Wii version costs far less than the new 3DS version. The other two points are fair, but the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits.

  14. Wii looks better,but hey,3DS is portable,will have extra levels,and most of all,the controller will be MUCH better

  15. It don't matter because the 3ds version is low res 400×240 with bigger jagged edges and looks like crap anyway. the textures and lighting also look horrible.

    the 3ds never runs at the higher resolutions the wii does so people comparing them is stupid.

  16. The polycount on the characters have also been reduced and there is next to no anti aliasing or advanced lighting going on everything has been dropped in quailty so the frame rate is the least of the 3ds problems the thing is not a portable wii. the vita is going to get a lot closer than the 3ds to being a "portable wii".

  17. Games look better (smoother) in 3D mode, and I don't see how the textures are bad on the 3DS. ?. Trust me. Get an actual 3DS and compare.

  18. There's no need to remake a game that JUST came out on the Wii! Now, I'd get SNES or N64 games *cough*Majora's*ahen*Mask. That'd make sense.

  19. have you seen re revaluations I think the 3ds is more then capable of everything you mentioned except 60fps output and thats only because it has to send the video signal twice.

  20. Polygon counts are identical as seen in GameXplain's comparison videos, lighting is slightly worse in parts though. The GBA was a lot more powerful than the SNES but still was a dumping ground for shitty downgraded SNES ports. 3DS has all the power it needs to do do competent Wii ports, it's on par and even better in some ways. And Vita is a lot more powerful than the Wii or the 3DS. Had Retro handled this port, it likely wouldn't have had any of its issues.

  21. This port may not be as good as it could have been, but no way in hell is it anywhere close to Sonic Genesis levels of bad. Sonic Genesis was fundamentally broken to being virtually unplayable (the physics were glitched beyond belief and the game ran slow as shit). DKCR 3D runs at only 30fps but it doesn't appear to run any worse than that and the gameplay appears completely intact. DKCR 3D has similar downgrades to the Mario Advance games, comparing it to Sonic Genesis levels is ridiculous.

  22. I don't really care about fps as long the game is played and anything above 20 fps is very playable.

  23. 30 FPS still looks good, as long as it doesn't dip. There ARE many games, however, that 60 FPS is a must have. Sonic Generations anyone?

  24. @pacmanweeee No, it's a remake. A port is when you copy over a game to a new system without significant (if any) changes.

  25. Yeah, it just came out, if you believe that three and a half years is short then of course it just came out, otherwise, no.

  26. Well after trying 3DS, PS3, and PC versions of the game I think the PC's 120 FPS and non-lag is the way to go for sonic games and that is rare for me to say because I normaly HATE pc games.

  27. I just wish my graphics card could handle the game better. My CPU and RAM are plenty powerful, but my gfx card can only handle a max of 720p @ 30 fps.

  28. Three new items to make the game easier, 'course the 3D is new, and you can choose to play the original game, without the changes. This is all I've seen so far.

  29. there's a clearly difference between 30 and 60 fps though. 60 fps is preferable always, but 30 fps is totally playable.

  30. Not exactly. It has new content that is not available in the Wii game. It's not technically a port in this way.

  31. That really sucks I guess because the only game I know so far that runs on 60 frames on the 3ds is tekken 3d prime edition. I hope the snext smash bros runs on the smooth sexy 60 frames.

  32. The 3DS vs Wii is like like SNES vs Genesis. The Wii has "Blast Processing" of the Main CPU but 3DS has a better sound chip.

  33. Hey Andre, when you are capturing footage for the 3DS does the picture change at all when you turn the 3D effect on?

  34. still a worthy 3ds game despite any difference with the wii version. plus the 3ds has more levels and gameplay features and it's portable.

  35. So Andre…You've probably been asked a ton of times, but as someone who hasn't played the Wii version, should I get the 3DS version?

  36. so gta 4 got a remake a few months later for pc because of ONE added radio station? as far as I'm concerned a remake requires umm I don't know some one to RE make it with new assets, not taking models and scripts and putting them on a new system.

  37. When I am actually playing a game like this I wouldn't notice crap, and the 3ds version is portable and obviously 3D and no motion controls!

  38. Once you get accustomed to 60fps its pretty jarring to go back.. But I don't expect the 3ds to be able to keep pace with the Wii.

  39. I was pretty happy with Nintendo's E3, almost every game they showed off was 60fps… I was hyped for ps4 before E3, but that deflated after Sony didn't show off a single game running in 60fps

  40. So looks like I'm going to upgrade my PC soon and maybe pick up a Wii U in December and that will be it for me this gen. 60fps is that important.

  41. it's a port.a remake is when the game is entirely redone. many games have been ported to another system with extra levels and stuff. that doesn't make it a remake

  42. I bought the 3ds version and the wii version but could tell no difference when playing both except for when I played the 3ds version some actions seamed delayed just slightly.

  43. I hate the way Nintendo often restrict the 2D mode on 3DS for no good reason other than to make the 3D look just as good.

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