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JAILBREAK HORSE UPDATE!! | Roblox Adventures

August 12, 2019

Listed here no as a mater, along in the rocket fuel update is Actually not listed anywhere Interesting might be wondering what exactly I’m talking about actually probably you’re not wondering because it was in the title and within the thumbnail, is that apparently There is a horse in jail break in the new. Jailbreak update there’s horse horses one horse We’re, about to find out I think there is you know, here’s what we’re? Gonna, do we’re gonna get to the horse first before anything At least what the all right just just to like, to put it simply there’s an unannounced horse Somewhere within, this map i think i know, where it is i think i’ve like a somewhat decent idea let’s get some volume go in Okay, and then we’ll quickly go on this? Guy’s just this, guy’s just letting me do all the heavy lifting huh Okay, fine fine whatever you can Have vehicle totally cool man another thing i learned is actually that’s the loading that’s happening right now Like through, these really, weird loading airs apparently it is something on my, end but it doesn’t make Any, sense because it’s road blocks literally a phone can run road blocks better than this so i don’t know What’s going on i don’t know, something i’ll need to figure out on my, own? Anyways, let’s go get the volt bike My, niece’s rocket feel to get over there real quick, oh, yeah man this rocket feels great love, the update they Did say though that they were planning on balancing it okay i’m really hoping there’s not actually police here, okay? Good, excuse me all right So, oh man we’re gonna go so fast go No, no don’t land it there no yeah this is stupid they need to have a way that if you fall in the river you’re, not just now wasting a bunch of time trying to get out of it So they, did say that we’re. Gonna balance the the the rocket fuel A couple things as they said that the now. Players, who, don’t have the vip package They, will still get some small amount of rocket fuel everyday and then i also said that they Also said that they are probably going to nerf it i don’t know, about how, much but i don’t know I follow the devs on twitter and they always have real a lot of information to to talk About when it comes to jailbreak which is pretty cool so i actually advise that you follow them on twitter after you follow Me of course link in the description below Anyways, though so if you head to this area of the map i’m doing this in the worst way possible i swear like The amount of time i spent trying to get here if i just Was driving on the road normally it would have been 10 times fast i’m trying to take all these shortcuts there We go it is going to be no, no it’s not over here at You, sorry it is where the ferrari is close to where the ferrari is oh? Does that have something to do with it i don’t know Probably, not isn’t the ferrari logo, like a horse or something something like that Where is the ferrari anyways it’s not actually over here where am i going it’s so hard seeing things With the, way things are loading, okay here i believe it’s just over here Yes yeah, so yeah that’s very good and it’s where the waterfall is so if the waterfall Come over here and then right so, we need to get up there somehow. I believe if we just hit a ramp nice Yeah, i could just go get a helicopter. Oh this works too actually There, we go that, was pretty easy, no don’t launch me back down, oh? Yeah, there we go? But it’s turning, not the way i want it to at all this way, yes go that way, no no? No, wrong way now this is? This, is the well first off i just did a. Triple front flip, which, was sick but this, is the least productive Way of getting to where i’m trying to go ever by far Here ramp right here can, we actually get up. This way, oh? Go, we’re almost out of rocket fuel, oh uh, okay i’m just getting out now okay good so if you come over here i Believe this is where it is there it is there it is look it’s a pony? Why, i don’t know i can’t actually tell You, exactly, why it’s really, weird it looks like two pictures of? Horses put together That’s so strange, why, does why does that exist so i was told to buy? it might have been alex i might be wrong i think alex told, me that it’s an easter egg for another youtuber i don’t know, but there it is The little jailbreak easter egg, there there are horses in the new, update i don’t know If this was actually here before this update i don’t think so, well there there you go guys Anyway, slow let’s get back to the volt bike, oh no can i actually not get back there No, well that’s just great we’re gonna have to jump into the water is that gonna be fine actually. Oh yeah, oh wow We actually lost a lot of help there here if i can just crawl My, way up this, way come on come on so close ah Man that horse drug really, isn’t worth it you’re just getting stuck Especially when you had so much to live for ah no Fine jailbreak let’s just force me to reset character, that’s cool, no worries no worries on that great game design Oh, hey, that’s wait 20 seconds as, well my favorite part of the game This, whole part here was uncut simply because i want you to see just how Ridiculous it is that, we have to wait 20 seconds you’re probably sitting there thinking Hmm, nothing’s really happening right, now i’m just watching him sit there and do nothing well that’s exactly What you have to do every single time you respawn in this game and i am dumbfounded that they Still didn’t fix it it’s like, why In 20 seconds whose idea, was that one can. You stand still first thing i’m trying to pick park at. You, and he’s gonna Okay, good who’s the top of the bounty, board mm Mm is the top of the board, we can get that, we can, be dad no problem let, me tell you let Me tell you that right now Easy there is a helicopter, above the police base though i, do need, to be careful, about that okay come on go go, go Go, go, go, go i’m gonna, grab this this and this okay, good by having multiple guns little little little tip for you here is Wait a second okay that’s a prisoner down there, so i’m fine thing, about having multiple guns Is whenever you run out of ammo and one thing you don’t actually have to Okay, i’m not gonna bother hijacking, man there’s, also somebody, else going for it you Don’t have to relook you just switch to the next gun and then you can Keep firing i mean you eventually have to reload all the vehicles but not to the point, where it’s like You know you can you can essentially just blow all of your ammo on a one person they, die and then you can Worry, about reloading venton as opposed, to be loading, while you’re in a firefight, okay, that’s a Criminals good i’m assuming, that he just robbed you donut store So let’s go to the criminal base i really, don’t, want to have to spawn. Back into the prison let’s, also Get some rocket fuel here we go no problem Okay, so he’s not a police officer over there, oh? No, we’re gonna zip right on out a date and then let’s see if we can hit. A. Sikh jump, oh yeah Soar across the map, oh, man that, was pretty smooth you know Not bad not bad at all, we were gonna go to the criminal base, we might as Well just go to the one that’s downtown at. This point and we’re going fast wow wow wow okay? As will rob the bank actually, we are right here So like you know, we want to get that top, bounty might as, well plus We should just hit up the train i don’t know if they increased If they increase the rewards for the train necessarily, okay here we go come on come on vaults here we go? Run run run run run Very good, okay i’m waiting, oh, oh, okay, never mind that’s good that is a? Criminal, so we’re fine he took a little bit of damage there i didn’t shoot him, guys, don’t worry no no No, cops in the building yet so, we might actually get pretty far with This, if i’m being completely honest with you guys i have a pretty good feeling, about today’s episode Ladies and gentlemen can, you give me money you Want some money i’ll give you, some money? How do i do that i don’t even know. How here you can, have five thousand, baby there you go how, about that how About that i think, oh you’re, gonna take that you know there you go, okay, cool, now We can, leave the building i don’t know If oh, jeez i’m taking a lot of damage no police huh run run, no oh go go go, go Go, run, run, keep running don’t stop, oh my, goodness okay i just need get on the volt bike so long As i’m on that, oh no, is that the police. Oh that’s, okay i can just shoot him down yes i can leave All right not so bad after all 1000 bounty to start we can get on the train i mean easily Bump that number up and we can be the top of that mountain board in no time, no time at all, boy so let’s see Train train any chance nothing That was sick whatever just happened i actually think i have some form of? Wallhacks, because the fact that things aren’t fully loading for me all those little dots that appears to be players running around So i know, where players are at all time you know, sarah, merrell it’s almost like We got some sort of some sort of little cheat going on but i swear to you guys
I’m not actually cheating i don’t have anything installed no programs nothing i swear that the game is just acting up for some reason And i have no idea, why? because if i’m being completely completely honest tears like it is i just Knowing, no knowing the knowing the absolutely sweet Computer setup i have here there’s, no way it can’t run roblox jailbreak Everything can run roblox jailbreak so wise so why is this happening i don’t know i only started happening after the update so you know But i mean at the same time i also slightly noticed that in other games can I just jump up there where is the volcano actually i don’t want to go into the volcano that’s how You, die where’s the other entrance it’s over here isn’t it yeah there we go, okay? Never mind guys you know i i don’t go to this criminal, base very often so where do we change out of? Clothing i believe right over here i could’ve just went the one that was downtown but i was already speeding Away, in that lambo so i mean like you know then, we got another, one right here give it at. Chrome, oh? Hot orange that does actually look Sweet i do want the chrome though i would say the chrome is probably one of my favorites so far it’s not the chrome Oh, yes, oh, yes that’s cadet suspension, no maybe okay it’s already low No is it gonna, go, oh here we go? Oh it just looks so good so powerful yeah, okay Now, we can use their rocket boost Oh, that was a little bit too much it’s too much for the car to handle okay should, we go back for the for the vault bike or are we fine without i Suppose, we may be fine let’s come around here can, we rob the bank again. I don’t think so it’s probably close, oh? Wait is that close does that say closed yeah, okay, it’s just closed straight up closer okay cool We can, try out the jewelry, store though real quick, oh there’s a copper right there And i hear the train so we’re actually gonna peace out of that never mind, oh man it’s like right here, oh dude, oh? Okay, hey now let’s go Okay, gonna be very careful? not Too far i want to see if i can actually get in here yeah, oh, oh? Nope nope, no now come on, oh, oh dude what how How i’m back, on i’m actually back on? Okay, very gently Back in there i’m in the vault i am in the vault and i didn’t even breach it yet, what is happening? There we go, okay, so so far that’s a that’s a nice 1,500 bounty i? Believe if we escape the train then We get more i think our experience so far as if you managed to get max cash and then you escaped Then it gives you, like, some crazy amount of bounty and i don’t know If they actually, adjusted the train bounties i know that they, adjusted like a lot of the bounty The the overall bounty system, oh, no it kicked me out no, oh? That’s fantastic isn’t it excuse me if devised Well great at least, we got this cool Chrome quad bike dome that’s pretty sweet alright, well as, well fly back downtown on the ramp. Huh Yes yes sick sick, oh? dude this is just so good i love this rocket fuel update, and i’m telling you it is Fantastic how, did i get stuck what no Sol epic gamer what are you doing obviously i am in need of help He’s just he’s just looking at, me he doesn’t really have much to say, about the situation ladies and gentlemen i’m gonna end it there We have 1500 bounty that’s not quite the top, we tried i think if the train heist, went better than We might have been able to get something there but guys on that note i’d like to thank you so much for joining me for Another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a, like, maybe even, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already And don’t forget to check out the surveys all plushy available at dennis daily comm, link in the description below I keep hitting, my limbs on this desk, oh? Brother that tho guys, again, thank you so much for watching and i will see you and that time you

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