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  1. I think this is very helpful but people shouldnt follow this at home. Even if she doing well she is not an experienced teacher and lessons like this can be dangerous. If you alredy know how to jump this can give you nice ideas but if you are learning its better to find a barn or a riding club to learn properly.
    Sorry for my english. Love the colour of the horse.

  2. @horseluvor4 Yes i agree with that, what i meant is that if you wanna do this alone you should have a little experience to avoid accidents. What i said about the beginners is that this can help them a lot but if someone is helping them.

  3. That looks really fun but for me personally I would start off much smaller, I think they should have mentioned that it was not for beginners maybe??

  4. Her balance is great, but maybe for a gymnastic line like that, lower the fences just a tad or separate the fended a little more. The reason I think this is because the fences were so close and she's so big that she didn't have enough time to land her hind legs before she went up again, so in result she was coming down too soon, which just happend to be on the fences.

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