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Jim FitzGerald – Horse Jobs are Real Jobs

August 11, 2019

Hi I’m Jim Fitzgerald, we’re at Chilly
Bleak farm, near Marshall Virginia. I am, I guess, a farmer and a breeder of Thoroughbred
horses. I’m Irish and Virginia is very much like
Ireland. You’ve got lovely rolling countryside. I saw how horses were raised here. Saw what the land was like and what the land
could produce, which was even more important. I saw horses that grow really well. The winters are suitable for growing good
thoroughbreds. The soil is good. The grass is good. And it puts plenty of bone and substance. And produces good athletes. Racing coming back to Virginia is a huge help
to both the breeding industry here, and to the people who break and train Thoroughbreds,
as well. The Virginia incentive program for producing
horses here and the residency program is of huge importance to all of us. As the spin off, even in every regard. Producing the horses, from vets to blacksmiths. We’ve all got to build fence. We’ve got to take care of our barns, our
pastures. We buy mowers, we buy tractors. Everything that – All of the spin off industries,
all of the people it employs. It’s excellent for the whole state and the
agricultural end of breeding and raising Thoroughbred horses.

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