Karaka horse sale attracting the big money
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Karaka horse sale attracting the big money

August 21, 2019

The Karaka horse sale
is on this weekend. Such is the quality
of NZ racehorses; the event attracts buyers
from all over the world. Last year, buyers spent close
to $60 million. Irena Smith met one Maori
who is hoping for some big sales and discovered he’s also a familiar
broadcasting in the racing industry. High-value horses to their owners. This is George Simon
and his wife Filly; she comes from good racing stock
and is very popular with buyers. Buyers come from all over the world, today is a change to check
out the horses and inspect them to see how
much they are willing to spend depending on how much value the
horse will be worth in the future. The Karaka sale starts
at 5 on Sunday; there it will be known which horses will fetch up
to and over $1 million. George is known
as the voice of racing, calling all the races at Ellerslie. He is a stalwart
and passionate about his job. He will call the Karaka Million
race tomorrow before returning to Karaka sales
to sell his horses with the prediction that this filly
will fetch up to $500k. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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