Is My Horse Ruined?

October 6, 2019

– [Missy] Looks like the chicken wants to have some
lunch with you too, huh! She’s like, just give ’em to me! ♪ This is our life, this is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream, this is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and we’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – [Missy] Good morning miss chicken! And good morning, boys! – Good morning! – It’s actually lunchtime, huh? You guys are eating your
lunch on top of the hay, isn’t that cool? They asked to come up to the barn with me. They wanted to bring lunch,
so I brought them lunch and set them up on my pad actually, and you guys are eating lunch, huh? And I am actually up at the barn because Nacho has his doctor’s appointment today that I’m hoping goes good. I was actually thinking about
putting them up on this hay. Looks like the chicken wants to have some lunch with you too, huh? She’s like, just give ’em to me! You know chickens are nice! Well, I guess the kids aren’t a super fan of you trying to take their food, so I’m just going to bring you over here. And Nacho, how you doing, bud, hi! Alright, they’ve moved from lunch to all the way to the top of the hay bale! Wait, they can’t even see
you because it’s so dark. Oh my goodness, you’re high
up there, are you scared? You got Felicia to help you, right? Finn got scared, he had to get down. – [Felicia] Finn, do wanna come up? – Finn, do you wanna go up? He’s like no, that’s scary! Alright, I’ve got Nacho all saddled again. I’m going to give him a try
again, see how he’s doing. Vet should be here soon, he
did say he had an emergency so I’m hoping that emergency
doesn’t take too much longer. We’re just going to see how you’re doing, vet will be here soon! I think he’s actually doing pretty good, he seems in a much better mood today than he has been in the past couple days. He seems pretty relaxed and happy. (upbeat music) Alright, vet is here now
and it’s like we said, definitely off on the
foot that we thought, but definitely not an abscess, he says. So they’re doing this
thing called blocking. They’re basically sticking
him with, like, this needle and they’re, like, cutting off
the nerve and if he’s better then they know that the
problem is in that area but then if they go higher
and it’s still not better then they just keep going higher until they figure out it’s between this area. It’s really weird. So they just stuck him
with his first needle and they’re walking him around, and then we’re gonna trot
him and see if he’s still off and if he isn’t then
we know the issue is in this like, bottom area of his foot. But if it’s not we gotta keep going higher to see where it could be. Your doctor visit’s over, yay! So they only had to do one block, and so they discovered that
the part that’s bothering him is definitely in the lower
part of his foot and heel. So he says not an abscess though, that part of his hoof is growing just a little bit faster
than the other side and in, like, a different way. So he says just tomorrow,
actually, the fair is coming pop some front shoes on him and hopefully he will be looking better pretty quickly and I can even trail ride
him, like, right away! So I’m so excited! And he had, like, a bump
here which I think was just maybe just like, maybe an
uncomfortable part of the saddle. I’ll have to see how the
saddle is fitting him. And then the hives, he
just said he probably rubbed up on something, or ate something, or maybe even all the stuff that we’ve been putting on his
foot, he could’ve gotten an allergic reaction to. So he thinks it’ll go away pretty soon, and then it’s probably
not even bothering him, it’s more bothering me than him. Which is true, he doesn’t, like, itch it or, like, have any issues with it, huh. He’s like, why are you always
talking to that camera? So yeah, honestly, best news! I was thinking abscess and
then he was going to say yeah, you’re going to have to wait a long time until it comes out or something! I’m so happy! Alright, let’s put you away,
you’ve had a fun day, huh? (upbeat music) – [Oliver] Where’s your bellybutton? Where’s your bellybutton,
where’s your bellybutton? (babbles) Where’s your bellybutton? Where’s your bellybutton,
where’s your bellybutton? – Where’s your bellybutton, Finn? That’s just a dirty thing! Where’s your bellybutton, Finn? (blowing raspberry) (laughing) You guys are so cute! They’ve just been playing here for like, the past fifteen minutes, like laughing hysterically
and like chasing each other, and like blowing
raspberries on each other. It is so cute! But I am home now and I am just
so relieved about my horse! I’m so so excited. I’m really looking forward
to his appointment tomorrow. Now it’s time to just relax
with the family and hang out. And I think we’re gonna go
out, does that sound fun? Whoa, what’s going everywhere? Are those your gems from Valentine’s Day? – [Oliver] Yeah! – [Missy] Ollie, what
is that on your head? – Um, hair! – [Missy] What are you? – Um, I’m a girl! – [Missy] You’re a girl? You called yourself what
though, what superhero? – Aquaman. – You’re like Aquaman, that’s so cute! Yeah, I took my hair out, and
he’s like, I wanna wear it! Should we try Finn? Finn, you wanna try? (upbeat music) – [Oliver] You’re funny, Finn! – Oh, Finn looks like a girl now! (screams) (laughs) Are you Momma? (mumbles) Oh, you got long hair? It actually looks so funny from the back. Like what if this was like… (screams) Alright, alright, I’ll
take it, I’ll take it. Alright, I am now with my Aunt Christy and I’ve got Liv and Pay in the back. Boys are with my parents and
I thought I would include this footage in the vlog
because today is the day Nacho’s getting his shoes
on and I’m really hoping that this just fixes him all
up and he’s feeling good. So I thought it would be fun
to just vlog a little bit of it and see how it all goes. I don’t know if he’s ever
had shoes on, honestly. I think they’ve always said he hasn’t. So it’ll be interesting to see. (upbeat music) Alright, how’s it feeling? You got brand new shoes! I hope that makes you happy. Hopefully he’s not
like, what’s on my feet? What do you think of those? Huh, what do you think of that? – [Woman] I got new wheels! – Yeah, let’s take ’em for a spin, Nacho! Alright, Nacho’s feet are done! Looks so good. He’s obviously just gonna rest for the day and we’ll see how he’s doing
in the next couple days. Everyone seems very sure that he should be good to go now and all done! I think I’m kinda dirty from the barn. But yeah, I’m so happy! I’m excited to have my horse back and hopefully everything is good to go. He really needs a bath
too, I think I might do a bath soon, and a trail ride! I don’t know, I’m excited. Alright it is time for
bed for these beddy boys! Are you guys tired? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Did you have a fun day today? – Yeah.
– Yeah. I am so glad Nacho’s looking a lot better. You guys excited to ride Nacho again soon? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I’m super excited! We are going to end the
night with some stories. We’re going to read a couple books that we haven’t read in a while. We’re going to go ahead
and end this video, we had such a fun day. Give this video a big
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Say thumbs up! – Look at that robot, guys! – Aw, look at that robot! Can you thumbs up? Okay, I’m gonna see you guys tomorrow! What do you say? – Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)

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