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  1. haha wtf? I've ridden horses all my life, and I've never been thrown or fallen off (unless I was specifically practicing rolling from falling off, for certification or demonstration purposes.) I know that he was joking, but it is NOT like "riding a motorcycle" (where you have to compensate and avoid other drivers). I'll concede that a stunt horse that is doing tricks might surprise an inexperienced rider, but normally, you're not going to fall off. X-D

  2. Love some Jeff Daniels, something about the man I can't even hate him as a bad guy character. Maybe because he has made me laugh and made me so happy in his others roles. Long life, good health and happiness to you Jeff!

  3. Seeing him walking into church on horseback, establishing himself as the "god" of Godless while an aura of light emits from his head… what an amazing scene.

  4. SPOILER ALERT but final episode "Homecoming" i was drawing sooo many parallels between Truckee and his injured horse and Roy and an injured Frank. Just the classic thing where they both needed to end the suffering of something they cared about or once cared about ( in Roy's case ).  BUT i could have been waayyy to high when i watched it lol and I'm just reading into things

  5. I didn't even know that was Jeff until I finished the movie and was wondering why the hell he looked so familiar. What an amazing job he did though and seeing how he is so flexible when it comes to acting is impressive.

  6. right we don't ride horses in michigan now.. we just drive on bad roads with outrageous gas taxes that a Democratic Governor with her hand in your pocket promises to fix with a .45 cent a gallon tax …because they took all the other tax money they were getting and spent it someplace else..

  7. I have always considered Jeff Daniels a very intelligent individual and an underrated actor, one who got trapped inside the notorious role of "Dumb and Dumber." He gives an excellent performance in "Godless," and many demagogues, sexist, segregationists, and white supremacists do in fact romanticize the "Old West" indeed.

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