Judge block wild horse round up in Pryor Mountains
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Judge block wild horse round up in Pryor Mountains

August 13, 2019

another judge another delay in scheduled herd management efforts this time 17 wild horses will get a little extra time in the Pryor mountains US District Court Judge Susan waters here millings sided with gingers Katherine’s and the cloud foundation today in a suit against interior secretary Ryan’s Enki this effectively placed a hold on the roundup in the Pryor mountains in Montana and Wyoming waters wrote that the BLM failed to prove that the roundup would not result in the permanent loss of genetic diversity of the prior heard in years past the agency has captured the animals using helicopters or bait traps then released them to private owners or other range lands now another hearing is scheduled for September 28th to rule on a preliminary injunction to stop the roundup entirely MTN news sent a request for comment to the Department of Interior press off press office and will update this story with any response

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