JoJo Siwa WORLD PREMIERE in Star Stable! 😍♥️ | Star Stable News
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JoJo Siwa WORLD PREMIERE in Star Stable! 😍♥️ | Star Stable News

September 2, 2019

Hello StarFam and welcome to Star Stable News! JoJo, welcome back to the news! Thank you, welcome, welcome! What’s up, tell us?! OMG so much is up right now! So first of all, hi! Second of all I’m so excited to tell you that
my avatar is finally in the Star Stable disco performing my brand new song Every Girl’s
a Super Girl! OMG that’s amazing! So epic! The song is EXCLUSIVELY in Star Stable! If you want to have a listen dress up in your
best JoJo outfit come in to the Fort Pinta disco, it’s going to be so much fun, I’m so
happy! OMG I love it! Matilda, Ylva, tell us how to do this! Every 30 minutes JoJo Siwa’s avatar will be
performing her brand new song Every Girl’s A Super Girl in the Fort Pinta disco! To be able to meet JoJo Siwa you must’ve opened
up the road between Moorland and Fort Pinta! If you’re new to the game, or you’re not really
sure how to open the road between Moorland and Fort Pinta, click the link in the upper
right corner and YouTuber Stacy Place will show you how to do it! While You’re in the disco having loads of
fun with your friends, remember to take a whole bunch of pictures! when posting on social
media remember to use the hashtags #EveryGirlsASuperGirl #StarStable and #Nickelodeon! Everyone’s got to check it out! If you missed last week’s quests with the
Siwanatorz don’t you worry! This week all of the rewards from the quests
will be available to buy from the Siwanatorz stand in Fort Pinta! Spymaster has many spies and messengers, and
this week he’s recruiting animal spies! Personally, he prefers squirrels, but Kora
the young druid thinks bird is the word SpyMaster should be looking for, and she is convinced
birds would make excellent spies! Spymaster however, is not convinced… To help Kora and her bird friend Beeper show
SpyMaster what they’re worth, you must first have finished the quest where you talk to
Rania after the Mistfall election has ended. You must also have done the quest where you
bring a section of the Lost Light ceremony book from Jon Jarl’s toomb to Elizabeth Sunbeam! Would you like to know more about what we’re
working on here at the HQ? you can find our bugfix release notes from March by clicking
the link in the upper right corner! But, what does that mean? What does what mean? Bugfix release notes…? Oh! It means whenever we fix something in the
game, it will end up as a note, so we can tell you “We’ve fixed this now!” Keeping up with the Star Stable horse quarkljfdshasjdgakdhg… horse quarters! This week the horse market is unde construction
in Silverglade Village! Those were all the Star Stable News we had for you today Thank you so much for watching! As per usual you’ll find the links to all
our social media in the description box below! Check back with us next week for the latest
game news! Byyee

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  1. Hey, StarFam! We wanted to take a moment to explain what JoJo being in Star Stable really means. Horses are absolutely an integral part of the game, but they certainly aren't the only part. We feature so many different updates with all types of different content, even some that don't directly involve horses (Fashion Week, Jorvik City, etc.) because Jorvik and our community are diverse. It's what makes this process so much fun!

    JoJo has been integrated into the disco – which itself does not revolve around horses. It's still a really important part of the game, focusing on hanging out with friends, music, dancing, and an opportunity to express yourself as a character that's more than just an equestrian. Just as real-life music venues have various visiting musicians, so will the Fort Pinta disco. This venue has needed some love for a long time and we are very proud to have new opportunities to feature artists such as Dolly Style and JoJo Siwa.

    We feel that JoJo is a great fit, being that she shares a message of positivity – loving yourself, loving each other, and supporting each other rather than breaking each other down. This is a super important message for Star Stable, one that all of us need reminding of from time to time. It's important that even if you don't enjoy a particular aspect of an update, please treat each other, our team, and special guests with respect. <3

  2. Star stable can you please consider all age groups when you update you game? Jojo really is for the younger people playing the game…..and so is the new chat ban. I’m not saying change this but can you please consider everyone next time you change something in the game that will affect everyone?

  3. Hey star stable! I just wanted to say…Why the heck is my account banned for 5 days from talking?????? I didnt do anything! I was in a middle of a rp and then BOOOM YOUR BANNED FOR 5 DAYS FROM TALKING! i dont understand, i know, sometimes i may spell something wrong, just becauze my English isnt that good but ban??? Like, what???
    I guess im gonna be waiting 5 days..
    Thank you >:(

  4. How about a person that has at least something to do with horses or would do horse themed videos while being a guest? I mean yeah Jojo = For Kids. But please no 14 weeks! That's too much. The Quest update was awesome, well done sso, I really enjoyed it. I know the team is working hard, I really appreciate that, but for once please take some wishes you can find like everywhere!? Or doing some idea polls. Like what do you wish? Weather, New Quests etc.

  5. can you pls pls pls pls pls give everyone in starstable one chance to change are user name pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Can you guys add like more horse equipment like ear bonnets and breast collars and yeah. Also could you update our horse riders too? To look more realistic like jojo is. Anyways those are just a few things I think would be cool to have in the game..

  7. hi im nadia ive got star stable i love jojo siwa,can you updade the hair because when we dance it actually floats and it looks
    really weird?

  8. I don’t like the new dance moves, they look really cringey. Hopefully soon sso will change the dance moves.

  9. um hello sso? what about the players that have been playing since 2011???? we still here u know not just the 2011 players but the lev 20 players to hmmmmmm (sorry im not on my sso yt XD)

  10. ,,Every girl's a super girl" Sexist much? What about boys? I'm a girl and it's annoying how Star Stable focuses on GIRLS ONLY, if ur not gonna add boy characters then u should atleast show them some respect. If I was a boy and I would hear this song playing in the disco then idk how I would react.

  11. I mean no disrespect by saying this but I'm on the younger side of the SSO fans and I don't like Jojo that much. She has nothing to do with horses and she is very loud i get it she might be popular in other countries,but i live in the USA and no one i talk to likes her,but i do only flow with one crowd. I know SSO doesn't really take suggestions but she doesn't add anything to the, game if anything she makes the game less appealing to people I'm my school who dislike Jojo. I've always like how SSO didn't partner up with big people but the people but this took away some of that homemade feel i will continue to play the game but i will not be paying SSO until they pay attention to there players.

  12. I feel like you're loosing your older players that's been with you and paying since maybe 2011. Remember us. Give us quests and focus on the story rather than some bratty lil' girl pretty much no one above 15 has heard about.

    I feel like you lose your focus on the story and adventures. You introduce irrelevant things rather than finish up stories and quest lines. Like what happened to The golden hills? That area had such a great quest line and lore. I remember doing it back in late 2013 and oh my lord I loved it. It's not finished. It's so much left. Please, finish up areas like The golden hills and dino valley. For the shake of your older (who are the players who pay the most) player. We've grown up.

    I started off as a 12 year old. I'm 18 now. I want what I started playing for. The adventure. One or two main quests a year isn't enough to keep me interested.

  13. Will the normal disco come back? It seems JoJo is only on every so often during the day/night and even on Fri/Sat the music does not play through. Idk but it would be nice to have music back (it doesn't matter to me if new or old) all the time on Fri/Sat for disco time.

  14. Why you do this with starstable?😭 she does not even know about horses and she does not even belong to the horse game 😭 why?!!!!!😣😭 you do very bad think my friends are logedd out beacuse you corrupted the game some players are angry at this

  15. Ok here’s my opinion, I know this comment is a little late but I wanted to share this with y’all here we go, I think JOJO Siwa is an amazing singer she’s talented and cool. But she has nothing to do with horses. I feel like sso has changed a little. I love star stable it’s my favorite game ever it’s the best game ever! And still will be the best game ever, but I think the jojo thing is a little out of hand. But I appreciate y’alls work sso I really do y’all work very hard and I love y’all 😘 but I just don’t like the jojo update very much.😔. But y’all are amazing!!!!!!!! I hope I wasn’t mean I was trying to write this comment as nice as I could! Btw I love the new dance moves y’all added there amazing!

  16. She may have nothi g to do with horses but ask gets to put things in there that for all ages it not like they can just put bands like miss in there this game us not for just teenaged but younger kids to they try hard and work hard at there job just as JoJo works hard to make good music for all ages and I say good job thanks ask and JoJo both

  17. I think it's really annoying when you go into fort Pointe and she says like how your outfit looks soooo good and sometimes I don't need her to tell me that it's annoying

  18. I actually dont get much magical bits at all in the game and I am level 12 if there is a way I would like there to be a huge magical horse party/disco instead of Jojo thanks

  19. i love how we get jojo siwa instead of new story quests or male character models which we have been asking for for atleast 4 years ?

    being a player that has been with the game since 2012, i hate how much you are babying everything.

    one thing that i have noticed is that you have changed loretta’s text when you first arrive in the game. she used to be more cocky and maybe even rude, which was a part of her character, this has been changed to way nicer text and i feel like the whole game is changing to revolve around little 10 year olds. here’s an example.

    Loretta- Whats your horses name ? Opal Walker? what kind of name is that? mine is way better

    Loretta- *Whats your horses name? Opal Walker? I love it ! *

    I know you may think it’s an improvement so that it’s nicer to the players, but i feel like the old sso is slowly just disappearing from the game.


  20. Jojo has nothing to do with star stable or the equestrian world and most of the players who play star stable aren't little girls anymore so why would you add her in

  21. i love star stable but wy gust wy i don't get it i feel bad for the to uther girls in the vid becus jojo's vose is so lawd i mite diy


  23. Can we not put her in the game I seriously can’t stand her. When she was in the game I literally didn’t do the quest at all or buy any of the jojo stuff because I seriously was so annoyed about it

  24. It's not just that Jojo isn't to do with horses.. It's the fact that a large majority of star stable players are too old for or just don't like Jojo

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