Jimmy Unveils His Box of Lies, Face It Challenge and Best Friends Challenge Hasbro Games
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Jimmy Unveils His Box of Lies, Face It Challenge and Best Friends Challenge Hasbro Games

August 13, 2019

I’m very excited about this. We teamed up with Hasbro to make our very own
“Tonight Show” games that you can play at home. They’re all based on games that
we’ve done on the show. We have Best Friends challenge, Face It challenge,
and Box of Lies. [ Cheers and applause ]
And a portion — They are all fun games. And a portion of the proceeds go to SeriousFun
Children’s Network. So please check these out. [ Cheers and applause ]
Finally, they are here. -Come on, a home game. Come on!
-The home game. I always wanted to say,
“You got the home game.” We used to play with stuff like
that when I was growing up, too. But they are available at
Amazon, Target, downstairs at FAO Schwarz.
-Ooh. -Most major retailers. -Oh, I love that store.
[ Laughter ] -They just opened another
Major Retailers. -They did.
Right near my house, yeah. -Oh. Congratulations,
I hadn’t been there yet. Does it look good?
-Fantastic, the parking lot’s
right next to my house. It’s fantastic.
-It’s called Major Retailer? -Yeah, it’s called
Major Retailer. -Wow. But anyways,
everyone in tonight’s audience is going home with their
very own game of Box of Lies. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah.

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  1. O, I want them all !! and at least, we know what there is inside the Box of Lies package !! So, no needed to say "Truth or Lies" !

  2. Box of Lies, intresting)) ahahah who wonna LOOSED)) ooo(^_^) how i fined work wot need write in resume)? Friends allways ask for money people who ask-need money always work

  3. you hear the crowd screaming and going nuts, but when you look at them, nobody's mouth is open and they're just sitting there 1:03

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