Jelle’s Marble Runs: Sand Marble Rally 2018 – Race 3
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Jelle’s Marble Runs: Sand Marble Rally 2018 – Race 3

September 2, 2019

As the A-league moves along, Dragon’s Egg (DRA) the winner of the last race, looks to continue his push through the Sand Marble Rally season. But he’ll have to do it from the back row this time, for Race Number 3 here in 2018. *Countdown Begins* Off they go! As you can see, in the upper left you can follow along as we travel down this course- The top five. Up there- with their three-letter-codes. Superball (SUP)- is doing a good job of tracking down the leader Marbly McMarbleface (MMM)- back and forth they go, keeping tabs pretty close. Now neck and neck- he is gonna try to move to the outside- and it’s not gonna work Can he work it back to the inside this time around…? No. The top three- line astern- We’ll see how long it stays that way, as it’s a twisty course. Red Number 3 (RN3) also in the top 4, desperately close- trying to make a move. As close as they are, one move here could equate to 2 or even 3 places… …if it is timed perfectly. And now, Red Number 3 (RN3) back up in to second place. (Summer Sky [SUM] beaches) He had been stalking up behind seeing if he could make a move on Big Pearl (BPL). She’s hanging there in 3rd place trying to fend off Superball (SUP) but Red Number 3 (RN3) is still giving chase to Marbly McMarbleface (MMM) who’s got a little bit of a gap, from what we saw earlier in this one. Now down into the final quarter! Can they stay off the walls and stay in the middle of this track? It’s looking pretty good this far. Slimer (SLI) moved up into 5th place and as I say that, [she] loses out a little bit… and RED NUMBER 3 (RN3)! He’s making a charge, but he can’t quite do it… A blockdown on the low side as they slow down quite a bit. He’s (RN3) got [a] chance for maybe one more try down here near the end. He’s gonna look to the right! Now comes back DRAFTING across the line! Can’t do it, but Red Number 3 (RN3), finishes in second place, holding off Big Pearl (BPL) by just a couple of tenths, but [she, RN3] can’t quite get past our Race 3 winner, Marbly McMarbleface (MMM). We had a DNF for Summer Sky (SUM)- not sure where that happened. The whole field- was spread over a little over 8 seconds. A bit tidy over the distance, but they covered. Taking a look at the overall standings after 3 races, Quicksilver (QUI) holds a narrow, 1 point lead over Summer Sky (SUM), and Slimer (SLI) tied up there in 3rd place, one point ahead of Red Number 3 (RN3), who jumped 10 SPOTS in this race alone. We’ll see where they go from here; Thanks for Watching!

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  1. I'm sorry for your channel, I'll subscribe to help you, I'm sure you'll be able to overcome all this inconvenience! I came by Goularte 🙂 (and sorry if my english is bad)

  2. That’s impossible how red number 3 made it on the podium in only 3 races with 20 marbles fighting for the podium now that right their is impossible like if you agree he wasn’t in third but he only made in the to the top five that fast if it’s another video I agree he will be in the top 2 or 3

  3. This is pure genius. Please do more races. The only thing that would make it better is a little more emotion in the announcing. Great channel!!!

  4. I'm a RN3 fan, but how did he start in the front row for 2 consecutive races? I thought the front and back rows alternated?

  5. What an improvement from Marbly Marbleface last race he couldn't finish but now become no 1 in podium, really remarkable training paid off

  6. Marbly McMarbleface didn’t finish the other race, so this was a pleasant surprise to see him finish first ❤️👏🏽❤️👏🏽

  7. Red number 3 should lodge an appeal. Blocked twice. Should get the win. Lol. I'm not happy. Calling a lawyer. Ha ha ha

  8. Who the heck are you man?? Amazing editing and commentating skills. Really good, I hope you're really working in TV production or commentating on TV sports events.

  9. Marbly McMarbleface saw the entire race through. He didn’t let anymarble get past him, blocking every single attempt. What a legend.

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