Karen Burniston Die Set 1094 Horse, Unicorn and Zebra Assembly
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Karen Burniston Die Set 1094 Horse, Unicorn and Zebra Assembly

January 9, 2020

hello it’s Karen Burniston here with an
assembly video for one of our die sets this is die number one zero nine four the
horse unicorn and zebra and you can check out all of our die designs at
KarenBurniston.com there are seven dies in the set and you
can cut multiple pieces at one time using any die-cutting machine that can
accommodate a wafer-thin die and today I’m using a Spellbinders Platinum six
okay let’s take a look first at how you would assemble this die set as a horse
so let’s start first with the body piece and there is a stencil feature on that
die set that’s typical of all of our animals I’ve used a black pen to add the
eyes the nostrils and the hooves and then I’m going to use a pink pencil for
the inner parts of the ear and then a red pen for his mouth there’s also a
stencil feature to add spots to the horse which is of course optional and
I’m just using ink and a blending brush to add those spots okay so here’s my
horse and then since I’ve used the die with ink I will go ahead and take a rag
and wipe that off and I’ll also brush a little ink on the
mane and the tail and the muzzle and I like to use glue for assembly so I’ve
got my fine tip bottle filled with Lineco neutral pH adhesive we do sell both
of those items on our website and the muzzle piece will just fit right down
over that stenciling that’s already been done and then for the piece that does
the mane and the forelock (thank you google) what I like to do is just put
that on so that the ear stays in front so just weave that sort of around the
ear and then get it attached to the horse the tail then can attach you know at
whatever angle and height that you like here is that cute finished horse okay
next up is the unicorn so back to die cutting with a body and the other mane
and tail plus there is a horn there’s a flower
and then it’ll be the same muzzle so first up is always stenciling I’ve got
my black pan again for the eyes and the nostrils my pink pencil for the insides
of the ears and I’m going to do the mouth and the hooves with a pink pen
this time and I did start with a light pink card stock for this unicorn
now instead of stenciling spots on the unicorn I’ve decided just to take some
de-stress oxide ink that’s pink with a blending brush and just go in and add a
little shading to the unicorn I’ve also become such a fan of using my quick
stick to pick up pieces to assemble the animals that we do actually sell those
quick sticks on our website now as well and then the mane and the tail I cut out
of white glitter card stock so once again I’m just going to snake that
around the ear and then glue it to the unicorn
the tail is also cut out of white glitter card stock so I need to pinch
that for a second to get the glue to set up
and then the last two pieces are the horn and then there is that little
flower obviously it’s optional I’ve just added a little rhinestone to the center
okay and here is the finished unicorn and then the final assembly option is
the zebra okay the first step is always stenciling for the zebra I like to cut
the horse body out of white cardstock and then use a black pen for the eyes
and the hooves and then I don’t do the nostrils this time because they’ll shine
nicely if they’re left white through the black overlay I used a dark pink for the
mouth I decided to lighten that up a little bit with my pink pencil okay with
an animal this small it just wouldn’t be practical to have a whole bunch of
individual stripes to glue on so instead the overlay is a single piece and you
just cut that out of a black card stock use some glue and get that over the body
just lining everything up so you’ve got the muzzle the tail the mane and all the
stripes it’s all just a single piece once again the ear comes to the front
and then I like to take a white gel pen and just go in and add some hashes to
the mane and some stripes to the tail and a gel pen also works great to add a
couple catch lights in the eyes in fact I kind of forgot to do that on the other
two so let me pull those up and do those as well little catch lights by just
adding a little dot of white to the eyes okay so those are your assembly options
for the horse unicorn and zebra die set and these little cuties are sized
perfectly to work with our pop-up dies so here’s an example of our train pivot
panels used with the twist panel and you can see the unicorn
and then another train pivot panels card at this time with the zebra
now the horse is going to work wonderfully with all of our other
barnyard animals sets and you can see that in this wonderful woven basket box
card barn scene by Lois Bak and then this gorgeous card by Fran Sabad features our castle used on the front of the card and then
the photo collage filled with all sorts of princesses and dragons and unicorns
on the inside. The horse unicorn and zebra die set will be available on our
website as well as a lot of your favorite local and online retailers
starting mid-july 2019 thanks for watching
if you click on the website link you’ll go to KarenBurniston.com where you can
find out information about purchasing these dies as well as links to all my
other social media accounts you can subscribe to this YouTube channel and
check out some of my other videos thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you
next time

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