James Bond 007 (Game Boy)-Outside the Box
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James Bond 007 (Game Boy)-Outside the Box

October 19, 2019

James Bond, Agent 007. When you think of James Bond in the realm
of gaming, it’s usually something like this Now, I’m going to put an image in your head
that you probably wouldn’t associate the British super spy with. You ready? I know, crazy, right? A 007 game that plays like The Legend of Zelda? Now that’s some heavy warlock magic. But in 1998, a year after the stellar Goldenye
for Nintendo 64 came out, this actually happened. This is James Bond 007…for the Game Boy. Now, the story of a 007 game can fall into
2 catagories: Very good or very by the book, almost forgetable and sadly that’s where this
game falls into. As Bond, your mission is to stop the evil
General Golgov and his henchmen, including villian staples Oddjob and Jaws, from launching
nuclear missiles to destroy the world and rule under a new order. Definitely not the most original plot, but
being a game boy title, I can’t really fault the developers too much for this…then again,
there was Link’s Awakening… As I mentioned earlier, 007 is an action-RPG,
in the vein of the Zelda series, rather than being an action-platformer or shooter which
is the genres Bond is most comfortable in. You’ll travel to a few different locales all
over the world, solving small puzzles, collecting key items to advance and using that license
to kill on various goons. At your disposal, you’ll have a few guns like
a pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher, grenades and machete, Gadgets such as the trusty laser
watch, exploding pen, grappling hook, body armor and more…and we can’t forget that
patented Judo Chop. Controlling Bond is incredibly simple and
smooth, considering that the controls are exactly like Link’s Awakening. You move Bond, Select is your inventory, Start
for the save menu and A and B are your inventory buttons where you assign whatever weapon or
gadget you need. Now there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned
yet, something that’s half-pro and half-con, that’s a part of this game. First the pro, along the way you’ll come to
a casino, something that anything Bond related is ever without, where you find that in order
to meet the person you need to talk to for story progression, you need to go to the Baccarat
room. To get in there, you need to win $2500 in
the casino by playing either Blackjack or Red Dog. Now mini-games like this are fun, but here’s
the con half and one of my biggest pet peeves in games: Winning gambling games in order
to advance through. This has been done before, with Red Dead Redepmtion
and Gun being a few examples I can think of, where you have to win a certain amount of money
in a game of random chance and luck in order to go to the next section and it sucks, because
9 times out of 10, the A.I. is a cheap bastard, especially in James Bond 007. It took me 30 minutes to an hour, losing all
my money and walking back to the register to get more, just to lose it all again before
finally winning enough to get in the back room. I may be in the minority about something like
this, but i can’t help it, It’s BS padding for a game. Since the gripe iron is still hot, there are
a few small ones as well,but not as bad. There’s a few sections in the game where you
have to navigate through a maze-like corridor to get to the next destination and getting
lost can happen very quickly if you don’t take notes or use a guide. Also, concerning the ending of the game, when
you beat the game, your reward is 3 passcodes that allow you to play the card games whenever
you want!…neat, I guess. Well, there is one other thing. There are actually 2 endings..actually, it’s
the same ending but if you pick up a certain item during the game, it will add an additional
screen at the end. Here’s how you get the best ending: When you
arrive at HQ in London, and talk to Q to recieve your equipment, you’ll see a guy in a recliner
behing Q. Talk to him twice and he’ll fly through the wall. Go through the hole and walk to the other
side of the room to pick up the M.A.R.B.L.E, then play to the end. That’s it…or you could just go Youtube it…You’re
doing that now, aren’t you? On the presentation side of things, the graphics
are pretty good for Game Boy..yeah not Color, this is one of the last OG Game Boy games,
but it is Super Game Boy compatible, if you want that TV experience. The sprites are drawn nicely with not a lot
of duplicates used, plus the boss sprites are kinda comical..especially OddJob, he looks
like a Muppet. As far as stages go, they’re varied enough
so you dont get that feeling that you’re walking through an endless hallway..except for the
mazes. On to audio, the music is a few variants of
the 007 theme and, while not specacular, it gets the job done. And sound effects? Well, the blips and bloops are blippy and
bloopy, not much to say on that. So that’s James Bond 007 or, as I like to
call it, The Legend of Zelda: Bond’s Awakening and you know what? It’s a pretty good 007 RPG! Hell, it’s a pretty good Zelda clone too. Despite the few flaws like the maze sections and that damn gambling
section, it’s still pretty fun to play, However, with the weak replay value
and unless you really want to play Blackjack, Baccarat and Red Dog, it might turn you away from it. However it’s pretty cheap to pick up, so give it a go, you might like it.. just try to bring it back in one piece, wont you? And with that, this is The Dali Popka, thanks
for watching and I’ll see you on the next Outside the Box.

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  1. Great video, as we have come to expect from you! 😉

    But is'nt all OG Gameboy games super gameboy compatible? Just not with the enhanced colours?
    I never found one that did'nt work at least.

  2. That damn gambling part!!! lol!! I have heard of this game, but never got to try it. I'm loving these outside the box episodes. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I must say, this one was a bit underwhelming of a game. Your review itself was top notch as always. Have you played Everything or Nothing 007? One of my favorite Bond games ever.

  4. Also holy crap dude – how many license games are RPGs in disguise?! I didn't know this game was a thing so thanks for the heads up! To the wishlist! zoooom

  5. This game doesn't look half bad. Some parts remind me of Metal Gear. You made me wanna try this one out. Great video!

  6. I remember discovering this game when I first discovered ROM's way back when, I never did finish though.
    Nice review!

  7. Hell yeah! The Popka's back! This is the first episode made with the new computer, right? That must have made things much easier. Anyway, very nicely done as always, my friend:)

  8. Great to see a new review from you!

    I used to have this game but I might have gotten rid of it. Cool story, right?

  9. I love your videos and this is a bit off topic, but have you ever considered doing a retrospective of the XBox and its place and affect it had on the video game industry? Or delving into how people made our favorite green machine into so much more via modding? The Xbox modding community was huge during its life and even lives on today. I know you mostly review the games for the Xbox but your the Xbox guy! It'd be awesome to see you shed some light on the box itself. Regardless thanks for the videos!

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