Kauai Horseback Riding Spotlight – Silver Falls Ranch – KVIC-TV, myKauai.com [Activity]
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Kauai Horseback Riding Spotlight – Silver Falls Ranch – KVIC-TV, myKauai.com [Activity]

October 26, 2019

If you’re looking to explore the deep, rugged
beauty of Kauai, then head down to Silver Falls Ranch, where you can discover Kauai
on horseback. Tell me a bit about the terrain we’ll experience on the ride. As you can
see it’s going to be primarily flat terrain, we do have some rolling hills here and there.
Then as we head out the back part towards the crater it will really open up for you,
with mountain views. Can anyone ride a horse? Yeah, we take all experience levels, first-timers
all the time, and we offer private rides for experienced riders. Wow these are some breathtaking
botanical gardens. It will blow your mind. Ha ha! We have about 1500 palm trees and over
150 species. Mount Namahana Crater. The oldest crater in the Hawaiian archipelago. Oh this
is the oldest? Quite literally we are riding through the birthplace of Hawaii. Alright!
Todd, the name of the ranch is silver falls, how did it get that name. Because when the
sunlight beams on the falls they have a nice shiny sparkle to them. How big is this beautiful
ranch? Silver Falls is about 300 acres now. I know you have a variety of tours, what are
some options for horseback riders. We have our Hawaiian Discovery ride, which is a 90
minute ride. On that one you’ll be on the horse the whole time. Then we offer a couple
waterfall rides, we have a two hour waterfall ride and a three hour one. On the three hour
ride you’ll spend two hours in the saddle. For experienced riders we do offer private
rides. What an amazing day venturing through SIlver Falls Ranch. We’ve enjoyed beautiful
ranch-land pastures, lush rainforest jungles, and breathtaking mountain views, after a day
in the saddle, what better way to cool off than to take a dip in the falls. Yahoo!!

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