Kagami Riposte Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Toy Doll Custom
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Kagami Riposte Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Toy Doll Custom

January 7, 2020

Hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house
Today we are making a brand new Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 custom equestria girls minis doll. I’ll be making Kagami Tsurugi from the Riposte episode. Have you seen it? Kagami is really good at fencing and it seems like Adrien likes her a lot. I hope she is a recurring character because I’d like to find out if anything develpes between her and Adrien. I’ve made a few other season 2 dolls including Despair Bear and Prime Queen Have you seen them all? If not, their links are down below. make Kagami I’ll be using DJ pon3
because I want to use her hair and for the face because I don’t need these
glasses I replaced them with Applejack’s face. Before we start, if you like these customs, subscribe now and join the notification squad by clicking on the bell button.
Ok, let’s get started. The first thing I’m going to do of course is
to remove the hair so we’re going to move the hair from DJ pon-3 onto
Applejack so we need to remove everyone’s hair and swap. I’ve gone ahead
and removed the hair from Applejack and we will now paint her face a flesh tone. For the eyes we’re going to draw it in
using white. They are going to be narrow but not too small. Using thin black lines, we’re going to outline the top and bottom of the eye. This is usually the hardest for me but I
think this time I did pretty good Next we’ll draw in the eyebrows For the irises we’re going to use brown Then we’re going to color in the pupils
using black Finally we’ll dot the eyes with white. Using a light pink color we’re going to
draw in a smile Now we’re ready to add her bangs back in
I’ve attached DJ pon3 hair to the back and we’re filling in the gap on the
slides with air dry clay. Using a larger piece of clay will add additional hair
to both sides. Now we need to fill in the space on top
of her head it needs to be flush with the hair on the sides of her face. For the
front we’re taking a large flat piece of clay and place it over her face Then we’ll carefully cut a semicircle
with an x-acto knife to form the veins be very careful doing this make sure
that you don’t cut the paint underneath on the face. All right
so it looks like we cut just enough to reveal her eyes once the clay is dry
we’re going to paint it a dark blue color I think it’s really interesting
that Adrienne seems to like girls with dark blue hair For the body, we’re going to cover the
original paint with a layer of white Then we’re going to paint in her red outfit. We’re also gonna paint her shoes red. using white we’re going to add a few
stripes to our pants and her shoes. Now we’ll add two red stripes to the
white gloves. On her shirt we’re going to take a darker red and draw lines to make
it look like a quilt. Now to make our sword or foil we’re
going to use oven baked clay I’m going to roll a silver blade For the guard we’re going to use red so
we’ll take a red ball and flatten it down and curve it a little bit. Now using a small tube we’re going to
cut a hole in the middle and place the blade through it. To add the piece that
covers the knuckles we’ll use a tiny strip of clay. Alright
everyone so Kagami doll is complete. What do you guys think? I think she looks
super super cute so here’s an up-close look at her face and her hair. So I
really like the way her hair turned out these bangs came down just right to
where her eyes are and she has these pretty cool brown eyes just looking at
you that she kind of seriously. She has a cute pink smile and of course here on
the back it’s her short crop hair which is also blue just like Marionette’s. Her
outfit is red and white so you can see there’s a little bit of a dark red lines
across her chest for the quilt light material on her chest and also she’s
wearing one glove that is holding her sword.
So here’s her sword here’s the bottom side of her outfit just these white
socks on the bottom and her red sneakers with the white stripes. Let me know down
below in the comment section what you think of Kagami. Do you like her?
Would you like to see her some more in future episodes? I really would. Alright
so if you have not yet subscribed make sure to hit that subscribe button and
give me a thumbs up and I hope to see you guys next time

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  1. I like it! I wanna see how Adrien feels more about her (even though I’m an Adrienette shipper), but I know she’ll be around more

  2. Can you do the following customs for me next all of them using an MLP Equestria girls minis?

    1. Half Bruce banner half hulk marvel
    2. Half Lloyd high school half Lloyd green Ninja Lego Ninjago movie
    3. Half Yuma half zexal Yuma yu gi oh zexal
    4. Half yuya half dark yuya yu gi oh arc v

    Bonus one, which is a challenge:
    5. Phil Phillips from the upcoming movie happy time murders which is a puppet movie coming out August of next year of 2018.

    Can you do them for me please please please?😁😁😁😁😁

  3. I haven't seen this episode yet because I can't find a complete English dub but I have seen Short bits of it and I do like this character I think that she is a good enough character to return to the show at a later time.
    You did an excellent job and created her and I hope that you'll do her akumatized for very soon.

  4. Do you have a reason for painting the ears same color as the hair on all your EG customs? Just curious. I don't typically prefer that method, but it's your call.

  5. That so very amazing to practice the fencing evie do you making to andre in the episode glaciator and also making the glaciator please evie.

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