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Jacksepticeye Vs. Rocky

August 15, 2019

You’re looking a little dirty. You’re looking a little smudged. Welcome to Philadelphia! Today is our day off! So we’re going to go get some food and maybe see a movie later or something. Who knows? The world’s our oyster cake today we can do whatever the hell we want. We’re… We’re crazy mad boys. Matt’s over here drinking a Lacroix. Ohhhh, not, even pinky out. Double finger out. What can you expect when you got the mad lads out on tour? We’re probably going to go do some cocaine, now I think? This guy fucks. Since we’re in Phily we thought that it would be great to go see the Liberty Bell, but the lineup is absolutely massive. So we’re not actually waiting in line to go see the Liberty Bell we’re just gonna go here and look at it from outside. Wow. Aww, you can’t see the crack from here though. I’m all about that crack. There you go. Lady Liberty. She’s a beaut, she’s got a big nice crack. Awesome. [laughs] We know how to tourist real good. We go to these places… We know… We know how to life hack our way through them, but look at all these pretty flowers. Wow, there’s a nice building over there. You’re getting, uh… Jacksepticeye’s whirlwind tour of the east coast of America. Freedom. Hey look, it’s that musical guy people keep telling me to look at. Sorry Alex. I ain’t buying what you’re selling. There’s the real liberty crack right there. See it? This is where, um, the bullet from… The bullet from… James Elmer Fudd’s… gun… cracked right past Bugs Bunny. History! Philadelphia: it’s full of culture. This is the best part of the trip so far. Hey guys, it’s me, super-overexposed-bloom-face-guy! We stopped to get some lunch! I am getting some french toast but we also got some drinks. ‘Cuz in Philly, you start early. You drink early, you get fucked early. That’s the plan! Also, I realized that most of my… the previous part of the vlog was me shitting on the culture. [laughs] Not my intention. It was like a bunch of funny bits all together then I realized wait, I didn’t take any of this seriously. It was actually a really cool town. There’s a lot of culture here, a lot of history. Of which I know very little about, and sadly we don’t have time to go around and look at it too much. But it’s pretty cool! A lot of… A lot of, uh, big things went down here. But I’m really excited about the french toast. That’s what I’m really going for right now. It’s gonna be a… It’s gonna be a good day. [unintelligible] Guys, wanna go see Hamilton? It’s playing in this exhibition center right now. Guys, we should go see Hamilton! Guys…? Oh, I see a bunch of Aaron Burrs around here. I see how it is. [sings] When the moon hits your eye da da big pizza pie, that’s… …amore. Look at this cool fountain! Look at all these people hanging around in it, it’s a lovely sunny day. We’re heading to a place where Rocky defeated his own disciplines. Rocky went up against life and decided to climb some steps and then on top of it, he put his hands in the air And the entire town of Philadelphia came out and cheered for him and that’s how he won the Super Bowl. So we’re heading to go see where Rocky won the Super Bowl. Our outdoor journey is not complete… …Until we get that ‘Bucks. Yes! They didn’t put my name on it this time. So they didn’t spell it wrong, they just didn’t put it down. All right, we made it here. Rocky didn’t show up for the big bow. [mumbles] I was gonna… I was hoping I would have another Youtuber boxing match going on in my video but… Sadly, Rocky didn’t turn up, but… his steps did! This is where Rocky runs up. You know in the montage? [hums the theme from Rocky] Okay. People are crossing the street and we’re about to die. But there’s like a… a whole statue thing going on there, there’s wind going on, but there’s steps… …that are pretty cool. You know, we just love steps. And then there’s a Rocky statue over there that we’ll get to in a minute, but– Oh, there’s a horse poo on the ground! Hell yeah! Look at this! Look at this shit! Wow! What up, I’m Trey, I love hanging out in your shit. [Jack singing Rocky’s theme] [singing] Climbing steps… [singing] Out of breath… [singing] Climbing steps… Did it! Made it to the top! I’m ready for a fight, Coach. Send me in! Next… Next step, we have to go box some meat. We have to find an abattoir somewhere though where they’ll let us do this but look at that! Philadelphia! Lots of steps. That guy’s training Crushing it! This is pretty cool though. I didn’t think that- I didn’t know that that was here when I got up today. Okay, it’s windy. Sorry if you can’t hear me in the wind but it is actually kind of cool… …that people are still up here training like Rocky was and this building is really fucking awesome. I just wish it wasn’t so windy out! It’s nice and sunny, and it’s not cold. It’s just windy! I don’t like Wendy’s. There’s no swimming… … in the concrete pool. Yeah, I think– I think I’m okay. I think I’ll avoid swimming in there. If I go swimming there I’m just gonna end up with… …DEATH!!! There he is! Foul ball boy! You have to wait in line to get a picture with him. I don’t want to do that. [child talking] Wait, ice cream, ice cream! I want… I want ice cream. Everybody else is talking about ice cream. Where’s the ice cream? I want Ice cream! [sighs] Out of the Uber and… into the theater! We are going to an IMAX theater and we’re gonna go see Ready Player One… again. Um… Me and Signe have already seen it, we went to the premiere of it in London. Which was really fun, but now we are going to watch it in IMAX, and I’ve never seen an IMAX movie before. So I’m incredibly excited but also a little nauseous because that Uber ride almost made me sick. It’s a good day for me. This is very good day for me. I’m also gonna vlog the whole movie. So you guys can see the whole thing with me, so don’t worry about it. This is gonna be the world’s first three and a half hour vlog. Also if I need to take a pee break, I’ll bring you guys to that. Also you just saw me spit on my own sleeve. It’s a good day for everybody, great day out for the parish. Matt: Oh, big time. That’s Matt’s catchphase. Every time we go up to him, he’s like, “Big time.” Sure is amazing, guys. This is a… Welcome to the movie! Escalator simulator! It’s true what they say: everything’s better in IMAX! Wow! You’re taller than me, I don’t like it, we need to level out. There we go! [Matt groans, crash sound effect, Wilhelm scream sound efffect] Hey. It’s me. Kind of forgot to vlog for the rest of the evening, ‘cuz stuff was going on and we were all having a– All out having some fun with friends! But, we went to see Ready Player One again. Signe and I had already seen it. I said this already, but we went to see Ready Player One again, and… Second time through, did not like that movie. First time through, I think I was kind of blinded by the fact that we got to go to the premiere of it And we got to see like some of the people in the movie outside first. And then going to see it and I was like– I had such low expectations for it that it was just a visual… treat for my eyes and there’s so many video game references it was like yeah this game is– or… this video– movie! video… It’s fun! But then watching it a second time with everybody else here, I’m like… Uhh Maybe it’s not as fun as I remember it being because it was a lot more groan-inducing sections and a lot of the references, I was like, “Man, there are a lot of references in this!” But it was a fun night out and I got to go to an IMAX theater for the first time which, the guys on the tour said that is not a full IMAX experience, that this one is kind of like a shitty… …imitation of IMAX, so I still… Oh I’m out of focus. I still didn’t get the full IMAX experience, so maybe one day we will. But I had a fun day in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is bigger than I imagined it being. Both towns are but we… we didn’t do a whole lot today so that’s why not a whole lot happens in some of the vlogs. Because when you have a day off, It’s just a day for like… rest and relaxation. I don’t want to spend all day just… …sitting here talking to a camera all the time and not everyone on the tour likes when you take out a camera to record them So I don’t really want to do that either, so I want to take you guys along and show what we’re doing and Make you feel like you’re part of the tour as well for the people who couldn’t actually come to the shows But also just take it easy and know my limits or not go too far with it but today was fun! These rest days are badly needed and this is the last rest day that we get. Tomorrow we have the Philadelphia show. After that, we have the Washington show, and then we have the last show in Boston so there’s only three shows left. And I can’t believe that we’re like… For the longest time I was wondering like, “Okay when it’s halfway?” ‘Cuz once halfway is over… Whenever you’re doing tours or shows or anything like this, whenever halfway is done.. it flies past. Like the last few shows fly past and it already went past halfway and now we’re already almost done. I’m kind of sad. I want to stay out on the road and I want to hang out with people a whole lot more. And, to me, it felt like it was going to be longer because We have to go into Pax after this, so after this we have to go into the four days of Pax and do all of that stuff we’re just going to be really fun I love Pax but i keep forgetting that that’s not part of the tour so everybody who’s here Has to go home so all the people who were on the bus right now behind me they all have to go home soon and we don’t get to hang out anymore, and… I don’t know, whenever you’re out on tour with people for like two weeks you become a little family and it’s so sad to Say goodbye to everybody, so I don’t– I don’t want the tour to be over yet, so I’m gonna Try to make the most of my time here now in these last few shows and Soon… Today is Sunday… Tuesday, Robyn comes over! Which I’m really excited about. Robyn actually gets to come to the last couple of shows which is gonna be really fun so I’m excited for the last few. Tomorrow’s show is gonna be crazy because tomorrow’s is the largest venue out of the entirety of this leg And it’s sold out so that’s going, to be… …absolutely bananas! I’m so much looking forward to this show but as of right now Everybody else is having fun in the bus, I’m gonna go in and drink a few beers, have a few Jolly Ranchers… …One of which I had to spit out before I came out here to talk. But really fun day so I’m gonna leave it here. Thank you guys, so much for watching these vlogs! Hopefully they’re fun, hopefully you guys are getting something out of them and you feel like you’re actually here on this sort of tour with us and on this journey but Thanks guys see you tomorrow bye!!! (Outros)- I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe I Can’t see shit? *jackaboy giggle*

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  1. For those wondering, I stopped uploading for a little bit because things got very busy and I didn't have any more videos prepped. I finished tour and I also went to PAX right after. I am now home though and videos will start back again soon 🙂


  3. I didn’t get to go see any of the shows but watching his vlogs has made me feel like I’ve been on tour and got to catch a glimpse of the shows. So thank you for that!

  4. I wish I would have known you were coming to Boston. Me and my son would have went. He wants to be a youtuber just like you and make videos on games he plays and play them on video. Well maybe you will come to Boston again sometime. I also want to Visit Ireland sometime. Found out I am 46 percent Irish. Someone has told me when I talk i sound a little Irish. I was raised in Tennessee though and have never been to Ireland.

  5. the book is literally about a video game nerd trying to find an Easter egg. u cant complain about video game references.

  6. -.- focusing the full potential of my boss level..

    that or I'm just focusing on Jack's boss level. He is the best boss around

  7. I can’t be the only person who absolutely loses it every time he does the fucking ‘w0w’ vine, can I?? Ugh he does it so well I have to repeat it over and over again🤣🤣

  8. Philly is a city Jack not a town. 😂 Over 1.5 million people live in Philly! But its understandable why you would think its small. We aren't as worldly famous as the other US cities like New York or LA.. 😅 But I'm glad you enjoyed your time here! 💕

  9. Wish I could have gone to that show. I live in PA but I couldn’t go although it was still cool knowing you were in the same state as me. Idk I’m weird

  10. when I was in 5th grade we took a school trip from lancaster to philly and I went passed to rope things around the bell and touched it

  11. Hey Sean, how did you enjoy ready player one? I personally loved it, and even though it had a lot of parts that differ from the book it was based on, witch I read and loved too recommend it, it made it feel like a new experience rather than a rip off, like and alternate story

  12. I hope u enjoyed Philly I live in a small town called Norwood next to Philly I love u man (not on the gay way)

  13. I just realized I could’ve seen him in Philly. I live like 3 hours away from it so I could’ve just walked up and said hi

  14. question for all vloggers: why does no one ever blur out the people's faces!? I find it like such a HUGE invasion of privacy and always wonder like what if someone is in witness protection program, but then they are shown in a video and the killer finds them and BAM! smh… tragedy.

  15. Yes!


    Pennsylvania is awesome!

    Where my PA peeps at?

    Who also thinks he should visit Flood City: Johnstown PA?

    Lots of history in Johnstown and PA in general!

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