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Jordan Peterson – Antisocial, Cynical Kids

October 8, 2019

So, Pinocchio goes off to meet the coachman, and the coachman’s already said
he’s collecting bad little boys, and he’s got them all on the coach,
they’re all delinquent-types here, and the ticket on the coach
was the Ace of Spades, which is what Pinocchio is holding, and he’s with this character here
called Lampwick. That’s an interesting name. So he’s the thing that burns in the middle of a light,
Lampwick, and that’s interesting because it’s a play on “Lucifer”,
because Lucifer means “bringer of light”, and so Lampwick is a play on that.
Lampwick is really a nasty piece of work, he’s got this false arrogance about him,
he’s got this cynical voice, this really deeply cynical voice, and he’s only…
I don’t know how old he’s supposed to be in this, maybe twelve or thirteen, and so he’s one of those kids
who’s become prematurely cynical. I’ll tell you a story about that:
so I used to live in Montréal, I lived in a poor neighbourhood,
and one day I was in the back alley building a fence, because I was putting a little fence
around my little tiny backyard, and there was a house,
across the alley, down the street a-ways where there was a lot of not-good partying,
a lot of bikers were hanging around there, I knew there was a little kid that lived there as well. And anyways, I was out there in the back alley,
pounding away on my fence, and these little kids came up.
And they were little, they were like, three and four years old,
and they spoke Joual, a really heavily-accented Québécois French,
and so, my French isn’t good, so I could hardly understand them,
but they were watching me hammer, and they got a little closer,
and they had one kid, who was clearly the leader, had a real scowl on his face, hey, and so they were watching,
and I kind of motioned to one of them that they could use the hammer,
and that kid said, and I’m going to mangle this, but he said:
“je volais”, or something like that, and what it meant was “I’ll steal that”, and so I thought,
and then he came over and tugged on it, and he wanted me to take it,
and he was quite angry. Well, I wasn’t going to let him take it,
and then, so I couldn’t engage him, I couldn’t get him to play, you know,
his buddies were sort of hanging around behind him. They wouldn’t come and play
because he wouldn’t, so he was hostile right away to me. And then, so the fence piece was laying out in the alley,
and these little monsters started running across it! Which I thought was really remarkable,
you know, but it was terrible at the same time, because they were really little kids,
that shouldn’t be happening when you’re three or four. If that’s happening at that age,
things are not good. And so that kid was already
seriously not happy with the world. And, you know, I’d been studying
anti-social behaviour for a long time by that point, and I knew that the kids
who are destined to jail later in their lives are kids who are rough and tough
when they’re two years old, but then don’t get socialised,
or maybe worse, they get anti-socialised, which is exactly what happened to this kid,
he’d obviously been ignored and abused, certainly no one had ever played with him
in any real way because he wouldn’t play,
and it’s not good if a kid is that little and you can’t get them to play,
something’s gone seriously wrong. Because they’re so playful at that age,
it’s like 90% of them. Anyways, so they were running
back and forth on this fence, and stomping on it, you know,
and I was right there! I thought, well, first of all,
I thought that was remarkable, but I also thought it was absolutely horrifying, because in some sense I could see
where this kid was headed and why, at that early stage in his life,
it’s really… …it’s not a pleasant thing to behold,
but there was nothing that could be done about it. And that’s kind of what this Lampwick is like,
he’s prematurely cynical. This kid was already cynical when he was,
like, four years old. You know, most kids don’t get cynical
until they’re teenagers. And then often they don’t get completely cynical,
and usually they more or less grow out of it. But it had happened to him much earlier. So this Lampwick character,
he’s already decided that he knows everything, that everyone else’s opinion is worth nothing,
and that there’s nothing in culture or society that holds any utility whatsoever
for someone like him. Now, you can imagine developing that way, if you were raised in a family
where people were generally lying to you, and that they randomly treated you,
or neglected you, and that you couldn’t discern anything about them
that was admirable or positive. Of course you’d assume that
the whole structure is corrupt, and that you had to take care of yourself,
and no one else. Well, not “of course”,
not everyone assumes that under those situations, I shouldn’t say “of course”. But it’s a logical set of conclusions. And of course, it’s proportionate to some degree
to how much abuse you take. Although there are lots of stories of people
being terribly abused as children, who grew up to be kind, remarkable,
responsible, thoughtful people, who absolutely opposed to abuse
instead of propogating it. There’s no direct causal pathway.

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  1. 4yo project kid: "I'll steal that!"
    4yo me: "I wonder what dirt tastes like."
    4yo Jordan Peterson: "This behavior is abnormal. It terrifies and amazes me, because by all accounts, it should NOT be happening. These other children seemingly lack the ability to self-analyze their aberrant behavior. I wonder what this portends?"

  2. What if you grow up socializing with kids just fine but then you turn 20 and suddenly everyone's against you?

  3. why are kids cynical? because of moral busybodies like you projecting this idea that we should grow up and be better and be a productive member of society. who the fuck do you think you are? get off your high horse you goddamn BOOMER

  4. Maybe kids just dont want socialize with people tormented on the Earth and every single day complain about the world but they dont do to change. They just say – you are the same. The same of the worst .

  5. I wish I was aware when my cynicism started to develop but it probably developed when I was too young to even know what that meant :/

  6. He must have not seen Pocahontas as a kid and we are all connected to each other in a circle in a hoop that never ends

  7. As a small child I loved everyone. By the time I was 10 everyone who wasn't my dad abused and neglecting me. Why would I ever not be cynical towards the world?

  8. Hahaha… that how it is in Montreal;)))Beside, being bullied by a 4yo probably tells a lot about the mental health of the grown man…

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