Katy Perry – Dark Horse PARODY Key of Awesome #85
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Katy Perry – Dark Horse PARODY Key of Awesome #85

August 12, 2019

Oh No! These lyrics are whack! Dark horse means unknown challenger who comes from behind in a competition, yo! It don’t mean having magical powers or have anything to do with ancient Egypt. Didn’t anybody proof read this? Whatever! Juicy J, Katy Perry. Let’s get paid! Can someone explain all the horse expressions to her? Yeah, that’s close enough. Yeah! Thanks for watching The Key of Awesome. To see all of the other Key of Awesomes, click the link in the description And if you like it, share it! And if you like it, like it. And don’t forget to subscribe We want to thank Donald Webber and Paige Grimard for being awesome in this Key of Awesome. It’s their first time and … It won’t be our last. We’re staying.
Oh .. okay

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  1. Omg, I watched this parody when I was younger and I didn't understand shit. But that I've watched it again I was laughing so hard XD

  2. 'You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her thi-ink'
    Everyone was saying this was a great burn while I'm just sitting here laughing my **s off …

  3. The world needs more Katy Perry's. The woman's voice is of the angels. Her style is carrismatic. So what if she wants to get paid. Fall over do your job, pay her

  4. Condoms from a Trojan horse… Wilbur… Where is she going with this?…I don't even care what a meta is for 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I remember when this parody first came out, its so funny, one of the best. I miss the Key Of Awesome so bad.

  6. I don't want to seem like a smart ass but her so called metaphor that she did was actually a simile because it used the word like

  7. I mean I feel it does and could work … if for example you take it as the person doesn’t know she’s a witch or at least doesn’t know how powerful she really is or that she’s doing stuff behind the scenes to accumulate more power and actually working towards climbing the ladder ….that’s how I read into it…that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into because he underestimated her…still a funny parody

  8. "you dont understand metaphors " "yes i do Its wat happens wen u metamorph…" Haha shes so dumb this parody is hilarious

  9. 0:19
    No one noticed that the person there then started, like, jabbing and trying to get the string? xD

  10. Every time the key of awesome starts you immediately begin to laugh!! You guys are amazing! Never get tired of watching these!!

  11. This was a great parody but "I don't want to flog it like a dead horse" isn't a metaphor because you are comparing two things together using like or as which makes it a simile sry I'm just a huge nerd and catch these things a lot😂

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