Jan Frodeno & Anne Haug Win 2019 Ironman World Championship | Kona Race Day Re-cap
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Jan Frodeno & Anne Haug Win 2019 Ironman World Championship | Kona Race Day Re-cap

October 19, 2019

– Well what an incredible
day we’ve had here at the Ironman World Championships. We saw some early breakaways
during the swimming, both the men’s and the women’s races. Some aggressive riding, from the off. Some of the pre-race
favorites, either dropping out or having simply some off days, and, a rather big record fall. – Yeah, and we have been
lucky enough to be here on the ground, in Kona,
to see the whole day unfold and play out. So we’re going to be able to give you, a very thought-out racy recap of the Ironman World Championships. (dramatic electronic sounds) – Well, prior to the
races actually starting, all the athletes went to bed last night to, rather heavy rainfall here in Kona. The streets were beginning to flood, they had some rather big
swell coming in on the water. By the morning, that had
pretty much cleared, although it did threaten to rain a
few times during the swim. Once the athletes were out on to the bike, that all cleared, and
actually the cloud cover began to dissipate and clear away. Now if we compare this to last year, we actually had a fair bit of cloud cover for the athletes during the bike. We had fairly still conditions,
which a lot of people said, led to these ideal conditions and these records being broken. Analysts out there looked at the weather ahead of 2019 race and said there was going to be this cloud cover and actually we probably
wouldn’t see these records fall, but let’s just wait and see. So let’s move on now to the racing, and because the men went first,
let’s start with that one. Although both were very,
very impressive races. – Yes, so, on that men’s
swim from the get go, we had known specialist and, leader from last year’s race here, Josh Amberger from Australia, pushing the pace from the get go. That pace drew out a
group of nine in total in fairly choppy, well,
swell, deep swell of, swimming and strong currents, so tough conditions by all accounts, which did favor the stronger swimmers, so nine athletes, including
pre-race favorites such as Jan Frodeno, Alistair
Brownlee was in there, Tim O’Donnell as well,
but perhaps surprisingly, the buzz and chatter around the pier in the morning was the fact that Patrick Lange had infiltrated this group. Now, do not get this wrong,
he’s not a bad swimmer, but I don’t think any of us predicted that he would be in any elite lead group of swimmers coming out of the water, and as I think we were
probably going to find out fairly early in the
bike, the race dynamics were definitely affected by his inclusion in that group. So this group, including
Lange, came out of the water some three and a half minutes in front of the next sizable pack out of the water, and then further back yet
again, we had the likes of powerhouse bikers Sebastian Kienle, Cameron Wurf, and Lionel Sanders, all exiting around about
the five minute mark. – Well, now back to that lead group, ’cause some interesting race dynamics were happening very early on, considering it was an Ironman race. It seemed like they
were flexing some guns, flexing their muscles, and maybe trying to see
who they could get rid of. Namely Patrick Lange, the defending Ironman World Champion. Now, we actually were at
the top of Palani Road, and we saw Alistair Brownlee absolutely tearing it up that hill,
very early into the race, and we saw Patrick Lange a little bit off the back of that group. Now, we did actually then witness Patrick Lange dropping
out, about 50 kilometers into the ride, so it
clearly just wasn’t his day. Now, further into the bike leg, and around the Hawi turn point, that main group, that lead group, had been whittled down to four members. We had Jan Frodeno, Alistair Brownlee, Tim O’Donnell, and the
swim leader Josh Amberger, with those uber bikers in a group a little bit further
back, but they had now brought that deficit back to
two minutes and 40 seconds. – Yeah, and then once we
started that long fast descent, off of Hawi, the lead group of four started to whittle down. First it was that lead
swimmer that we had, Josh Amberger, getting
detached from the group at the base of the Hawi climb, so that was getting on to about 40 miles from the finish, so he
was the first to go, and then as they approached T2, it was actually two-time
Olympic gold medalist Alistair Brownlee who
then struggled to keep with the pace of Tim
O’Donnell and Jan Frodeno. And indeed by the time
that they got to T2, it was Jan Frodeno who
had pushed on himself for a solo entry about 90
seconds clear of Tim O’Donnell. Meanwhile, Alistair Brownlee ended up getting swallowed up, I
suppose you could say, by that uber group of riders,
including the likes of Sebastian Kienle, Lionel
Sanders, Cameron Wurf, Swiss athlete Philipp Koutny. There was also German uber biker, if we can call him all these, Boris Stein, ’cause he set the fastest
bike time of the day, with four hours 13, and 18 seconds. – We’re now on to the run,
and on to Ali’i Drive, which was hot and still as ever, and some athletes started to struggle, notably Alistair Brownlee,
which to be honest with you, we’re not too surprised with, given that he is a
first-timer to this course. But then other athletes
really started to show their hand, particularly Ben
Hoffman and Braden Currie, as they started to move through the field. – Yeah, and then as we
move through Ali’i Drive, up Palani, and on to the Queen K, the next major moving ground in this race is the famed Energy Lab, and once we get in to the Energy Lab there
was definitely some movement, as there always is in
this race, year upon year, and it was Ben Hoffman
who’d really started to rocket in to that
podium potential position, and we also saw the emergence, finally, of an athlete that
we had barely seen all day, since coming out of
the water and thinking, “Jeez, he’s quite a long way down.” And that was 2nd place finisher last year, Belgium’s Bart Aernouts, and he had managed to really creep
in to that top ten, whilst in the Energy Lab. – Well, on to the finish line, and well, we were stood there waiting for Jan Frodeno to come in,
and he was rocketing through the final few kilometers, and actually, until the last kilometer, we weren’t sure whether
maybe he was going to break the course record, or not. – Or maybe just really
enjoy the finish line– – Well, yeah, he was getting close, but he did, he did it in a time of seven hours, 51 minutes, and 13 seconds, breaking the previous record
by one minute and 26 seconds. It was Tim O’Donnell that came in in 2nd, eight minutes and 28 seconds down, in a time of seven hours,
59 minutes, and 41 seconds. – And he looked absolutely
delighted with that performance. He said it was a dream come true for him to go sub eight and in Kona, which we can well imagine, and then we had Sebastian Kienle
coming in very close behind in 3rd place, with eight
hours and two minutes, with four seconds to be
3rd place finisher in Kona. – And also on eight hours and two minutes, we had Ben Hoffman coming in in 4th place. 5th place went to Cam
Wurf in eight oh six, and then close behind was Joe
Skipper, on eight oh seven, who actually suffered a puncture
earlier in the race, so– – Fantastic performance
from Joe, absolutely. We’re a little bit biased,
’cause we’re Brits here in Kona, but yeah, it was a really
great result from Joe. – Right, well, Fraser,
it has been a long day, and we have got a beautiful sunset over to the side of us
now, but it does mean we’re losing light, so we are now just going to move location
for the women’s race so we’re under some light for you guys. – Right, welcome back, we’ve
done our switch of positions, and the sun has dropped, but we did manage to catch the sunset, so
don’t feel too sorry for us, and we’re now ready to give you a good thorough recap of the women’s race. – Yeah, the sun does go quick in Hawaii. And it was a very exciting women’s race. Lucy absolutely flew off the start line, and for a second, we thought
she might be going solo, but Lauren Brandon did
manage to find her toes. Those two led the swim
out, with quite a gap to the rest of the field. The next group to come
out was quite large, it was around 12 athletes, with a second or two between
each of the athletes, and that included the
likes of Daniela Ryf, Anne Haug, and Sarah True. – Yeah, but actually, the
shock of the women’s race came fairly soon after this group had formed out on the Queen K highway, because by less than 25 miles, around about the 23 mile marker, word got out that Daniela Ryf had actually dropped off the pace, which is just not something
that we’re used to hearing at all, with
somebody of her caliber. There was then another large group on the road a few minutes behind, which was about 10 athletes,
including the likes of Kaisa Sali, and Heather Jackson. – And by mile 49, that chase group had now been whittled
down to just four members. We had Sarah Crowley, Imogen Simmonds, Anne Haug, and Carrie Lester. They’d managed to bring the gap to Lucy down to just five minutes now, and Lauren Brandon had
slipped into 6th place. But unfortunately we were witnessing Daniela Ryf having, well,
not an ideal day for her. Her gap was now up to eight
minutes and 30 seconds to the leader, which was Lucy. – Yeah, and that larger chase group, I suppose we’d call them,
that was yet further behind, had started to splinter itself as well, and then at the turn
point, it was clear that Lucy was actually starting
to really mean business, ’cause she’d increased her gap on the next chasers in the
road to about seven minutes, and then halfway back down
the descent from Hawi, which was really fast and pushing on, she really seemed to show that she was meaning business, because Daniela was down
to 10 minutes in arrears. – Meanwhile, Daniela
Bleymehl and Laura Phillip were working had to bridge
the gap up to that lead group, containing the likes of Anne Haug. They did this a little
before mile 87 on the road. Also, of note, Heather Jackson was really making a move through the field, and she was now up into 8th place. Yeah, and by the time they hit T2, it was Lucy Charles who got there first, counting an eight minute
buffer over the next athlete, who was Daniela Bleymehl,
who came in next, leading a group including the likes of Anne Haug, Sarah Crowley, Laura
Phillip, and Carrie Lester. And from the off, it clearly
looked like Anne and Sarah were on a mission and really trying to stamp their mark on the race. Not to say that Lucy didn’t look like she was running well. She certainly was, but it
was clear that those two were really starting to eat into her lead that she’d established. – Yeah, so by mile eight on the course, actually, Anne Haug had actually halved her deficit to Lucy, and finally made the pass on Lucy in the Energy Lab, with 10 miles to go. Also, we saw Sarah Crowley
running fantastically. She was moving her way
up through the pack, and then closer to Lucy. She got sight of Lucy,
and made the move past her with about four miles to
go, but she really did ramp the pace up quite
early, ’cause then Lucy, incredibly, passed her again. – Yeah, and then as we hit
the finishing straight, it was Anne Haug who
established a fantastic race, and finished that off with an eight hours, and 40 minutes, 10 seconds, which was some six minutes 35 ahead of Lucy Charles, after she came in in 2nd place, and then 3rd place was Sarah Crowley, eight minutes and three
seconds in arrears. – And in 4th place we had Laura Philipp, in a time of eight hours and 51 minutes. Heather Jackson coming in in 5th place, in a time of eight hours and 54, and then Kaisa Sali in 6th,
with eight hours and 55. – Yeah, so it has been
an absolute privilege to be here on the island again, to watch this race unfold. There’s always different things that spring up, there’s unexpected results that you just would never have thought. I for one, I don’t know about you, Mark, didn’t expect to not see Daniela Ryf right up there on the top of the podium. – No, and also, to see Jan Frodeno yet again breaking the record, I did not expect to see that
record broken quite so soon. Absolutely an amazing day. If you’ve enjoyed today’s
video, and enjoyed the race, please do hit that thumbs up button. If you’d like to see more from GTN, you can click on the globe,
subscribe to the channel, and be notified when our
future videos come out. – Yeah, and unfortunately, our
good friend of the channel, David McNamee, did not
have the day he hoped for this year on the island,
but we did do a video with him already this week, so if you want to see our
run drills with David, you can get that here. – And if you’d like to see how to win the Ironman World Championships in Kona, we did do a video with a
number of the past winners. You can see that by
clicking just down here.

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  5. For 2 or 3 years Lucy Charles has been waiting for the day Daniela Ryf had a bad one… and then today it happened. And she STILL didn't win! But you can't really blame her for that. She basically did what she is capable of today. The problem is she is racing women who can run faster than her. Anne Haug ran over 14 minutes faster than her! Unless Lucy can find a way to start doing the run 10 minutes faster then, I'm calling it, she will NEVER win Kona.

  6. What happened to David Macnamee, yeah? Sarah True punctured, slowed and dropped out. Rinnie dropped out with a sore ass on the run then made it to the finish to congratulate TOD. Lucy was passed by Sarah Crowley and looked done but then Sarah overcooked it and Lucy re-passed. Lucy said at the finish she had cramps from the start of the run so work on nutrition there, big shame. Frodo was an absolute machine and Haug ran that marathon like Lange but unfortunately Lucy couldn't make a real competition of it.

  7. Great race on male and female sides. So sorry for Lucy it was her chance but Anne Haug amazing bike ride from such a small figure battling the cross winds and never slowed down on the run, even through the aid stations.
    Jan I think got bored on the bike and decided to push on the pedals to drop Alister and Tim. He was such a Dominant figure through out the day.
    Favourite moment was obviosly Lucy clawing her way back to secound after Sarah passed her

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